The REAL Facts around Julian Hosp, TenX and false Lyoness scam accussations

The REAL Facts around Julian Hosp, TenX and false Lyoness scam accussations

The Truth Revealer

Lately a few people and press outlets seeking attention have been misusing Julian Hosp ( and his company TenX ( to drive traffic to their posts. They spread lies about them being part of a scam and pyramid scheme.

In this article you will get:

  • Is Julian a scammer?
  • Is TenX a ponzi scheme?
  • What are they connections to Lyoness?
  • Is Fintelegram for real or something else?

Having been in the industry for quite some time and knowing both, Julian and the company TenX I could not sit still and rather to unravel the TRUTH.

I am a blogger on another prominent site, but I do not want to post this there for reasons you will soon understand: My legal team is non-existing and after digging into some of the accusations this could get huge. Julian's silence for years is a warning to me.

Information: I do NOT own the TenX PAY token, nor am I invested in TenX. I would own the PAY token, were it a security but not as a utility token. More about that in the PS section.

After some accusations of Julian and TenX being involved in pyramid schemes, a very interesting article popped up:

Here is the link:

For those of you, like me, only knowing English, here is a translation, that was said to be quite accurate:

You might have to click on both links several times, since the access rates are limited and many people are clicking on it.

So, what does it say in there? Let me summarize:

  • Yes, Julian was involved in an MLM, but he has even confirmed that in his book "25 Stories I would tell my Younger Self", in several meetups and many interviews. Fintelegram is lying when they are saying, that he is trying to hide something. I would even accuse them on false statements otherwise I would challenge them to publish the date and time when they had their interview with Julian and what questions were asked. "Fake News!"
  • This is what Julian has never mentioned though in any interview: That he helped everyone get their money back. Strange, right? Why would he hide that fact after telling everyone that he was involved in MLM? More about that soon.
  • It says, that Lyoness cancelled him in 2015 because of bad conduct - interesting right?
  • It says, that Lyoness tried to sue him several times, because he tried to help people get their money back.
  • And a few other things - better you read it for yourself...

So now, my curious mind is wondering: I've known Julian since his early times in Crypto - I've known about his 2 years in MLM - and it had put me off initially cause I thought he would just scam me, but then I had seen his work ethics and it surprised me alot - in a positive way.

Additionally, I knew he was a professional kitesurfer AND a medical doctor. Many people doubt that, but I have actually checked out his kitesurf book (I don't know much about kitesurfing, but this stuff looks solid) and I have seen his MD license on Reddit and seen his passport with his MD in there. Maybe the government is lying about him? As an anti-centralist, that is more likely to me than Julian lying - just kidding - or am I?

Anyways, it was surprising to me that Julian had never mentioned about him having helped 1000s of people as the eye witness account states - WHY? Why wouldn't you mention that? Think about it: You clearly understand that something you've done for 2 years was a mistake, you turn everything around, clean it up and mention it to... NO BODY? Not even that, you mention the MLM thing to EVERYBODY, but not the cleanup? Huh? That makes no sense - UNLESS: The gain you get from mentioning it is dwarfed by the loss.

Think about it: What if, let's just speculate, Lyoness would sue the living shit out of you, if they ever found proof that you actually helped people to get their money back. And since this might be millions of Euros or maybe a lot more, you way your risks.

You mention the MLM thing to everybody, because you are an honest person (when has Julian not been honest since you've known him? Yeah, I know, they are late, slow and everything, but everyone in crypto is...), so that people know about your mistakes and you come clean. You just can't mention the "helping part".


Great, so me knowing Julian, the first thing I do is to write him an e-mail with the link asking for a comment. He knows me and he has done interviews with me before. This is the email I got back:

Interesting, right? Ok, BUT, through the article and with some research I knew that Julian broke off contact with pretty much all his ex-Lyoness-scammers. There is one page though, that is quite good at seeing connections - Facebook. Maybe he hasn't unfriended everyone on there - maybe he missed someone. And guess what... he did :)

I won't mention who the actual person was who gave me all the clues, BUT I will show you the way, so people know the facts and they can retrace them.


Through all the connections I ended up at an ex Lyoness employee (I know his/her name, but won't reveal it for now) in Europe. The person said he/she had left the company around the same time as Julian - around the changeover from Lyoness to Lyconet in... 2014/2015. Asking him/her when Julian joined he/she said that he/she doesn't know but just from what he/she could remember it must have been around the Lyoness Asia opening in... Q2 2012.

Let's keep going: Why did Julian leave - was it due to the reasons in the blog post? His/Her answer: Yes, but probably even more.

Did Julian help his ex-team to get their money back: His/Her answer: Well, no one other than his team knows, but I have a letter the company circled as a warning.

Me: What letter? Could I see it.

He/She - what's your email? I will send it to you anonymously.

That is fine.

See for yourself:

Puts and interesting spin on it - right?

"This action has resulted from information made available to Lyoness... giving evidence... which has caused lasting damage to our company's reputation... We will furthermore reserve the same right of reparation for all loss of trade due to, but not limited to either the loss of Members, ID cancellations, etc. which have arisen from your conduct... any claim made by you for compensation will be offset by claims made to members seeking compensations..."

You may tell me whatever you want, but I don't need Julian's comment on my question anymore. Lyoness presented it on a silver tablet themselves.


At this point already I wonder what serious research has Fintelegram actually done? Btw.: What's up with your weird connection to AdBit? THAT sounds like a scam to me... here is ACTUAL PROOF! RIGHT NOW! Not from years ago:

They link to it from their website, on the bottom - you can see me hover over the FB symbol and then see the link in the left lower corner. (very bottom)

Man, I can't wait to do a proper research on you, because YOU GUYS sound/look scammy. Can't wait until this pops up and you change that - oh wait, this was posted Oct 2018 and I have screenshots - and nope, I don't believe you this being some intern's mistake ;) SCAM SCAM SCAM all over - the worst are wolves dressed in a sheep's costume and that is what you seem like: Throwing dirt all over the others to appear good - My question to you: When ICO? Oh wait, AdBit tried/did an ICO already and now you are doing... ok, let's keep that thought for another article!

I thanked the informant and we talked about some allegations on money laundering etc. but I will not go into that as I don't want to dig a lawsuit hole for neither myself nor the helping person.

So, what's next? Contact the accused party!


That one is fast and easy. I sent them the link and the cancellation letter asking for a comment.

I have blurred names, personal e-mail addresses and phone numbers as I suspect they got just as little clue that they are working for a scam as Julian had back then.

Honestly, I did not expect any response. Also, I wrote from an anonymous email with an email tracker to see who else is opening the email. Quite a story but I am not sure yet what the data means.

Why did Julian not publish everything?Why did Julian stay silent and not go to the press?

I don't have a 100% answer to that other than speculation, but here are some thoughts:

  • The eye witness accounts states that Julian gave a lot of documents to lawyers. I have contacted 3 prominent Lyoness lawyers in Austria but all three declined to comment to confidentially reasons - I do understand that in an ongoing case.
  • Also, I see Julian more of a "builder" rather than a "destroyer" of others - even though this might be an evil company. But then why not go against all the evil banks, governments... Oh wait, blockchain... right... that's what he is doing... ok, case closed.

So, what's left?

An apology by Fintelegram and Larry Cermak to TenX and Julian? - I would say so!

False reporting by many outlets? Yes!

Anyone having blamed them should re-think their mindset. Yes!

Not sure if statements about Julian, making over 100K a year at Lyoness and your account having been worth 500K or even more are true, but do you think a scammer would have given that up? I really want to draw my hat on you Julian, not sure if others would have acted with such high morals.

I have never had a doubt about Julian's integrity, but furthermore, as a blogger it is even more my passion, to show the real truth and not just the sensationalistic reporting to gain clicks.

"Julian, no need to comment on the points in the statement anymore, Lyoness has done it for you! Just point people to this article when they ask - if you are allowed to even do that!"

May TenX rise to the moon!

PS.: Get that fucking security token out, I don't want your utility token.

PPS.: When card?

PPPS.: When kids? Oh, maybe I should ask Bettina that.