The Queen of Egypt

The Queen of Egypt

He'd been unable to get the day off while she was visiting, so she was waiting in his home for him. What a day. Maybe they could go out to dinner later, but first he just wanted to get out of these work clothes and into something more comfortable.

He unlocked the door and expected to see her in the living room watching TV, but she wasn't there. The kitchen was empty and the doors to the bathrooms were open. That left the office and, more promisingly, the bedroom. As expected, the office was empty and the door to the bedroom was closed almost all the way. Grinning, he removed his tie and was about to, politely, knock. Before he did, her voice called out, sharply.

"Enter," she said authoritatively.

Enter? This was unlike her, but intriguing. Slowly, he opened the door and came in. When he saw her, she was dressed in a low-cut, drapey dress and golden necklaces, bangles, and arm bands. Normally not one for make-up, she had put on red lipstick and winged eyeliner. She was sitting at the edge of the bed, and a smile curled on her lips. He didn't know what was coming, but he knew it was going to be interesting - and if the growing state of his penis was right, fun.

"Ah, a new Hebrew slave come to serve his queen," she crowed.

He couldn't help it. He snorted in laughter. He had told her once that despite being Jewish, he'd cum on the Queen of Egypt's tits. 

He wondered if she'd let him do just that, but it seemed unlikely when she snapped, "You dare laugh, slave? You should be bowing before your queen."

All right. He'd play along. Slowly, he descended to his knees, gazing up into her face. She smiled, stood, and sauntered up to him.

"That's more like it." Slowly, she walked around him, tracing her fingers across his chest, his shoulders. "You're well-made, slave."

Feeling like he'd been silent too long, he finally piped up, "Thank you, my queen." 

She traced her fingers along his jawline and he shivered. "Stand," she demanded. He obeyed. "Now kiss me."

Already? Well, who was he to complain? He reached his arms around her and kissed her. She held him back for a moment, but then withdrew quickly. Looking in his eyes, she demanded, "Now take off your clothes."

If he wasn't already hard, this would have done it. As he unbuttoned his shirt, then his pants, she took a step back and watched intently. As he pulled down his underpants, his penis sprung free. She smiled, stepping forward again. Deliberately, she took his cock into her hand.

"So it's true what they say about Hebrew men," she said at length, slowly rubbing his cock. "I see you're already excited. Tell me, slave, does this body excite you?"

His breath trembled as she slowly worked his shaft. "Yes, my queen."

"I can tell," she purred. She leaned in and kissed him deeply, just once. She laughed airily, removing her hand, much to his disappointment. She reached down and removed her dress, then her undergarments. Her pink nipples were already perky. "Then what must this do to you?" She asked. 

By means of response, he reached out and gently groped her breasts. He buried his face in them, kissing them, licking them, nipping them. She ran her fingers through his hair as he did, her breathing growing ragged.

"Yes, worship me," she whispered urgently. "Worship all of me."

Taking this as his cue, he began to reach down to touch her already wet pussy. Abruptly she took a step backwards.

"Slave hands shouldn't touch the Queen of Egypt," she explained. "Use your mouth to worship me."

His eyes widened a bit. He'd actually not done this before, but he was willing to try. He followed her to the bed, where she laid on her back and spread her legs. He took his position with his face between them. Uncertainly, he gave a slow, broad lick over her vulva. She whimpered. More sure of himself, he did it again. And again. Spotting her clitoris, he began to focus the tip of his tongue around it, flicking his tongue back and forth as her breath became more erratic. He alternated between this and outright sucking on it. Her right leg twitched and a moan rose up from deep in her throat. As he continued she grabbed a pillow beside her and clutched it to her face, all but screaming into it for pleasure. 

Still trembling, she leaned forward and touched his shoulder, nudging him up. He wiped the wetness away from his face and kissed his way up her stomach, lingering at her breasts. 

He kissed her lips a few times before she pulled away and whispered into his ear, "On your back, slave."

He didn't need to be told twice. As he rolled over, he saw her reach to the nightstand and withdraw a condom. She slid it into his hand, and without hesitating he slipped it on to his eagerly awaiting cock. Scarcely a moment passed until she positioned herself and slowly, with a blissful expression, she slid herself on to him. They both released a quivering breath as she steadily began to rock her hips against his. He watched her breasts as they bounced in place, reaching up to touch them, running his thumb over her nipples. She panted harder and mimicked the action on his nipples. She kept one hand on his chest as she moved the other behind her to gently cup his balls. She raised herself on to her toes so she could feel him thrust all the way in and out of her, then allowed him completely inside, keeping his entire shaft within her. As she did this, he moved his hand down and used his thumb to rub her clitoris. The moans that came from her were bestial, and she pinched her own nipples in her frenzied delight. He couldn't stand it anymore, and as he came he seized her by the hips, trying somehow to pull himself deeper inside her as he gasped for pleasure.

As she reached down to kiss him again, she eventually rolled over beside him. They held each other, kissing each other luxuriously. Suddenly he laughed. She asked him what was so funny.

"If that's what slavery was really like, no wonder it took us so long to leave Egypt.",0,0,0,37,856