The Physiotherapist

The Physiotherapist

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Male POV

I looked at the clock on my laptop and saw that it was 18:59. The appointment with her was at 19:00 and I wasn't supposed to go to the waiting room before this time, but I wanted to. I wanted her. To see, to smell, and to touch. She had come the first time last week and I hadn't gotten her out of my mind.

As soon as the time jumped at 19:00, I jumped up and walked to the waiting room. I waited a few more seconds before I opened the door and said in a casual tone: "Evelien Proosts." 

Immediately I turned around and walked to my office. The gentle steps I heard behind me were a sign that she was following me.

In my office, I sat behind my desk and gestured to the chair in front of him. "How are you?"

"Good, thank you," Evelien replied with a smile. "And you?

People didn't ask me that often. "Also good," I said, gratefully that she found it worthwhile to ask about my state of mind as well. "Did you have any pain this week?"

"Oh yes a little," she said as she shrugged her shoulders. "No more and no less."

I nodded and typed on my computer. "Yes, that's normal. I'm just adding my research. Do you still suffer from the trembling eye?"

She sighed and said: "Yes, still."

"At certain times more than usual?"

"Just always. Once in a while, not constantly, but enough to annoy me."

"And do you sleep enough?"

"No," she said with a smile. "And I know I should, but you only have so many hours in a day."

I nodded and didn't answer her smile. "You can take off your top and put your glasses on the table."

I held my breath and tried not to stare at her breasts when she pulled the black top over her head. She was wearing a different bra than last time, I noticed. It covered her breasts nicely and gave them an extra push up so they looked beautifully full. I wondered what Evelien's nipples would look like. Small and red or big and pink?

I gestured to the massage table, scraped my throat, and said, "Sit down."

She turned her back to me and I took a moment to get myself back in control. The moment I had seen her in her bra, I had become painfully hard. It was totally ridiculous and totally unprofessional. During the physio classes, I had seen enough women in underwear and it had never provoked such a reaction.

I grabbed her shoulders and squeezed gently where she was stiff last time. The muscles were almost as tight as last time and I would have to work hard to get them all out.

"Okay, lie down."

She lay down with her face in the hole of the massage table and I took some oil to massage her. I started on her neck and worked my way down. Arriving at the closure of her bra, I asked, "May I open it? Then I can better..."

"Yes of course," she answered quickly.

Happy with the reaction I quickly loosened her bra closure, put it down carefully, and slipped the straps from her shoulders so that her whole back was naked. A very nice back, I thought. Ridiculous. Now I also get excited from a naked back.

I massaged her firmly while she was making small talk. I squeezed a knot in her shoulder and a smothered groan escaped her. I stiffened and felt my erection throb painfully in my pants. I would like to adjust it a little better, but I didn't want to draw attention to it.

"Sensitive?" I asked in a hoarse voice. "There's a solid piece of concrete here."

"Yes, I feel it," she said between her teeth.

"Try to breathe in and out quietly and let me know when the pain has gone away."

After a few minutes, I felt her relax and massaged the knot further away.

"Now it's better," she said and she sighed as I massaged her shoulder further. 

"Luckily I know it will get better, otherwise I wouldn't come back, I think."

I stiffened. I only knew her for far too short a time and already those words had such a big effect on me. I did not want her not to come back.

In response to my silence she said: "But if you massage me, you'll make it all better".

"I don't want to lose customers because they're not satisfied." I certainly didn't want to lose her, before I could find out why she was so under my skin. There was something about her I couldn't put my finger on and I would discover what it was.

I positioned myself in front of her head to be able to massage the back of her neck and her spine. She moaned again and said: "Yes, it's stuck there as well". Every groan I elicited from her set my blood on fire. In my fantasies, the groans were of pleasure that Evelien expressed every time I thrust deep into her.

My thoughts were disturbed by a question she asked. "Uh, what?" I asked stunned. I was so engrossed in my imagination that I didn't understand the question at all.

"I asked if you had any plans tonight."

"Oh, yeah, I'm gonna play tennis with a buddy later."

"That will be freezing," she said, and then she moaned when I found the second button in her other shoulders. "Yes, there's one there too."

"Yes, I can feel it. Um yes, is it still so cold? I haven't been outside much."

"Neither have I," she said with a smile. "Disadvantage of the desk job. I literally walked from my car to here and that's the most I've been outside today".

"I don't come out until after my appointments. You are my last one today." I had planned her last so I could spend as much time with her as possible without feeling guilty about keeping another patient waiting.

"Lucky me. Then I'll have you all to myself," she said and it sounded tempting. Maybe I was just imagining it. After massaging her even more and getting many moans of pleasure out of her, I had to finish. It was already 20 minutes to eight and I had to be at tennis on time.

"That was it for today."

Evelien got up and I could faintly see a look of disappointment, but it was replaced so quickly with a smile that I could have imagined it.

The payment was completed and we made another appointment for next week. I led her outside and after the last wave at her, I quickly jumped on my bike to go to tennis. The tennis was good for letting out all my accumulated frustrations.

After tennis, I cycled back to practice and took a shower. In the shower, I had time to go over everything again. Did she flirt with me or was it just kindness? My cock clearly didn't care, because the simple thoughts about her had already made me painfully hard. With one hand leaning against the shower wall, I took hold of my throbbing erection and slowly started pumping up and down.

A groan escaped me and I remembered her sounds. The soft and breathless groans she gave when I massaged her in the right place. Would she give the same groans if I gave her pleasure in another place? Would she moan louder and louder if I thrust into her harder and harder? Would she be as vocal during sex as she was during our sessions? Would she shout my name during her climax?

My hand squeezed harder and went up and down quickly. After an entire day of being so tense in anticipation of her appointment and then the continuous excitement while massaging, I quickly found myself on my way to an orgasm.

"Oh, fuck Evelien." I felt my orgasm approaching and moved faster and faster. It was anything but professional to satisfy myself with a client in my mind, but I couldn't stop.

I saw her naked body in my mind with those seductive lips around my erection and I thrust my hips forward. I would lift her up and hit the wall of the shower hard and fast. Her mouth free to moan loudly in my ear with every thrust in her. Could she ejaculate without clitoral stimulation just with my erection in her? Or should I push her over the edge with the help of my finger? I wanted to discover it so badly...

I moved faster and faster and with a loud moan, I came. The sperm squirted out and disappeared into the shower drain. Panting I stood in the shower and rinsed myself. The water had cooled down and I enjoyed the cool jets on my heated body. I stepped out of the shower and dried off. I noticed the vibration of my cell phone and took it in my hand. Confused I looked at it. Evelien Proosts was there on the caller ID and I immediately picked it up.

"Uh hello with Tibeau."

"Hello Tibeau, I was hoping to catch you. I know it's late, but I forgot my keys and I'm standing in front of your practice. I still saw a light on and I was hoping..."

"Yes, I'm still here. No problem I'll come and open it right away," I said and I hung up.

Her keys? Who forgets his house keys? Did she even take them out of her bag? All those questions went through me as I walked to the front door of the practice with a towel turned over.


Female POV

I was nervously waiting for Tibeau and I hoped he wasn't too angry that I was bothering him so late. I had forgotten my keys partly out of confusion and partly out of hope. Hope that he was interested in me. My feelings were confused and by hearing his tone over the phone he was not happy to see me.

The door was pulled open and I opened my mouth to apologize, but no sound came out. Tibeau stood in front of me in just a towel. My eyes were drawn to his naked chest and wandered down to the towel that hung low on his hips. He scraped his throat and immediately I focused my eyes on his face again. His hair was still damp from the shower which he had clearly enjoyed minutes before.

I finally closed my mouth and after swallowing, I opened it again to say something. 

"I am really sorry to bother you so late. I went to dinner at a friend's house right after the session and as I drove home after, I noticed on my front door that I didn't have my keys anymore. I've already looked at my friend's place and at work, so I think they must be here somewhere".

He smiled kindly. "No problem, we'll have a look in my office together. I'll put on something more decent," he said gesticulating at his current outfit. "You know the way."

He turned around and walked past his office to a door where apparently the bathroom was. I walked to his office and looked everywhere. I crawled under the massage table hoping that they had fallen somewhere while he had massaged me with his lovely hands and I began to curse quietly. They were nowhere to be found and I'm sure they couldn't have just gotten legs. 

"Found them?" Suddenly unexpectedly sounded behind me.

I was startled and wanted to get up, so I hit my head hard against the massage table. "Ouch, damn it," I exclaimed.

I quickly saw his legs coming towards me and he bent down in front of the table. "Sorry Evelien, are you okay?" He gave me a hand and pulled me straight from under the table. "Let me look," he said and he pushed me on the massage table. 

He stood behind me and I almost felt his warm body leaning against me as he inspected my head. His hands felt soft on my head and he asked, "Is it sensitive here?" Just as he pushed the bump.

"Ow, yeah!" I turned around indignantly and suddenly my face was very close to his. 

With a sheepish voice, he said: "Found it."

I licked my lips and his eyes were immediately drawn to them. He swallowed and so did I. We were staring at each other's lips, neither of us moved or made a sound. The tension could be felt in the air and my breathing accelerated. I had fantasized about his lips, his hands, his body. Now that I was so close to the half-naked subject of my fantasy, I suddenly couldn't utter a word.

My eyes wandered from his lips down over his still naked chest to the shorts he had put on quickly. I saw a bulge growing in his shorts and I bit my lower lip. He groaned softly and my eyes shot up again. He looked at me startled, it was clearly not meant to be out loud, but it was an answer to the question in my head. He was also attracted to me.

Completely ignoring all the alarm bells in the back of my head, I leaned forward. My lips touched his and he gasped for breath. Immediately I withdrew and said: "Sorry I thought that ..." 

The rest of my words were lost when he pressed his lips on mine. I groaned and completely turned around on the massage table at the same time as he leaned forward. Our heads collided and our kiss broke off.

We both laughed out loud, but as soon as our eyes found each other again, they lit up with the fire of passion. Our smiles disappeared and we kissed again. He crawled on the table on me and I wrapped my arms around his neck to hold him close to me. 

"Tell me you want me as much as I want you," he gasped to my lips.

"Yes Tibeau," I moaned.

He jumped off the massage table and quickly pulled down his shorts. I stared at his erection and I could feel myself growing wet. Before I could admire his body he had pulled me off the table, spun me around, and pushed me back on it with my upper body. With my back to him, I could not see what he was doing. I was startled when his hands rushed my pants and panties down in one go. I trembled and my core was already seeping with moisture.

"I want to feel you around me," he moaned. Before I knew it, he had positioned his erection at my opening. "Tell me you want it," he commanded.

"Oh yes Tibeau I want to feel you inside me," I gasped, and before the full sentence had left my mouth he had already buried himself deep inside me. I groaned loudly in chorus with him.

"You feel so good," he said as he started bumping into me slowly, feeling me so deliciously. "I've fantasized about this since the moment you walked into my office."

I couldn't believe it. I had been thinking about him every night for the past week and dreaming of feeling his hands on me. He grabbed my hips a little tighter and accelerated his pace. He pushed me a little further forward on the table so that my clitoris was also stimulated by the friction on the table with every thrust. "Oh Tibeau," I exclaimed.

"I want to hear you shout my name when you come. I want to feel you squeezing around me and know that I'm the one who can make you come so hard," he growled in my ear and bit my earlobe. 

My eyes rolled back with pleasure and I felt I couldn't hold on any longer. "Oh, Tibeau I... I'm going to come."

"Oh yes," he moaned and he hit me faster and harder. "Come for me Evelien and shout my name."

"Oh shit Tibeau," I exclaimed and I felt my orgasm rushing through me. My muscles tightened around him and shockingly I came as he kept pumping hard inside me.

"I want your mouth," he growled out and slowed down his pace. "Oh, Evelien can I fuck your mouth like I just fucked your pussy?"

"Yes... Yes Tibeau," I stammered and kneeled in front of him still shivering from the violent orgasm I had just had. 

He stood in front of me with his penis shining from my juices and looked at me with eyes full of lust. "Take off your top and bra."

Immediately I obeyed and I sat naked in front of him. The subject of my wet dreams of the past week looked at me hungrily and led my head and his erection towards each other. "Your breasts are beautiful and your nipples small and pink," he muttered more to himself than to me.

The compliment made me blush and I would have mumbled a thank you if his penis hadn't already been in my mouth. "Play with your breasts while I fuck your mouth."

I groaned and felt my juices flowing again with the erotic words he whispered to me. I couldn't believe the nice physiotherapist could say such dirty things like that and it excited me more than I had been in my whole life. 

I massaged my breasts while he grabbed my head to slowly bump it into my mouth. He started slowly, but quickly accelerated so that I almost had to gag because of his size. "Hmm, your lips feel so good around me."

I moaned enjoying myself while squeezing my nipples. My femininity squeezed together and I enjoyed the sensations he created in me. I wanted to feel him inside me again and even though I had just had an incredible orgasm, I was ready for the next one. 

I let one of my hands slide down to rub my clitoris and it gave me a loud moan from Tibeau. "Oh yeah play with your clit while you suck me. Oh, I want to come in your mouth so badly." He looked deep into my eyes and I nodded. With a groan, he accelerated his pace. "Oh, Evelien I'm going to come. Oh, come with me."

I accelerated my own pace as well and soon felt my new climax approaching. Tibeau thrust into my mouth twice more and then tightened. He held my head firmly in place while wave after wave of his sperm was sprayed into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but part of it dripped down my chin to my breasts. I gasped for breath as he pulled out of my mouth. 

"Oh, Evelien you are so incredibly hot to see with my sperm on your breasts and your little hand on your clitoris."

His words pushed me over the edge and the powerful wave of my orgasm engulfed me. "Oh Tibeau," I cried out and I let myself sink down on the cold floor. 

He also sat on the floor and pulled me on his lap. A warm kiss made my blood boil again and I asked, "Shower together?" 

With a grin, he nodded, stood up, and carried me to the bathroom where we made love again before he took me to his house.

I didn't find my house keys again, but I did found the man in my life. 

The End

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