The Office Visit

The Office Visit

The patient had been lying quietly on the exam table for about ten minutes getting the laceration on her left arm sutured. Everything had been going fine and the wound repair was almost finished.

"Do you remember me?" the patient inquired.

"I do." the doctor replied.

"How well do you remember me?"

"Well enough that I was hoping you didn't remember me. You were very mad at me last time I tried to talk to you."

"That was over twenty years ago."

"Yes it was."

"Did you think I'd still be mad?"

"I wasn't about to ask. You tried to get me arrested last time."

"I did not!"

He laughed, "Oh yes you did. That Knightstown cop told me to leave town or go to jail."

"Oops, sorry about that. I just wanted you to leave me alone. I was really mad at you."

"Are you still mad?"

"D, I let that go years ago."

"I'm glad. Almost done."

"Are you married?"

"No, Cathy. I'm not."

"Why did you dump me?"

"I didn't dump you. That isn't what happened."

She laughed, "Oh yes it is."

"You were lied to, Cathy. That isn't what happened."

"What did happen then?"

"This isn't the time or place to discuss that. I'm working on a patient."

"Then meet me for dinner and tell me."

"Are you going to try and get me arrested again?" He smiled and looked at her.

"No, I promise."

"All done. The nurse will clean the wound up and put a dressing on it. Watch for signs of infection. Come back if there are any problems or questions. Stitches should be taken out in about ten days. Questions?"

"Yes. Are you going to take me to dinner?"

He looked at her seriously. "Are you really interested in knowing the truth?"

"I am."

"When and where?"

"Tonight. There's a Mexican restaurant on Main Street."

"I know the place. What time?"

"How is 7:00?" She looked at her wound. "You did a nice job there, Doc."

"I'll be there. Thanks, I've had a lot of practice. Questions about the wound?"

"Nope. I think I'm good. Will you be there this evening."

"I will. See you at 7:00." He smiled and left the room. Cathy was a bit confused. He seemed a bit standoffish. She would wait and see if he showed at the restaurant.

Cathy arrived a few minutes before 7 and entered the restaurant. D was sitting inside waiting. He stood and smiled at her. He appeared more relaxed than he had been today in the office.

"Hi there. How's the arm?"

"No problems so far. I had a good doctor."

"I'm glad to hear that."

The server walked up. "How many?"

"Two please," Cathy replied. She showed them to a table in the back. "Do you live at Lake California?"

"I do."

"I saw you at the club house once. I wasn't sure so I didn't speak to you."

"Was a country band playing?"

"It was. I was with another, really tall, blonde. I saw you looking at me."

"I remember that, but I had no idea it was you."

"What area are you in, D?"

"I'm on the lake about three blocks from the club house."

"What street?"

"Kleat Place."

She grinned. "I'm just a block from you then."

The server returned and they placed their orders. "How long have you been in California?"

"About two and a half years. How about you?"

"Same for me."

"Where were you before here, D?"

"North Texas. How about you?"

"Cleveland, Ohio. What brought you to rainy northern California."

"I ran away from home."

"You never outgrew that, huh?"

"I thought I had. Before that, my last run was from the home."

"When you dumped me?"

"I didn't dump you, Cathy."

She laughed. "What do you call it?"

"Do you really want to know why I left?"

"Yes, actually, I would like to know."

"You know why I left after the sneak date, right?"

"We got ratted on. I assumed it was so my our punishment would be less."

"So yours would. Mine would have been the same either way."

"But you never came back."

"I tried."

"Not very hard, apparently."

"When I came back I was sent directly to Worth's office. He told me I could go live with my dad or come back."

"And you chose your dad."

"Cathy, he threatened to force you to have a D&C if I didn't leave."

"And you expect me to believe that?"

"Honestly, no, but it's the truth. They did it to Sonja Morton and Elaine Easton a year before."

"Yes, but they had sex on their sneak dates, we didn't."

"I told Worth we didn't. He said if I came back they would do it. If I left they wouldn't. They blackmailed me and forced me to leave."

"You should've called their bluff."

"Right. I would have been gambling with you as my bet. I wouldn't risk that."

"You gave me up to protect me?"

"That's really what happened, Cathy."

"I never knew that. They told me that you chose to leave."

"I did. They gave me two choices - your D&C or leave."

"I really thought you loved me, D."

"Cathy, I did. That's why I made the choice I did."

"You could have written me."

"I did that too. The letters were returned marked, 'Wrong Address'. Do you like to read?"

"I always have a book I'm reading."

"I wrote a book that tells, very specifically, what happened."

"Can I read it?"

"Only the first few chapters address what we're talking about. The rest is my fantasy."

"Why did you write it?"

"I was in the break room at work with a bunch of the office staff. The discussion was about first loves. Everyone was telling their story and when my turn came I told ours. All the women got pissed that I had never told you the truth. I went home and started writing what did happen. I added my fantasy and the book was the result."

"Did you publish it?"

"No. I just got it back from my editor and have a lot of fixes to do before it's ready for that. I doubt I'd ever do that anyway. The only person I ever wanted to read it was you."

"I really would like to read it. How's your dinner?"

"Pretty good. In the book I mentioned several times about firsts for you and I. This is the first meal we've ever had together."

Cathy thought for a moment then laughed. "It is, isn't it?"

"It sure is." He held up his coke to toast. "To first times." She raised hers to him.

"To first times. So when can I read your book?"

"Wanna stop by my house on the way home and pick it up?"

"Sure. It's certainly not out of the way."

"I've written about four or five short stories about us too."

"Are you a good writer?"

"I'm a good story teller. Writer, not so much."

"I'm good at reading but can't spell worth a darn. Do you work Monday thru Friday at your office?"

"No, I'm just Monday through Thursday. I'm now off for the weekend. Are you working?"

"I'm working at being retired. Bored stiff mostly."

"Would you like dessert?"

"Oh Lord, no. I'm full. How about we run by your house and get that book?"

"Sure. I'm first house on the right. 19253 Kleat. I'll see you shortly. Thanks for having dinner with me. I really enjoyed it."

"I did too, D. Are you headed home right now?" she asked.

"I am. See you shortly."

The drive from the restaurant took just over ten minutes. Cathy was following him and pulled beside him in the driveway. They entered through the garage and walked to the great room.

"I like this, but you're pretty sparse on furniture."

"I've been getting rid of it for my move."

"You're leaving?"

"My contract is up at work on June 27 and I decided not to renew it."

"Where are you going?"

"Texas likely."

"What's in Texas, girlfriend?"

"My oldest son and his kids. My ex is there too. I have mixed emotions about leaving. I have grandkids in Vacaville. They're how I decided on California in the first place. You want a printed copy or electronic?"

"I like print best."

"Bear in mind this is raw. It hasn't been edited."

"Raw, as in filled with sex?"

Dean laughed. "Raw, as in crappy grammar and punctuation. There's a fair amount of sex in there. You were a wild woman from Chapter 12 on."

"Is that where I should start?"

"Actually, I wish you would start at Chapter 3 - Woman to Woman, and read it from here."

"How about if you read that chapter to me?" She walked to the couch and motioned for him to come over.

"This is me and who?"

"You and Bonnie Tucker."

"Okay, read on." As he read she watched his facial expressions and listened to the way he said things. She could tell that he meant every word. "Did Mr. Wo

rth really threaten me?"

"Just as I read." He continued.

"Dave Williams is the one who told me you were cheating."

"I know. He told me he had and then told me all about the sex you two were having."

"D, he's such a liar. He never touched me."

"I figured that. He always was an asshole."

"You really did write me?"

"I did. Even after they sent back the letters I kept on. I didn't mail the letters but I did keep them for a couple of years before I stopped."

"None left anymore?"

"Nope, all that's left is the book." He resumed reading.

"Beatings? That's not true, is it?"

"Yes, Cathy, it is."

"D, that's a big pill to swallow." Dean stood and took off his shirt. He turned his back to her. Cathy gasped.

"The beatings were real, Cathy."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"That's explained in the book. I don't want to ruin it for you." Dean put his shirt back on and continued the chapter. Cathy was silent for several minutes after he finished.

"Does your book have a happy ending?"

"Beginning in Chapter 12, it has a bunch of them." Dean grinned at Cathy.

She laughed, "I didn't mean that kind."

"Oops, my bad. Yes, we live happily ever after. In my stories, we always do."

"Do you mind if I sit here and read?"

"No, go right ahead. Can I get you anything?"

"How about coffee?"

"I can do that. Cream or sugar?"

"Just straight up, sir." Dean fixed her a cup of coffee and placed it on the coffee table then sat at the other end of the couch watching her. After a while he fell asleep. When he awoke, Cathy had also fallen asleep and was laying beside him with her head on his chest. The morning sun was just beginning to start it's path across the northern California sky. Dean touched her sandy blonde hair then gently ran his fingers through it, smiling. In a moment, she stirred and he stopped.

"Keep doing that, it feels good." He resumed the stroking and gently touched her cheek and temple. "Ummmm," she moaned then turned over on her stomach lying between his legs with her head resting on his chest. Dean touched her ear. "You use to kiss my ears. That made me so hot,"she laughed.

"Just for research purposes mind you, but does it still do that?"

Cathy laughed, "Research purposes?"

"I may want to put that in my next book. You never know."

Cathy looked up at him. "You just said that with a straight face didn't you?"

"What are you insinuating?"

"That you haven't changed a bit." Cathy grinned.

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"That's a good thing, D."

"I think the old Dean would be going for your breasts or butt by now."

"You can't reach either from where you are."

"No, I can't. I'm perfectly content right where I am."

"Where you are or I am?"

"Both, I'm loving this." He continued stroking her hair and she again laid her head on him.

"I am too." They laid there for a long time, both content and peaceful.

"How far did you get in the book?"

"The condemned house. I had to put it down and be with you."

"Would you like some coffee?"

"Yes, but I don't want either of us to get up. I like this."

"So do I, but I'm going to have to go pee very soon."

"Me too. Let's just stay here and pee on each other." Dean laughed. "D, do you still love me? Your book made me think so."

"More than you can possibly know, Cathy."

Cathy reached up and took his hand, brought it to her mouth and softly kissed it. She got up from the couch and held out her hand to help him up. "Go pee." Dean walked to the master bath. When he came out Cathy was sitting on the side of the bed. "My turn." Dean sat on the side of the bed and waited for her. How about I go home and get cleaned up then fix you breakfast at my house?"

"I'd love that."

"What would you like?" Dean grinned. "Don't tell me dessert either."

"I thought you only read to the condemned house."

"I scanned a few pages toward the back of the book too," she smiled. "I'm looking forward to reading the rest."

"I hope you enjoy it."

Cathy laughed again. "From what little I saw of the last half I'm positive I will. See you in an hour?" He nodded. "I'll leave my address on your counter." She turned to walk back to the kitchen and he followed her. "What's up?"

"I want to make sure you leave the address." Cathy grinned. She wrote down the address and left. Dean checked the clock then headed back to the master bath to get ready. Cathy drove home and did the same. Just under an hour later he rang her doorbell. "You forgot the book."

"Come in. Read to me while I fix breakfast." Her house was almost identical, in layout, to his. Her decor and furnishings were beautiful and the house was immaculate. Dean sat at her kitchen island and opened the book.

"Did you finish the chapter?" he asked as she set a cup of coffee next to him.

"Yes. Ready for Greek." Dean began laughing. "What's so funny?"

"You'll know in about five minutes." When he got to the Greek part she began laughing. Breakfast was ready just as he finished the chapter. They enjoyed breakfast together on her patio then took the dishes back inside and cleaned up the kitchen and dishes. "Will you read more? I'm looking forward to the Friday chapter." They went back out to the patio with their coffee and Dean read the next chapter. Cathy's eyes teared as they said their vows and she quietly listened to the rest, watching him as he read.

"Was the T-bird real?"

"It was. You would have loved it."

"I'm sure I would have. Are you going to read me Chapter 12 or should I read that to you? Or, would it be better if I read that when I'm alone?"

"I'll leave that decision to you."

"Okay, let me read it to you." She took the book and began to read. Near the end of the first page she stopped to think.

"What are you thinking about?"

"I'm trying to figure out if I have an outfit like the white one. I don't think I have the garter but I have everything else."

"I'd like to see that." Dean smiled.

"I'll bet you would." She raised her eyebrows and grinned then continued reading. She read a couple more pages and stopped. "I'm envious of Carol."


"I've never had an orgasm."

"Maybe you haven't had the motivation yet."

"Or maybe, I just can't."

"My money is on the motivation." Cathy smiled then continued reading. "D, this is some hot stuff you wrote."

"In my mind I've made love to you many times. I wrote it from memory."

"Well, it's working."

"See, you're getting motivated already." She continued reading then closed the book and stood. Cathy held out her hand to Dean.

"Come with me. Let's test out your theory." They went, hand in hand, to the bedroom. A short while later Cathy was moaning in ecstasy. "Wow, that was worth the wait. Your theory was correct. Wanna try it again?"

"Let's let you recuperate for a few minutes first."

In a few minutes they began again and Cathy repeated the orgasm. More quickly the second time and apparently even more intense.

"D, where the hell have you been all my life?"

"Just waiting for you to read the book."