The Mysterious Stocking Ch. 02

The Mysterious Stocking Ch. 02

Author's Note: 

Hello, everyone!

Here is the second (and final) chapter in this short series. I do hope you enjoy the way it ends.

I want to wish you all very happy holidays, and a wonderful new year!

* * * * *

I awoke to the sound of grunting. When I looked toward Lori's bed, I was startled to see my roommate on all fours with Mya behind her. The former appeared lost in a haze of pleasure while the latter kept thrusting a strap-on into her ass.

"That's it, bitch." Mya smacked Lori's butt cheek. "Take it all."

Lori let out a protracted moan. "God yes... give it to me... fuuuuck."

Considering what happened the previous night, it was strange to think I was surprised. However, watching Mya dominate Lori was quite shocking -- and arousing.

This went on for several minutes, and I made no attempt to hide the fact I was staring in amazement. When Mya brought her hand around to finger Lori's pussy, I began masturbating. I was already soaking wet, and I knew it wouldn't take much to push myself over the edge.

My own orgasmic noises were drowned out by Lori's shrieks of ecstasy. I hoped the walls were thick, otherwise most of the nearby residents would be at our door to find out what was wrong. I giggled while imagining their expressions when they discovered what was really going on.

"Was that funny to you?" Lori's question caused me to curl up a bit.

"Oh, it was a lot of things," Mya said as she began removing her strap-on. "But she probably thought it was hilarious to see your white ass get pounded into submission."

For several moments, none of us said anything. I worried Mya had gone too far and offended Lori. However, my roommate started giggling. This turned into laughter, causing Mya and I to join in.

Once we settled down, Mya climbed off the bed. "Well, my work here is done." She smirked at Lori, then at me. "I've got myself two bitches I can fuck anytime..." She licked her lips while continuing to stare at me. "...including one to worship my feet."

"Shut up!" Lori threw a pillow at Mya, who caught it and chuckled.

"Tell me you didn't love every minute of it." Mya set the pillow on the bed and began grabbing her clothes.

"Yeah, well, I'm not your bitch."

Mya laughed. "It sure felt like it to me." She finished clasping her bra and stepped toward Lori. "I mean, it was you taking all eight inches from me over and over and—"

"Fine!" Lori let out a heavy sigh. "I'm your... bitch."

With another giggle, Mya stroked Lori's hair. "You know I'm just teasing. You're an awesome friend. And maybe... more?"

Lori bit her lip and shrugged. "Maybe. Don't get me wrong, what we did was great. But it was my first time with a girl." She glanced at me. "Or girls. So I kinda need some time to sort it out. Okay?"

"That's fine," Mya said while pulling up her skirt. "You know where I am if you ever wanna go another round with me."

"For sure." Lori smiled at her friend. "Thanks for understanding."

"Of course." Mya finished putting on her shirt and glanced at me. "I just hope you don't mind me playing with your roomie once in a while."

"I'm good with it. "Lori peered in my direction and chuckled. "And as long as you bring your feet, she'll be good with it too."

While they shared another round of giggles, I felt my face burn with shame. Mya must have noticed because she soon approached me and bent down to kiss my forehead.

"Don't be embarrassed," she said in a comforting voice. "I loved everything you did last night." She placed her lips near my ear and spoke in a whisper. "Next time, I'll work harder in cheer practice so my feet are even better for you."

As I moaned and trembled from her words, I saw a naughty smirk on her face. Damn, this girl pressed all my buttons!

Before I could think of anything to say, she patted my cheek. "I'll get your number from Lori and text you when I'm ready to feel that soft tongue again."

I shuddered once more. "O-okay."

Mya slipped her feet into her shoes, grabbed her bag, and put her dildo inside it. She approached Lori and said something I couldn't hear. With a quick peck on Lori's lips and a wave to me, she turned and left the room.

Once the door closed, Lori looked at me and shook her head. "That was... insane."

"Yeah," I said with a loud exhale. "but it was awesome."

Lori smiled and moved from her bed to sit near me. "I'm glad you had fun." She took hold of my hand. "I was kinda worried we went too far."

I shrugged as she helped pull me into a sitting position. "Well, it was pretty damn intense." My hand squeezed hers and I gazed into her eyes. "But I can't complain. I mean, I've never come so many times in one night!"

We both laughed.

"Me either!" Lori's expression suddenly became more serious. "It's just... I feel bad for telling Mya about your fetish."

My mouth opened to tell her it was no big deal. To say it all turned out fine. Better than fine, in fact. However, my mind told me it could be a problem. A big problem, in fact.

How well did I know Mya? How sure was I that she'd resist bragging about her "foot bitch" to the whole cheerleading squad? How much did I believe this wouldn't reach every corner of campus by the end of the day?

"I, um..."

She sighed. "Look, I know I should have checked with you. And you have every right to be mad. But I, I couldn't help it."

I tilted my head. "You couldn't help it?"

"Okay, so... when I met up with her in the lobby, she asked me why I seemed happy, since I didn't come right from my boyfriend's place." Lori rolled her eyes. "Like I can't be in a good mood unless I just had sex. Anyway... I told her I was hanging out with my roomie. Of course, then she assumed you and me were, like, doing stuff."

"And that's when you told her?"

"What I said was you gave me a massage, because you're really nice. Then she wanted to know what kind of massage, and how long it lasted, and if you'd give her one too. I was trying not to be specific because I didn't want her to find about your fetish, but she wouldn't stop bugging me for details until I just... blurted it out."

"Great." I pulled my hand from hers and turned my head away. "Now she's probably going to tell her whole team."

She let out another sigh and touched my arm. "I swear, I wasn't gonna tell her. But she can be very convincing. I mean, you saw how she was last night... and this morning."

Lori had a point. Mya did seem to enjoy being in control. Still, that didn't mean she could be trusted not to say anything.

I faced her again and nodded. "I get it. She can definitely be demanding."

"No kidding." She nudged me with a chuckle. "And you missed the shit she said to me before she started fucking my ass. It was nuts." She let out a laugh. "I can't believe you slept through some of it. We were pretty loud."

"What can I say?" I couldn't help giggling. "After everything that happened last night, I'm surprised it didn't take a nuclear explosion to wake me up."

She laughed again. "Yeah, I know what you mean. I coulda slept 'til noon, if a certain friend of mine wasn't all over me at 6 AM."

"Wait... don't you have a class at nine?" I asked with a smirk.

"I do, but I totally would've skipped it today." She glanced at the clock. "I suppose I should probably go."

"Probably, although you still have two hours. That's enough time to take a nap before it starts."

"True... I mean, unless you wanna go somewhere for breakfast."

For a moment I was in shock. In all the weeks we'd been roommates, we hadn't once shared a meal. It never occurred to me to ask her, since I always figured she would rather hang out with her boy-toy or her friends. But now, perhaps she considered me a friend.

"That sounds good to me."

She gave me a warm smile. "So, we're cool?"

"We're cool." I smiled back at her, admiring her gorgeous body once more, and chuckled. "I guess we better put some clothes on if we don't want to be arrested."

"I guess." She smirked and looked me up and down. "Although if I was Mya, I'd parade you around stark naked and not give a damn what anyone thought."

We both laughed and began selecting our outfits for the day. I did wonder if Mya was really so bold she wouldn't care about public nudity. While the idea made me chuckle, it also reminded me that she had firsthand experience regarding all my dirty secrets.

An uneasy feeling came over me while I finished dressing. Perhaps she had already mentioned it to someone. Or a lot of someones.

Ugh, how had my life become so complicated?

* * * * *

While eating with Lori at the local diner, she tried to persuade me that her friend was trustworthy and wouldn't speak of our sexual escapades to anyone. I wasn't sure if she needed to convince me or herself, considering what Mya had done to Lori. However, I did feel somewhat reassured by the time we parted.

After my two classes, I asked Heidi to meet at my dorm room to further discuss possible identities of Mistress Claus. She wanted another foot massage, so she readily agreed. I was beginning to think she would say yes to anything, provided I'd pamper her feet in exchange.

As I sat on the floor rubbing her soles and toes, I confessed some of what occurred the previous night. I left out the part where I sniffed, licked, and sucked on my roommate's feet while Mya's feet brought me to multiple climaxes. But I did mention everything else I did with Mya, including sucking her toes and eating her pussy.

Heidi was shocked at first, making me briefly regret discussing this so candidly. However, she soon congratulated me on "doing it with a total hottie" and for finding a girlfriend. That's when I told her more about the nature of our budding relationship -- including Mya calling me "Suzie" before we fell asleep.

She laughed, before agreeing with my assessment that Mya saw me as her little pet who she could play with whenever she wanted. She also pointed out the reference to "Suzie" being the same one used by Mistress Clause.

We looked at each other with wide eyes, believing we had solved the mystery. Mya fit the profile perfectly: she was a natural dominant, loved having a girl at her feet, and had addressed me by that dreaded nickname. It HAD to be her!

What we couldn't figure out was how Mya discovered my kink. Lori wasn't aware of it until after the stocking had been hung on the doorknob. Heidi had only met Mya a few hours later. Who else would have told her? Was there another who knew of my fetish?

Once we eliminated every potential candidate at our university, the only person left was a former high school classmate whose family had moved into my neighborhood from Puerto Rico a couple years ago. We became good friends in senior year, and I'd given her some foot massages -- so she had some idea of my interest in feet. But she was still living at home, on the opposite side of the country from my college. There was no way she could have been involved.

My hands were starting to cramp by the time we exhausted our attempts to determine Mya's informant. When I stopped rubbing and helped Heidi put her shoes on, she complimented me for giving her a nice, relaxing massage. I then realized I'd been at her feet for two hours. We both laughed, agreeing it felt more like twenty minutes.

While making our way to the dining hall, she suggested I ask Mya about the stocking. This would confirm our suspicions regarding its origins, and might also clear up whether Mya wanted to date me or just dominate me. It made perfect sense, and I told Heidi I'd do it.

However, I hardly touched my dinner as my imagination conjured up awful scenarios involving Mya. In my mind, she was going to be furious with me for such an accusation and would want nothing to do with me ever again, or she would turn wicked and keep me cruelly under her thumb -- er, toe -- so my kink wouldn't be revealed to the entire world. Either way, it was terrible.

As I returned to my room, I decided I would first accomplish schoolwork I'd been putting off. Once this was done, I could get Mya's number from Lori. When I arrived, however, I found Lori waiting for what was to become her evening foot pampering. And there was no resisting those pink soles and wiggling toes hanging over the edge of her bed.

Within seconds, I was kneeling on the floor massaging her beautiful feet. The feel and smell of them were captivating, and I barely heard what she was telling me. I vaguely recall her mentioning stuff about her day, and going to her boyfriend's place later. But the one thing that made me pay close attention was saying that Mya would be texting me soon.

Lori giggled when she saw my expression, and added that we'd make a great couple. When I raised an eyebrow, she detailed her conversation with Mya a couple hours earlier.

The good news was Mya confirmed she wouldn't reveal my secret kinks to anyone. Even better news was she wanted to have a lot more fun with me in the coming days, because she was totally into cute, submissive girls.

The bad news, however, was I would be expected to go to Mya's room. And Lori wouldn't be there. It turned out my roommate wanted more time to figure out whether she really was bisexual, or if the previous night had been a wild, one-time experiment.

I tried to focus on the positives as I continued pressing my fingers and thumbs into Lori's sole. She had been pausing on occasion during her monologue to emit sighs of pleasure. But since she finished speaking, her moans were almost constant. This at least provided a nice distraction, further preventing me from worrying about a text from Mya.

Of course, it wasn't much longer before my phone dinged. I swallowed hard as Lori sprang from the bed. She thanked me for another incredible foot massage and put on her shoes. Patting my head, she reminded me not to keep Mya waiting. With a wink and a chuckle, she was gone.

Once I was alone, I took a deep breath and looked at my phone. As expected, it was from Mya. Well, it actually came from a number I didn't recognize, but the sender was obvious when I read it.

"I'm waiting for you, my adorable little foot girl. Come to room 217 in building 4 to soothe my aching feet and drink from my soaking wet pussy."

The walk to Mya's dorm was filled with excitement, but also apprehension. Although I was eager to be with her again, I had no idea if she had company. Or whether she would be a lot meaner to me, since this was her turf and I wouldn't have the possibility of protection from Lori.

My heart was beating out of my chest when I knocked on her door. I was shaking when she called out for me to enter, and then I nearly feinted when I stepped inside and saw her lying on one of the two beds -- wearing only socks and a smile. I was thankful that nobody else was in the room, as well as for the view of her stunning, naked body.

I somehow managed to gather myself enough to close the door and follow her unspoken commands to first undress, and then get on my knees at the foot of her bed. The close-up view of her sock soles indicated they were quite well worn, as there were several areas where the fabric was thin. Also, they were a greyish-brown on the bottoms instead of the bright pink color showing on the rest of the socks.

She began to inform me that she'd worn them to every cheer practice and game over the past few months, when their true condition was revealed in the form of a sniff. I immediately felt lightheaded and backed away. Dear God in heaven, did they ever stink!

If I believed I'd encountered potent foot odor before, this made everything else smell like the finest perfume by comparison. Mya giggled at my reaction, saying she never washed these socks and always kept them stuffed in her cheer shoes when she wasn't wearing them.

Despite my obvious reluctance to inhale more of their overwhelming stench, she demanded I use my face to rub her socked feet. In addition, I was to breathe only through my nose while doing it.

Shit, how was I going to accomplish this task?

Before I was able to contemplate my chances of survival, she told me I either obeyed or I had to leave. And if I left, she would never contact me again.

This gave me no choice other than to try massaging her feet with my cheeks and nose, hoping I would remain conscious for more than a minute. Swallowing hard, I gritted my teeth and started moving my nose from her heel up along her sole. I heard her call me a good girl at the same moment I took another lungful of air -- this time from the base of her socked toes.

My entire body jerked and I became dizzy, such was the intensity of what I'd just breathed in. It was the most unbelievably concentrated and powerful smell I could have imagined. Almost every fiber of my being wanted me to run, and never have to deal with this obnoxious scent again.

However, a tiny part wanted me to stay. It wanted me to keep rubbing Mya's feet. It wanted me to continue being her good girl. It wanted me to forget my own distress, and concentrate on pleasing this magnificent woman.

That part throbbed and pulsed, urging me forward. It became moist as I resumed pressing my face against the damp, dirty fabric. It began sending waves of desire throughout my body while I took sniff after sniff of an incredibly pungent odor that was beginning to transform from awful to angelic. From horrible to heavenly. From diabolical to divine.

I continued giving Mya the best massage I could, using mostly my nose, while I breathed in her inescapable aroma. The more I took in, the more addictive it was to me. It set my pussy on fire, with the flames extending to the ends of my fingers and toes. My world was soon reduced to the smell of her feet, and the magnificent sensations it was sending to every nerve ending in my body.

Time ceased to exist as I went on rubbing and sniffing every part of Mya's socked soles. My arousal had reached the point where the slightest contact would have set off a cataclysmic orgasm. However, I dared not touch myself because I didn't want to upset Mya, nor did I want to put an end to this wondrous experience.

After what I later found out was thirty minutes, the feet in my face parted and Mya's urgent voice told me to eat her out -- right away. Without delay, I crawled up between her legs and started using my tongue as instructed. She was already drenched, and within moments her clitoris was exposed.

My mouth switched from sucking her clit to licking between her folds, with her hands grasping my hair and her thighs pressing against the sides of my head while she grunted and thrashed. I began fearing she would rip all my hair out and crush my skull when I heard her cry out as my face became flooded.

With the pressure easing from my head, I managed to gently clean and swallow her orgasmic juices. She let out hushed moans as I finished with a kiss on each of her pink lips. Raising my head, I smiled upon seeing the pure bliss in her eyes. I had made her happy, and it filled me with joy.

I couldn't resist expressing my delight toward her, and I placed delicate kisses on her stomach. Her sounds of pleasure and the feeling of her goosebumps spurred me to continue softly kissing her body until I reached her mouth. She then flipped me onto my back and locked lips with me, seeking out my tongue with hers.

We remained in a heated kiss while our hands explored each other's body. Mine caressed the silky skin of her arms, shoulders, and back. Hers stroked my neck and breasts. My nipples hardened under her magnificent touch and she gave them light squeezes, making me moan into her mouth.

Eventually, her lips left mine, leaving me writhing in passion as she rose from the bed. Before I could question her actions, she had returned and was sat between my legs. She held an item resembling a long dildo, which I then realized was double-sided. My breath caught in my throat as I watched her suck one end of it, followed by the other.