The Melon Farmers Wife

The Melon Farmers Wife

I grew up on a farm and I loved the life of farming. Mary Jane was also a farm girl and grew up on one. That we fell in love and married was no surprise our interests were much the same. We married a couple years out of high school. The thing that was so strange was we became melon farmers. 

Our fathers had been the much more traditional midwestern corn, beans, grain, farmers. But we had the start up base we needed to become what is required to get a start. We had started our farming on a regular farm and did so for seven years. We made it okay, but it wasn't exactly what we wanted. We found it in melon farming. 

My wife is a very beautiful woman in her late twenties, and the mother of three children who in no ways looks as if she could be. She has short dark brown hair and deep sexy brown eyes. At 5'4" and about 130 lbs Mary Jane is much more than just well, built, she has a fantastic body. 

We were in our third year of crop and we needed pickers. We had hired the same pickers the past couple years and hoped the showed again this year. Our crop was good this year but with melons it is only good when it is delivered. It is not worth a dime til it is. Another week went by and it was time to pick them. 

A few of the young pickers we had the past two years finally came and I hired them and they went to work. Four young women and six men, but we needed twice that many to even hope to get the crop in. I ask where all the guys were we used last year. 

The girl in charge told me a farm down the rode was giving the guys we'd used last year added stuff. I ask her what they were getting? She grinned. They have some girls who work topless with them and they love the bare tits hanging. She ask if I could pay them a bit more they might be willing to do it too. 

"And the other girls?" 

"Si they would yes. And your wife?" 

"My wife Mary Jane would make a difference?" 

"Oh Si, men very attracted to her last year, she picked in bathing suit with them. They watched hoped her titties fall out. They fall out couple times for them I see them and they work harder." 

"It was on purpose you think?" 

"Si she know how to make them work harder. Is how farmer down the road learned they told him if girls did it they work for him." 

"If she do it, I talk to them they come up here and work." 

I brought it up after super that night and the kids were in bed. She grinned. 

"I did flash the boys just a little to get em up last year." 

I was surprised to say the least. But she admitted it. I told her what was going on. 

"Shit I never thought about any problems like this. The little hard cocks wanted more last year." 

"What do you mean they wanted more?" 

"I teased them and I did show off some for them. I took my shirt off for them a couple times. And I did a round once in just my under pants. They wanted more. They begged me to come down to the sleeper shed for them." 

"What for?" 

"The girls danced for them a few times, you know nude. and they fucked for them. They wanted me to do it for them too." 

"To dance naked for them?" 

"Yes and the rest too." 

"They wanted you to fuck for them too? And you talked about it with them?" 

"Yes I did." 

"Did you tell them you would do it?" 


"Dance for them?" 


"And the rest?" 

"No I said I might?" 

"Good gosh Mary Jane you actually talked about fucking them?" 

"They worked really good last year." 

"Ya but they aren't here this year they may want more than a maybe?" 

"Did you ever go down to the sleep shed?" 

"I hoped you wouldn't ask me that." 

"So did you?" 

"Yes, twice." 

"To do what?" 

"To dance the first time" 

"And did you?" 

"Yes, I did." 

"Completely naked?" 

"Your pussy was bare?" 

"Yes I was completely naked." 

"Did they touch you?" 

"Only a little." 

"Only a little on your nipples and your clit?" 

"Only a little." 

"And the second time?" 

"Yes they did." 

"And you went down?" 

"Yes I did." 

"To fuck them?" 

"I don't know, maybe I am not sure." 

"And did you fuck them?" 

"No, well not all of them." 

"What do you mean not all of them?" 

"Maria saved me. She let them fuck her." 

"All of them?" 

"Yes, she did all six of them." 


"After they had done me." 

"Who had done you?" 

"Juan and Migel." 

"They have fucked you?" 

"Yes they did." 

Part 2 "And that is why they are here now. Isn't it. The six guys and four girls?" 

"Yes it is." 

"Have you fucked them yet this year?" 

"No, not yet ." 

"Have they ask you to?" 

"Yes, they have." 

"When are you to go do it?" 

She sat quietly for a few minutes. 

"Mary Jane if you agreed to do it you need to just do it. You opened up this when you let Juan and Migel do you last fall. Did you agree to let all six or just the two you already did?" 

"No all six." 


"When are you going out with a load." 

"In about ten minutes." 

"In twelve minutes I am to walk naked down there." 

"Get your clothes off I am on my way." 

As I turned to leave I saw Mary Jane pull her shirt over her head and her beautiful breast fell out into view. I went to my truck and headed out. As I looked in the side mirror at the end of my drive I saw a nude female striding toward the shed. By the time I hit the highway ten miles south I knew the six Mexicans were fucking my wife. 

I rolled back into the farm 6 hours later and got ready for bed. I found Mary Jane in bed but awake. She reached for my cock as I slid into bed. 

"Your wife needs you Lover. And Yes I was a whore for them tonight. I fucked them for five hours all six this time." 

"I saw you crossing down there as I was leaving. You were naked. And you know you have to do it for them regularly now." 

"Yes, and the others are coming back tomorrow so we will have a full crew." 

"Yes and they will make a big bunch watching you tomorrow night when you go down to fuck." 

"Shit Honey, I can't take care of 24 young men at a time they'll kill me." 

"Well I would say that next time down you do them all. Then the girls according to Maria will take some of it off your pussy, but it will cost us extra." 

"You really think I need to let all 24 of them do me?" 

"They are only a short walk from the job up the road? And it is only Two more week, maybe three?" 

The whole crew showed up the next day and they all went to work. Mary Jane came in from picking at noon for lunch with the crew and I noticed her top was partly loose. I ask her if she had been teasing the boys? She replied she had been ready to just as noon came. 

"Well take it off mid afternoon?" 

"And pick topless?" 

"Yes give em a treat." 

"It will juice them up." 

"Yes, I know it will. It will get them ready for tonight By now they know you did all six of them last night." 

"You really want me to do them all tonight?" 

"All twenty four bare and deep in my wife's pussy. Til we are done picking you are open and naked if or when they want you." 

I was loading melons and I kept an eye on the pickers. About 3pm I saw my wife's shirt come off and her breasts swing free. The boys noticed and I could see them laughing and pointing. 

I was loaded by 6pm and the truck was ready to go. Mary Jane came down from the shower. I grinned at her. 

"Are you ready for your big night?" 

"My God Dale, how in the hell did I get myself into this mess?" 

"Wife, tell me your little pussy isn't as wet as it ever gets right now. I know your little belly is as excited about this as it has ever been." 

She smiled at me. 

"How about you pull that little shirt off and drop your shorts and head for the shed. I will watch you go inside and I will head out." 

"You just want to see me take it to all those horney kids." 

She pulled them off and I watched her pretty little ass strut down to the shed open the door and enter. I heard the yells as she did. I smiled and crossed to my truck and headed out. She didn't fool me any. She was primed to fuck them. 

part 3 The trip took six hours and I pulled my semi down by the storage shed parked it and got out. The Sleeper shed was quiet as I walked by. I headed for my shower. I came quietly from my shower and went into my bedroom. My wife was in our bed. Sound asleep. I eased in beside her and she snuggled close in her sleep. 

I rolled over the next morning to find Mary Jane looking at me. A slight smile on her face. 

"You are too good to me Dale Ray." 

Her beautiful breasts were well displayed for me and I knew she wanted me to see the numerous bite marks all over them. 

"Did you get them all taken care of last night woman?" 

"It is official all of our pickers have now had their bare cocks up inside your wife's pussy. And I better get moving I have a date in thirty minutes." 

"And who is the date with?" 

"Stan Morrison told Maria he had heard we were giving extra incentives to our pickers this year and that if he was promised something extra he would be sure to make sure we had everything we needed next year. I called him and we talked it over. He told me what he wanted to ensure we are taken care of better next year." 

"And what kind of deal did you make with him?" 

"Starting this morning I am to come to his office for a couple hours." 

"And how often is this going to be required for good service from him?" 

"I guess it depends on my service I provide him this morning?" 

"A two hour meeting every Monday morning maybe?" 

"You'd be agreeable to that?" 

"Probably if you are Baby? He has wanted you every since we moved here." 

"Yes, he told me." 

"So you have already agreed to meet him regularly?" 

"Yes, if we all agree. And he has ask me for several favors." 

"Such as?" 

"Maybe a staff party once a month? And four specials a year with spouses." 

"So what is he really asking you for?" 

"He wants me to dance for his staff and fuck them at the end of the night once a month. Before you ask he has 14 staff members. 12 men and two girls. The specials are for me to try to get the staff wives to dance for staff too. Seven of the guys have told him they would love to see their wife dance for the crew. The other five are thinking about it. You know Stan he just wants to fuck their wives." 

"You better get your pretty ass going you are late." 

"I planned to be late, I want him very ready." 

My wife finished getting ready for her meeting and I went back to our crops. It was one of those days and I hauled several loads of melons to market that day. I pulled back next to our main warehouse where crop was stored to go to market and I saw several more loads ready to load up. It was about 7:30pm. 

As I walked up the path to our house I saw the lights were bright in the Sleeping shed and music was being played loud. The Mexican workers all sleep in the same quarters. The men and the women and sometimes the girls who work the fields also play in the quarters with the guys. 

Maria was a trusted part of the people I hire and a young woman who was also married to one of the guys. She is also Juan's wife. I suspect that Maria is also a prostitute in upper Mexico and maybe Texas in the off season. And her husband was one of the two men my wife had fucked last season before the left. And Maria was there when it happened. I had been told that Maria and her young women provided sex for the crew where they worked. 

So as I walked up the path I figured they were providing a sex night for the guys. When I got closer to the quarters I could see a female dancing on the stage they had built around one of the poles in the center of the shed. I could tell she was nude. 

I have seen the girls I employ naked and they are pretty women all but Maria are mid twenties with her a few years older. But they are small busted wider hipped than Mary Jane. I could see sex was going on in several places in the shed as small groups were huddled in spots. As I walked by I saw the larger tits and more mature female form dancing for them and I knew my wife was down here again tonight with the workers. 

I hit the shower and got a bit to eat and turned in. I had been asleep a while when my bed moved and my wife's hand found my cock. 

"My, Wife have you not had enough cock for one day?" 

"It is a new day. It is after midnight now. 

"Did you fuck them all again tonight?" 

"Not all of them, Maria and the girls helped tonight." 

"And your meeting this morning?" 

"Yes, with Stan. We worked out that situation to all our good I believe. I was there nearly three hours." 

"And has Stan Morrison now had his cock up inside my wife's pussy?" 

"Yes, he has and the deal is every Monday morning from now on he'll do so. I also agreed to do a Staff party once a month for his staff." 

"To dance and fuck his staff?" 

part 4 "Yes, and to do four Special parties with staff and spouses. I am to provide the incentives for staff wives to dance for staff on stage. With out clothes if possible? Stan has fucked a couple of his guys wives. And he wants access to some of the others. He knows one of his guys wives who has danced at the little bar on the edge of town and several guys have fucked her. Her husband has encouraged her. In her dancing and her fucking. He has given her to Stan several times." 

"What do you know about his staff and their wives? And are they partiers?" 

"Not all of them, but lots of them are. His two office girls are. And Tina I know has been with Stan for years. She has fucked Stan hundreds of times. I doubt she has not fucked every guy who works there. Sam has been there three years I think. Tina has corrupted Sam. I don't think she had ever been with anyone but her husband Bob. He works for the city. Tina has gotten Sam in Stan's bed several times now. And Tina told me they have two young men who are colored guys. She got Sam to fuck both of them and she loves BBC. This is going to be fun." 

"Be careful Baby girl, some women find bbc very addictive and you have never tried it." 

" A dick is a dick and I enjoy them all." 

"So true. But I am told it is the color and the taboo part that hooks some women." 

"Well I will find out in a couple weeks. I have a staff party to do for Stan." 

"So how many more of our business men are going to request your services Honey?" 

"Are you worried about my reputation Baby? Actually there have been some questions ask of Stan. And he says there may be others who do ask me for my talent to come into play at there business." 

"You know our town is still considered small by todays standards. We are still reported at just over 16 thousand. And reported as a small town. But work gets around fast with rumors and word of mouth." 

"Sweetheart, I am only a Melon Farmers Wife." 

As our crop was finish up and shipped Mary Jane continues to service our pickers on nearly a nightly basis. They had a wild party the last night after they had finished the pick. 

I got in way after midnight on my last haul and they were still partying. And my wife was naked on the make shift stage. I went to bed. 

Mary Jane got ready and left for the first staff party at Stan's warehouse. I went in town and stopped at the Bar. Which is my favorite place and where my friends sometimes hang out. I had a few beers and went home about 11pm. I watched a movie and finally went to bed about 2am. Sometime shortly after my wife woke me with my dick in her hand. I mumbled to her. 

"How did it go?" 

"Well I have had 12 new cocks in your wife's pussy. And you were right I have found my new favorite thing to do!" 

"Fuck black cocks?" 

"Yes, but even more be displayed doing it." 

"You enjoyed that?" 

"I have never felt that sexy ever doing anything in my life." 

I was not surprised at this at all. Several days passed and I came in from the shop at noon for lunch and Mary Jane had it ready. We sat down to eat. 

"I got two calls this morning about jobs." 

"Farm jobs?" 

I do a bit of custom farming. 

part 5 "No other jobs we talked about. You know the rumors ones." 

"Who called you? And about what?" 

"John Carson first." 

"Holly Shit Honey, the big John, the lawyer?" 

"Yes, he has a proposal for me." 

Big John is in his mid sixties and is the man for several very large business in our town. Not the owner, but the guy who manages and runs them. 

"So what does Big John want from you?" 

"I have a meeting on Monday morning with him. And he told me I didn't need to wear panties. So he plans to fuck me." 

"So guess you'll find out then?" 

"I do believe he has something planned for my pussy." 

"Maybe not a huge surprise, huh?" 

Monday came and went and I didn't get to see Mary Jane until evening. 

"So did you meet with Big John this morning?" 

"I did and yes, Big John has now fucked your wife and offered me a new deal." 

"What kind of a deal is her offering you?" 

"Well it is much like the deal I have with Stan. He wants me to entertain his customers clients." 

"And how many clients does he represent?" 

"He said right now he has twenty four." 

"For crying out loud Woman how many people are you going to need to be fucking?" 

"I don't know yet, but a lot!"