The Making of an Angel Pt. 07

The Making of an Angel Pt. 07

I woke up confused & alone. Zoe had gone to work & left me a note "Hi baby. Sorry, I had to rush to work. I've left you a spare key. Either pop it through the letter box once you've locked up or keep it in case you want to come over again. I hope it's the 2nd as I'd love to repeat last night. X"

I lay back & let my mind play over the events of the previous night. I was still in full slut mode albeit my make-up was messed up & my shoes were off. I closed my eyes & imagined Zoe's huge cock pushing into my boi-pussy, stretching me & filling me up. My anus was tender & pouting as I ran my fingers over it before slipping a finger or 2 into my now loose hole. I pulled my fingers out & examined them. There was still some cum in me. I shivered with delight,

I remembered the bathroom...

I quickly slipped out of bed & padded across the landing in my stockings. The door was ajar & I slipped in. I looked at Zoe's array of dildos with lust as I licked my lips & my clitty started to thicken. Conscious that my now not-so-little hole was tender I was about to choose a medium sized dildo when my inner slut took over. With trembling fingers I selected the biggest one Zoe had. It was black with very realistic veins on it, a suction cup base & huge rubber balls at the base of the shaft. It was at least 12 inches long & very thick. My anus felt hot & wet with cum. I shook with the anticipation of feeling it inside me.

I scampered back to the bedroom & lay on the bed before spreading my legs. I ran the huge rubber cock up the inside of my thighs before resting it on my little clitty. It looked enormous next to my pathetic little cock. I gently bit my lower lip at the thought of fitting this monster in me. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" I murmured to myself & lined the head of the monster up with my battered & abused anus.

I gently teased my hole with the head trying all ways to fit it into me. I just couldn't take it. Although I was stretched & still slimy with Zoe's cum it was just too big. I brought it up to my face. I could smell her cum on it & opened my mouth before starting to lick it & suck it. Imagining it was a big, black man forcing himself on me started to really turn me on. I could feel my anus relaxing & I got out of the bed & headed to the bathroom.

I licked the suction base & stuck the rubber monster on the edge of the bath before liberally covering it with lube. I turned around & parted my legs. My boi-pussy was exposed & I felt very vulnerable. I worked some lube into my hole. 1 finger, then 2 before eventually getting all 4 fingers of 1 hand into my entrance. The lube was well worked into me & I was relaxed. I gently positioned myself over the monster & slowly sat down. I moaned out loud. I couldn't have not. It was huge inside me. Despite nearly fisting myself this was stretching me way more than any real cock had ever done.

I stopped half way onto the dildo & allowed myself to get used to the girth. Once I was used to the size & I was opened up enough I slowly & methodically slide down it. There was no way I was going to take the full length. It reached 2/3 of the way into me & wouldn't go in any further. I wanted it all. I slide up & down on the huge phallus before pulling completely off it. My anus was wide open. Even if I tried to close it I couldn't. It just gaped like a slut's vagina. I reached around & pointed my hand before pushing. I couldn't believe it. My whole hand slide into me. All 4 fingers & my thumb. I had fisted myself. A moan escaped my mouth as my hand slide in & out & back in. I pulled my fist out of my cunt then tried again. The big, black rubber cock went in deeper & deeper. I was lost in the moment. It still wouldn't go any deeper. I felt around the base & was in for a shock. The huge rubber phallus was all the way into me. My tiny little balls were resting on the huge rubber sack. I'd taken it all.

I sat there for a moment stunned. I was a complete cock slut. I could take any size cock in my arse pussy. I was both worried & in heaven. Worried in case I'd destroyed myself & could never go back to normal. In heaven because the feeling was indescribable. I felt full. I felt complete. I felt like I was supposed to do this. I knew then I'd never be of any use to a woman again & my purpose in life was to satisfy others who were dominant.

I slide up & down on the cock. It rubbed on my prostrate & out of nowhere my anal orgasm started. I could feel myself melt as my clitty started spewing lovely cum all over myself. I was making nonsense noises as I bounced up & down on my rubber boyfriend. By now I was taking the full length in & out of my ruined hole. As my orgasm peaked I collapsed onto the huge phallus before collapsing sobbing onto the floor. I could take no more.

I lay there for what felt like hours. I looked at the time "Shit!" I exclaimed. I was extremely late for work & a very important meeting.

I quickly got up on legs that could barely support my weight & showered before putting on some fresh panties. My hole had returned to somewhere near its normal size (although it took very little effort to get fingers back inside me) & my concerns about being damaged receded. I left my toe nails painted & made sure I got all my makeup off. I didn't want to be outed by my colleagues - although the thought of it did turn me on.

Big problem. False finger nails. One had come off during the bout of lust with Zoe but the others were well & truly attached.

Maybe they wouldn't be so noticeable - I fumbled into my shirt tie & suit & looked in the mirror. I looked like I was. A well fucked tranny slut. My eyes were still dark with mascara. This drew attention to my eyebrows which were obviously plucked & shaped. Maybe I could get away with that but there was no way I could hide the bright metallic ruby false slut nails. I sat down & put my head in my hands. "Pull yourself together Angel" I thought. "First things first"

I called work & gave them a bullshit excuse about not feeling well. They weren't happy but I managed to rearrange the meeting until the following day. This would be in Farnborough so I'd need to stay the night. Next I called my wife. "Boyfriend kept you up all night sissy?" she hissed. I stammered & stuttered about meeting being cancelled & moved before she hung up in obvious disgust.

Next stop Marguerite... "Hi honey - can you talk?" I asked down the phone. "Of course baby" she cooed to me "What's up?"

I explained my predicament about the false nails. Marguerite laughed down the phone line. "Soak your fingers in the hottest water you can stand" she advised "the glue will be easier to pull off but it's still going to hurt".

I thanked her & sighed. Must a gurl suffer for her art? After 45 minutes the remaining 9 nails were gone but it was obvious from looking at the state of my nails due to remaining glue & little scrapes of varnish that I'd been wearing false nails.

I quickly packed & got into my car for the drive to Farnborough. I easily found the Travel Lodge (no expense spent!) & got into my room.

I did some paperwork & settled in for the evening. I used my laptop to see who was on-line at Birchplace.

The Major popped up in the chat room. I had shamelessly flirted with him before but he was too far away to do anything about it.

"Hi sexy, what are you up to this evening?" he typed.

"Bored honey" I replied.

"Lol - your own fault for living in Cardiff" he replied.

"Miaow! Bitch!" I typed. "Actually I'm in Farnborough..."

"Really?? Where are you? I'm about 40 miles away" The Major replied.

"I'm in a Travel Lodge - Fancy keeping me company?" I flirted.

"I'll be there in half an hour" he replied. "Make it an hour honey" I quickly typed & gave himmy number.

Oh my God! 2 meets in 24 hours!! I was super excited.

I quickly showered & ran over my still smooth body with a fresh razor. I used the Sports Fucker on my tender boi-pussy & made sure I was nice & clean before pre-lubing.

I made sure I was perfectly perfumed & rubbed baby oil into my legs. While it was absorbing I went through my lingerie & picked out some clean panties & a bra. Luckily I had my waist clincher & a new packet of stockings.

I checked my toe nail varnish. It was immaculate but I didn't have any more false nails so I cleaned & buffed my real nails before carefully painting them.

While they were drying I wiped the excess baby oil off before fitting my waist clincher & rolling new stockings up my silky smooth legs. I shivered with delight & anticipation. I was thinking about feeling the Major's hands over my smooth legs. I clipped my suspenders to the stocking welts & marvelled at how they felt & looked as I bent over. The gauze of the welts became translucent as they stretched over my hips & bum. I slide my high leg panties up over my stockings & suspenders and snugly tucked my clitty away before putting my bra & slut heels on then buckling the ankle straps.

I sashayed over to the bathroom and carefully but quickly applied my makeup. I looked at the time. Shit! The Major would be here soon if he wasn't a time waster. As if he'd read my mind my phone rang.

"Hi" I purred into the phone. "Hey baby" a strange voice replied.

"The Major here reporting for duty" he continued.

"Give me 5 babes. It's room 213" I replied.

"See you then" he said & hung up.

Crap. I needed to get a serious move on. I slide my skirt from last night up over my legs & put my blouse on. I quickly fitted my earrings, stocking cap & wig. I checked in the mirror. I looked good enough to eat & hopefully he would.

There was a knock at the door.

I walked over & opened the lock.

Wow! He was hunky.

"Hi gorgeous" he said & I moved aside to let him in.

He paused at the threshold & kissed me gently cupping the back of my neck kissing me open mouth before sliding his tongue into my mouth. Hmmmmm, he tasted & smelled great. He'd made the effort. Freshly brushed teeth & showered with aftershave.

"Like what you see?" I asked forwardly.

"Most definitely" he replied & took my hand leading me to the bed.

I couldn't wait. I was like a gurl possessed. I dropped to my knees & immediately set about undoing his flies. I wanted to see what was on offer!

"Jesus girl, you're keen" he chuckled.

I could smell his musk. I could feel my anus twitching at the thought of it.

I reached inside his boxers. Hmmmm. A nice fat cock with good girth & heavy full balls.

I gently pulled his member out of his pants & stroked it slowly. It started to swell in my hand. I slowly pulled his foreskin back & leaned forwards. I licked my lips. I could feel it getting bigger & his breathing rate picked up.

"Suck it" he said hoarsely. I didn't need a 2nd invitation. I opened my mouth. Involuntarily I licked my slutty red lips & gently kissed the big fat mushroom head. It felt so hot. A droplet of pre-cum glistened & without thinking twice I slowly licked it from the end of his cock. I guided his bellend into my warm slutty mouth. I was in heaven. I worked his cock in & out of my mouth pausing only to admire the warm fat member in my hand & in my mouth.

The Major groaned. He put his hands gently on the back of my head & pushed into my mouth. I was expecting this so I relaxed & allowed him to slide his cock down my throat. I was glad I'd been getting plenty of practice lately & managed to get his cock slide down my throat without gagging. His balls were against my lips. His pubic hair was nicely trimmed & I could smell his body wash. I let him use my mouth for a few moments. He was starting to get carried away so I pulled away. I didn't want him to cum - yet.

"Spoil sport" he murmured throatily.

"The best is yet to come honey" I replied.

I stood up & unbuttoned my blouse taking it off before unfastening my skirt & stepping out of it.

I stood there in the 5" heels, sheer stocking, panties, clincher & bra. My makeup & nail varnish contrasted nicely against my pale skin.

"You like?" I asked. He nodded dumbly.

"Then take what you want" I responded.

The Major didn't need telling twice. He pounced on me & pushed me back onto the bed. He kissed me like a man possessed. Like I was water & he was dying of thirst.

He pulled at my bra & freed my little teats. He broke off from kissing me to suck & nip my titties before returning to kiss me. His hands roamed over my body. Up my stockings pausing at the welts where there was the contrast between nylon & smooth soft skin before moving on to my panties. I gasped as he pulled my gusset to one side & my clitty was released from her satin prison. He broke off our kiss & trailed warm wet kisses down my neck, over my titties & down my stomach towards my clitty. I froze as I realised what he was going to do.

"No" I murmured & tried to push him off. He was having none of it & held me firmly in place as he started to suck on my little cock. "Please don't" I cried.

The Major ignored my pleas & started to fellate me with a passion. I soon gave in & enjoyed him sucking my cock. I was afraid I would cum. "Please. Stop" I begged.

He wouldn't & didn't. The inevitable happened. He pushed me over the edge & I started to spurt into his mouth. He sucked every drop from my clitty then worked his way back up my spent body trailing kisses again. The Major then looked me in the eye & French kissed me depositing my warm seed in my own mouth.

I swallowed it willingly.

The Major then pulled my panties down & got between my legs raising my bottom up onto a pillow.

"Do you have any condoms?" he asked.

"No" I responded.

"Bad, bad gurl" he replied.

He grasped one ankle in each masculine hand & lifted & spread my legs. He looked me in the eye as his rock hard member probed the soft yielding flesh between my buttocks. I felt his glans pushing against my sphincter. Before he could get cold feet about fucking me bareback I pushed towards him & sheathed his rigid cock deep inside my anus. He gasped with surprise & pleasure. I gasped with lust.

He quickly decided I needed to be taught a lesson & he started slamming his cock all the way into my hole. Balls deep. Literally.

I had wrapped my legs around him & was holding him into me. As he thrust he used his thumb to rub the sensitive end of my clitty. It was too much & I begged him to stop. My clitty was very sensitive from having just cum but he wouldn't stop & before I knew it I could feel my anal orgasm building. As my orgasm erupted my anus started to spasm & the action of my pussy gripping & releasing his cock was too much for him. He started to spew cum deep into me. He kept fucking me like a machine until we were both totally spent.

We lay on the bed drenched in sweat. I had 2 loads of semen in me. My own in my stomach & The Major's in my anus. I was in slut heaven.

"Good gurl" he cooed "But unfortunately I've got to go."

"Will I see you again?" I asked.

"Most definitely my little slut" he replied as he slipped out of my bed & started getting dressed.

After he'd gone I rang Marguerite. "Girl you are such a slut!" She laughed as I told her about my assignation.

"I know" I murmured.

To be continued...;u=10594