The Kidnapping of Laney Ch. 01

The Kidnapping of Laney Ch. 01

She never through it would actually happen. Yet here she was, cold, wet, naked, bound, gagged, and blindfolded curled up on a damp blanket. She felt dried cum on her body and the cum leaking from her pussy and ass. Laney felt so confused. She was so excited and aroused, yet so scared. Were they just going to use her for sex? How long would she be held there? Would they let her go? Why did it arouse her so much at the thought of being used for sex for a long time?

How much time has passed since it happened? The delivery man came to the door and said he had a large box in the van with some dents in it. He didn't want to take it out and carry it to the door if she would reject the delivery. He told her the back doors of the van were open and asked her to go take a look at the box first.

Laney was so excited at the idea of someone buying her a large present off her wish list that she was shocked to find nothing in the back of the van except some blankets, rope, and a roll of tape. Before Laney could turn around, there was a gloved hand holding a rag over her mouth and another hand over her waist. She felt her legs get knocked out from underneath her and she fell to the ground with the man on top of her. As she struggled, she smelled a strong chemical smell then everything went dark.

Laney felt that someone was shaking her to wake her up. Was she in her bed at home? It all felt so foggy. Then she felt it inside her. She wasn't being shaken. She opened her eyes, but everything was dark. She tried to swallow and tasted the plastic in her mouth. She was on her side with her arms above her hear and she could feel the rope on her wrists. One of her legs was straight and the other was bent. She could feel him straddling her straight leg as he thrust in and out of her. He felt thick and was fucking her hard and fast. She could hear his grunts. Instinctively Laney squirmed and tried to get away, but she felt his hand on her bent thigh grab harder.

She heard him speak. "You finally woke up!" It was the delivery man! "This feels so good to be inside you. So tight, has it been a while?" he said as he thrust in and out of her.

"You woke up just in time" he said. Then he thrust deep inside her a few more times and held himself deep as he began to grunt and moan. He was cumming inside her. He let out one final moan and held himself inside her.

Laney felt so aroused by this. Her heart was beating fast, she felt flushed and warm. She had that familiar warm tingly feeling down below. He felt the man pull out of her and some of his um dripped out as he did. As it ran onto her thigh, she felt even more aroused. Was this really happening? Was it a dream?

As she felt a hand grab her ass cheek and spread it, she knew it wasn't a dream. She felt a finger pressing into her ass and she squirmed. The man said, "Just stay still, you'll need a little lube."

What was he going to put inside her ass? She barely had anything more than a finger or small plug in there before. Laney almost felt relieved when she felt cool metal against her tight rear hole. She hoped it wouldn't be too big. She squirmed and grunted as the cool metal was pressed inside her. She felt it slip in deeper then felt the familiar sensation of a plug in her ass.

Laney felt hands on her hip and ass pushing her to roll her onto her stomach. She heard him say, "On your knees!" She felt herself become even more aroused as she squirmed and struggled to get up onto her knees.

The man said, "I can't wait to feel how tight you are with that plug in your ass."

Then Laney felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down between her inner lips. Would he even fit? Smaller dildos had trouble getting inside with a plug in her ass. Laney wondered why she was getting so aroused by being used this way.

As he slowly pressed inside Laney tried to scream and get away. The ball gag muffled her scream and he held onto her tightly. She never felt so stretched and full. He wasn't stopping despite her screams. She felt him keep pushing inside her, then she could feel him against her. He was all the way inside her. It felt so different with him inside her and that plug in her ass.

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