TISA National self help group rules

TISA National self help group rules


1.Welcome to share, discuss and practice SELF HELP ideas -by and for pws.

2.It is a mixed pan India group. Observe courtesy and a polite tone at all times. 

3.This group is first and foremost meant for TISA to share with you:

A: Upcoming Hangouts, Communication workshops, NC: any relevant and important TISA Announcements

B: Announcing the release of self help articles, videos, resources etc.

C: TISA appeals for volunteers and other help etc.

D: Creative expressions from pws. (stories, poems, paintings, song, music etc.)

4.This group is also meant to discuss and share self-help ideas in PRACTICE (not “theory”) as promoted by TISA. It is not meant for discussion on paid/ professional/ untested therapies/ cures. So, you may share these :

Your experiences while practicing tools and techniques; 

Your creative approaches to dealing with your problems;

Your problem solving skills in real life, 

Your wisdom born out of stammering life

5.No discussion on Religion, Politics, Sexist, Racist or Communal themes.

6.No greetings on any festival, No inspirational messages, No “life changing video” forwards etc. since they fill up the space and are of little practical use to a pws. But if you do a 90 meter bungy jump and want to share your own clip of 30 secs, it is OK!

7.You will not advise other members (“You must try my technique”). Only Admins may offer well considered and qualified advice to members occasionally.

8.You can share your own videos, highlighting TISA themes of acceptance, rising above the fear, communicating at a deep level (instead of superficial fluency), addressing a group, making a presentation etc. You can certainly repaste your own Mooc core task videos here.

9.You will not share any link, contact number etc. to promote Non-Tisa techniques or approaches. You will be removed after two warnings.

10.If you wish to share a link, which does not fit in the above framework, you should send it to one of the admins first. They will share it in the group, if permissible.

11.You can post in any of the Indian languages, for fellow pws from your region. For others, you MAY post a simple summary audio in Hindi or English.

12.You will not spam other members.

13. Don't send any personal messages to Anyone in group. Just keep your conversations in group chat. Don't unnecessarily sent any messages to Female group members. If found guilty you will be banned from the group.

14. If you wish to organize an online hangout, please do it through hangout management group in advance ( private message to Shaik abdul/ Satyajit/ Bhupendra ). They will share the link here. They need to coordinate this service fir better results. links posted directly here will be deleted. Please cooperate.

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