The Harvest

The Harvest

I had dozed off. I woke up in the exam room as my table was being unlocked and rotated upright. I was beginning the day strapped to the padded exam table, naked, fully exposed. With my exam table rotated up to the vertical I was now in the standing position, my hyper-erect penis curving upward at a more-than-right angle from my body. My cock felt heavy, sore and oddly "congested", yearning for release.

This was my fourth day "volunteering" for The Institute. It proved to be much more demanding, and rewarding, than I had ever imagined.

Preparation for semen collection at The Institute was rigorous, and I had applied myself thoroughly to the program. Now it was time for me to produce. I had been made to watch hours of intense pornography while being masturbated to the brink of climax over and over without release. One video actually showed my own wife with two men. One man had his penis in her mouth, the other in her vagina from the rear. They vigorously used her. Her enthusiasm for this act was something I had never seen. I had no idea this video existed or where it came from. I did not recognize the men using her. Her enjoyment of being taken by them was unmistakable.

Earlier my attendant had readied me for semen harvesting by inserting a prostate vibrator into my anus before I was strapped to the exam table. The remotely controlled Lelo Hugo vibrator generated significant stimulation, easily enough to render my ejaculation on its own, but The Institute was interested in hyper-ejaculation- huge ejaculations of massive volumes of sperm from a single male orgasm.

Hyper-ejaculation required both extended orgasm denial and extended arousal, a difficult (and sometimes painful) balance to maintain. And that brought me here, strapped upright to a medical exam table, vibrator inside me, pumped full of pharmaceuticals engineered to give me a larger, firmer erection and produce more ejaculate.

Once my table was locked upright the needle came. This was the hard part. Directly into my testicles from the right side. The injection filled my sack, and the sensation was immediate, a burning sensation as the drug accelerated my semen production at an impossible rate. The burning was replaced by a deep cramping across my abdomen, and then the impossible swelling of my balls as they filled, becoming enlarged and firm, engorged with fresh semen. In only thirty minutes my balls were distended, heavy and drawn tight with a huge cum load ready to shoot.

My Administrator, dressed erotically as she always was, prepared a narrow, steel sound for insertion into my penis head. Her beautiful, exposed breasts above her black latex, open bust corset, her glistening, smooth vagina exposed atop long legs in nude stockings gartered to her corset. Despite my discomfort, she was impossible to ignore. And that was the point. Like me, she was a volunteer for this program, recruited for her appearance and willingness to participate in these sexual experiments. Her long hair gathered in a single ponytail down her back. She did not speak as she prepared me.

The insertion of the bright, stainless steel penis sound into my cock head would deliver e-stim current through the length of my cock. This powerful stimulation, combined with doses of Viagra and Semenax, increased blood flow to my inflamed genitals. My penis actually became harder still, and more painful.

The electrodes came next, stuck to either side of my waxed scrotum. These were pleasant once my tolerance for the current improved, unless the edges were not stuck to the skin of my testes tightly, in which case they just burned. The TENS pads were electrified by the girl, and the cocktail of drugs and electricity turned my penis into a rigid prong and my sacks into bulging reservoirs of fresh sperm. This is exactly what the experiment demanded.

She inserted the sound into the head of my penis, burning a little at first, but then the current and vibration started. Between the vibrator in me, the drugs, the electricity, the vibrating, electric penis sound, being strapped down, and the perfect countenance of my attendant, it was impossible to resist. I would be ejaculating soon, and in absurd volumes.

When I had reached optimal arousal she deftly removed the metal penis sound from my cock, pulling it out in one smooth stroke. Then she applied cool lubricant gel to me. Adjusting my table slightly, she stood in front of me and said, "Tell me the moment you feel your ejaculation beginning. Do not ejaculate inside me for any reason young man or you will be removed from this program."

Then, she turned, bent, spread slightly, and backed onto me.

Her vagina was heaven. Too good to describe, and she gently and rhythmically rocked back and forth, steadying herself on the lab table in front of her. She used her snug, sopping wet vagina on me to induce ejaculation. As she rocked against me, bent over at the waist, using her vagina to milk my penis, she reached over and turned the current across my testicles up while manipulating the controls for the vibrator inside my ass.

"I feel it through your cock- the electricity and the vibration," She said. "It feels good."

That was all it took. Only 45 seconds after she impaled herself on me I announced, per her strict instructions, "I am ready to produce now Ma'am."

She slid forward, off me, picked the collection beaker off the table and slipped my cockhead inside. Then she looked me in the eye and said simply, "Every drop..."

And she turned the electricity up. I had become a living sex toy to her, for this program, completely at her control.

My cock bucked once, then heaved, balls contracting, semen lashing into the collection vessel in a constant stream. An impossible amount, it just continued to flow out of me. The orgasm convulsed my entire body. Had I not been strapped upright to the exam table I would have doubled over from cumming, it was so strong. Then came the crushing sensation of my balls completely emptying.

"Every drop young man..." She said.