The Greatest Desire: Part 2

The Greatest Desire: Part 2


When I first slept with my aunt Debbie it was a sexual dream come true. It was the best sex I have ever had and the best part is knowing just how taboo it truly was. After we slept together we agreed that it was a one time thing that it mustnot happen again. As time went on I adjusted to it, I had my fantasy come true; however I got the sense that all was not complete. Soon I would have a chance to experience it again only this time in a different way.

When we slept together i had a condom on, dont get me wrong it was still good, however I wanted to feel what she actually felt like. Well of course I could not complain, I never though I would kiss her let alone fuck her so I was glad I got to at least do that. Well that all changed one day, as I walked out of the door of the college I am attending I heard her voice. She called to me and asked me what was going on. I told her that I was finished for the day and she asked me if I wanted to get it on with her. I told her I thought we agreed to do it once, she told me she was horny and did not care. So we went to her car and well here is how it went.

Debbie had sometime before she had to go home so we booth chose to go to her car, I my heart was racing again, I told her idid nit have a condom, she told me she did not care and at that point i did not either.She sat in the driver seat I in the passenger seat and i unzipped m,y pants. She saw my throbbing cock and saw there was some pre- jack, she put her tongue in my piss hole and licked the pre- jack. She went down on my cock, the sound of her suck and the tightness of her lips around was not to be believed.

Then I took my shirt off and we put the seat back and got hot and cozy. Me being butt naked and hard as a rock was so excited about knowing what she actually felt like. She was wearing a black shirt with short blue jeans. She strattled me and unbutton her shirt to reveal a sexy white silk bra. I rose up and tried to suck on my aunt Debbie tits but she pushed me back down hard and she wanted to suck and kiss my body. I felt her breast going down my stomach, i want to rip her bra off and suck on her tits so bad.

After this she lite up a new port cigerette and began to jack me off. I remember thinking that this is the best. She blew smoke from her cigerette on my cock then she took of her bra and i saw her wonderful breasts. Then her white panties came off and the moment of truth was to happen, I was to go inside my aunt with out a condom. She asked me if i am ready and i said sure. Then slowly the sensation began and I felt her slide on my cock, she was tight,wt and warm. As she sat I it she sat on my cock she began to moan, the sensation of her pussy was beyond anything I could imagine.

We first started out slowly, getting use to our pleasure, then she took her new port in her hand and smoked and she moved up and down. Then it got more intense, with every thrust and bounce the pleasure only got more intense. Then she asked if she could spit, I said do it and she did. Then we kissed swapping spit as we thrust in back of the car. The sweat our bodys were generating was steaming up the windows but we did not care. Then i grabbed the back of her neck and she sat there on my cock as I thrust in and out. We stared at each other just enjoying each other.

Then I it was time to cum, I told her to let me pull out, she told me no she wanted to have sperm in her. I tried to pull out but she would not let me. Then I hit the spot and that is when I did not care and we thrustfast and hard and loud. she arched up and pulled me up with her. i sucked on her tits and then in one great thrust I blew my load and it was 10 seconds of pleasure that I could never have imagined. Then we settled down and finally I pulled out. She looked at me and kissed me and we snuggled in the back of the car. Then we put our clothes back and wiped the sweat away from our bodies.

Before we went our different ways we talked about what we are to do know. We agreed that we would play everything by year. We went our ways and when I returned home, I got in the shower and washed myself up. I felt so proud that I could give such pleasure to my aunt. I have wondered about what this releaionship means. I love her cause she is family but do we call it quits, how long do we keep fucking. This is something that can not be go on forever. I would like to bring up the question of what is going to happen. however I am having so much fun with her and she is a really great lover.

As time goes on I suppose we will just have to play things by year, I asked her if she could send a picture of her dressed in all her lingerie for the nights I get bored, I still have not heard from her on that. Well that is my newest story, as our sexual encounter continue i will right them down so others may who have the same desires as I do will be able to have the fantasies that i partake in. I never thought these fantasies would ever come true and so far they have on a scale that I never could have imagined.

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