The Fall of Asuka

The Fall of Asuka

(I do not own WWE or it's character. this just a work of art and is a fan fiction story. The character involved are doing everything with consent)


Things could not have been worse for Asuka, not only had she tapped to Charlotte in her first ever wrestle mania match but she had spent the whole night getting her ass stuffed by the self-proclaimed Queen of WWE. She hated the fact that Charlotte beat her and took her anal cherry but the worst part of last night was when Charlotte sent the video of Asuka moaning to all the divas on the roster.

Asuka had been unbeaten for years but she did realise what getting fucked can do to a woman, she remembers begging for that big fake cock. She realises the fact that all her bitches will now never see her as an unbeaten goddess but as someone who just like everyone loves it in the ass.

Asuka was happy as she had no plans for the week could spend the entire week resting, avoiding her fellow superstars and probably letting her asshole recover, but the most important job was to figure out how to hold on to her image in the women's locker room. She just needed to challenge Charlotte as soon as possible and fuck that bitch in the middle of the locker room and she will, she was the mighty Asuka, an empress.

While thinking all this and taking a long shower, Asuka was getting hungry. She decided to go to a restaurant near by and have some food. As she was about to leave the hotel, she was greeted by a smiling Sonya Deville and her bitch/girlfriend Mandy Rose.

Sonya: So how does mighty Asuka feel after her losing her cherry.

Asuka: Better than you, you do remember I'm still a top. The same empress who butt fucked you and your bitch just 2 weeks ago.

Sonya: Ohh I remember. I remember everything which is why I called Charlotte and told her what an absolute bitch you have been to us and its about time you get a taste of your own medicine. Charlotte was only happy to throw you away.

Asuka: She cannot do that, I'm a top

Sonya: were, you were a top. Now you are just a bitch. Btw check you phone, your mistress has an order for you bitch.

Asuka looked at her phone and found a text from Charlotte instructing her to serve Sonya tonight. If she does not agree, not only will she lose the right to challenge her but will be butt fucked by all the women at Raw next week.

Asuka had no choice, but decided to make a deal.

Asuka: Sonya please, we can work out a deal. When I beat Charlotte, you will be the first one to fuck her. Just let me go this time.

Sonya: (laughing) and let the chance to break you finally. Never, turn around and walk back to your room now bitch

Mandy couldn't help but smile how hot and powerful her girlfriend looked in the moment. Still she was a bit surprised when the mighty Asuka agreed.

Back in her room, Asuka couldn't have felt anymore vulnerable. Sonya was Asuka's first conquest on the main roster. She was the first top who Asuka had break and look how the table has turned. While she was standing there a butt naked Mandy was helping Sonya wear her Strap on.

Without wasting a minute Sonya order, strip for me bitch and bend over. Asuka stayed still for a minute but accepted her fate and did as she was told.

Mandy started to suck on her boobs and Sonya dealt some blows to her perfect ass.

Sonya: Wow, with an ass like yours why did you even think of topping anyone. You could have accepted your true purpose in life Asuka and could have been a pure bottom like my sweet Mandy here. Tell me honestly how was it finally getting ass fucked by a real top.

Asuka couldn't say anything. It was less than 24 hours ago that she was butt fucker, a memory that was sending chills down her spine but wait she was getting wet. She told it was because of Mandy beautiful body in front of her but she knew it as well as anyone that it was the idea of finally submitting to a woman that she had once dominated. She was about to be her bitch's bitch.

This is exactly what Sonya was thinking too, she remembers it like it was yesterday, her first time with Asuka. While everyone was scared of this badass top, she always had a crush on her, even before Mandy came in her life, it was Asuka that she wanted to be with. She remembers when she fucked by the empress in NXT locker room for the first time and then when she was done, she went home with another girl. Sonya's heart could not take it anymore. She was ready to let go of her dream to be a top in WWE for this woman, who doesn't even acknowledge her. It was then that she decided that she was one day going to fuck this bitch.

She stopped wasting time and started to push her cock in her bitch's bottom. Asuka screamed with each inch. Mandy was just standing still, awestruck by this power scene unfolding in front of her. She could never imagine that she would see Asuka getting fucked like a whore but here she was. And it was her powerful girlfriend that was doing this to her.

Just as Mandy was thinking this, Sonya surprised both the woman in the room by ordering Asuka to suck Mandy's feet. Even for the freshly fucked empress this would be a new low. Mandy was not sure of the outcome but sat in a chair before Asuka and lifted her feet to her mouth. Just as she was sure that nothing was going to happen, it did. The mighty Asuka kissed her toe, and then started worshiping it like a total slut.

She didn't protest or try to move, instead just whimpering pathetically and sucking her feet. Sonya too was lost in this sight; in fact, she became so lost in staring at it she almost forgot why she came in here in the first place.

When she remembered, and realized how much time she was wasting, Anna quickly sprang into action, she started increasing her pace. She was going to pound this booty all night. Asuka whimpered at this moment. She was offering up her most private hole to be fucked and was liking it. Her body was rebelling against her and just when she couldn't think anymore, she moaned.

The mighty Asuka moaned while getting her ass fucked and sucking a woman's feet. Both the woman could stop themselves from laughing at this.

Sonya: Mandy, did you hear that, looks like this bitch like the taste of your feet.

Mandy: No, I think, it's the effect that your cock has on this fake top

Mandy then slapped Asuka and ordered her to keep on sucking. Even Sonya was shocked to see this side of her girlfriend but couldn't stop herself from laughing when Asuka started sucking even more passionately. God, this woman was broken.

That's it slut, give me your sweet little bitch hole." Sonya shouted, offer your body to your superiors. Asuka, you will be my fully broken bitch in no time."

Those words hurt Asuka but more than that it made her horny. She started to push back against the dildo. Mandy and Sonya were shocked, this woman was pounding her own ass. Sonya too increased her pace again and in no time did Asuka say the words,

Asuka: "Please, make me cum"

Mandy laughed at this but Sonya was not going to focus on that, she asked Asuka that if she wanted to cum, she should beg her mistress to let her cum like a good bottom should.

Asuka shamelessly started begging, "Please, please make me cum my Mistress. I need to cum so bad. Fuck me and make me cum, fuck my ass! Fuck me like I did it to many girls, but now it's my turn and I love it! I fucking love it! please, pound my little bitch hole and make it gape for you Mistress! It's yours, my ass is all yours. Just fuck me up mistress Sonya."

Sonya just needed this, as Mandy had recorded this beautiful submission on tape, she got to work on that ass and started to fuck this bitch properly. Asuka came in no time, like a true bottom she even looked back at her mistress and kept on coming. Sonya could see through her soul in that moment and all she could see was a broken bitch.

Asuka was in hell, she had now submitted to 2 woman and had came hard each time. Just as she thought it was over, Sonya ordered Mandy to try on a Strap on as this bitch would clean her cock. Asuka started crying, not Mandy, she was the biggest bitch on the roster, how can she submit to her. She begged and begged but Sonya just slapped her ass few times and Asuka found herself cleaning the same cock that was in her ass moments ago.

Mandy was ready, it was the first time she was going to fuck another chick. She has always been a bottom but today she was going to start her journey as a future top but butt fucking the empress.

It made Asuka whimper pathetically, because while it was still humiliating, she loved the feeling of riding another woman.

Just then Sonya ordered," Well, go on bitch! Ride that dick you anal loving whore.

Mandy didn't exactly expect Asuka to do it. She thought for sure that now Asuka was going to rebel, but instead she came over to her, crawled on top of her and lined herself up with Mandy's dick. Mandy was about to butt fuck the mighty Asuka! Which was the highlight of her career in WWE for her, but now it was just another example of just how far has this woman fallen.

You look so hot with a big dick in your ass Asuka, shouted Sonya. Doesn't she look like a total anal whore right now Mandy?

Mandy laughed before slapping at Asuka's boobs, something that amused Sonya and she started spanking this once proud woman. Asuka started begging foe mercy from both of her mistress but what was followed was more taunts.

Asuka came in some seconds and of course she cleaned Mandy's cock like the one before her. She was then ordered by Mandy to worship both of her mistresses' feet.

And Just like a good bitch Asuka started making love to these beautiful pairs of feet. She stopped looked both of her former bitches in the eye and started thanking them.

Asuka: Thank you Mistress Sonya, Mistress Mandy for fucking me this good. Thank you for reminding me that I'm just an anal bitch. Thank you for topping me better than I even topped you.

She then started to kiss their feet again with her spanked and butt fucked ass up in the air and her two naked mistresses in front of her standing naked with cleaning cocks looking at her with a satisfied smile on their faces. Just then the door of the room opened and it was Carmella standing their smiling, waiting to get started with Asuka, the woman who not only broke her once. It is right to say the night of submitting to her bitches was just starting for Asuka. The once Might Empress was now just an anal loving bottom.

To be continued...