The Failed Interview

The Failed Interview

This time it was Mely, Andie's helper in HR and our corporate compliance officer. "There's another side of him that the women appreciate. We get to work in an office where we can be friends with the guys and not worry about harassment. He bounced a man last year for making an office pass, and that sent the right message. Keep it up boss!"

I grabbed the mike back, "OK, enough stuff about me. You are a great bunch of people and you work hard too. Our profits are way ahead of last year and the Christmas bonuses will be generous."

I climbed down and accepted the beer pushed into my hand. From across the room, I could see Karen glance at me, her eyes wondering whether to stay away or not. Jean whispered in my ear, "Relax. I will wander over and after a while both of us will join you."

Andie was at my side, "Jeff, you should know the office likes the way you treat Karen, letting her grow in the job."

"I'm going to faint with all the praise. I must be doing something wrong."

Behind me, two voices said, "Yes, he is always in the wrong!"

Pushing them back, I growled, "We will deal with you later..."

I made the rounds, doing my best to remember family details. We had several women in the shop working next to men and holding their own. I hadn't been universally popular with that move, but the worst chauvinists grumped that they earned their keep.

I suggested dinner out to Jean and Karen but got a negative shake of their heads. "Nope, you are going home with us for punishment."

Punishment was having them lie on me with more drinks, discussing my shortcomings, which apparently were unknown to the office.

"Can be terse and gruff. Not diplomatic. Workaholic..."

"Now that there are two of you picking on me, I am going to have to bring home a flogger."

They weren't having any. "Jeff, please relax and enjoy life for a few hours." The kisses were loving.

I grilled the steaks and thought life was pretty good.