The Evolution Of Casino Industry In New Zealand

The Evolution Of Casino Industry In New Zealand

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The online way of playing and placing bets is still relatively new with its beginning in New Zealand during the 90s. Since then the market has been growing consistently year on year and now New Zealand is considered one of the biggest gambling nations in the world. Since the start of internet betting, not much has changed only the amount people are willing to gamble with. Here is a brief history of online gambling sphere in New Zealand from the beginning:

The Start

When the very first online casinos were set up in the 1990s things were very different from how they are today with only 12 dedicated websites available in total. In New Zealand, however, this did not last long as a law was signed in 2003 that made it illegal for anyone to operate an internet betting site from within the country. This rule does not affect those Kiwis who would like to bet on gambling sites registered elsewhere though. Meaning that those who would like to can still play on these sites, this is how the growth of the local casino industry has been maintained despite the laws. 


With how popular online betting is these days it is no wonder that NZ'ers have collectively spent more than NZ$2 billion every year on bets alone. This favoured preferred past time can be almost completely attributed to the internet and how it is being used more and more all the time. The actual process of finding a new betting website has also become easier than ever before. This has allowed all an easy way to play.

New Zealand casino games also have specific titles which prove the most popular, one of the biggest of these is pokies. Other common choices include Baccarat, Roulette, and Poker. Even with the popularity of the online variants of games, this has not changed how often land-based slot machines are played. Especially slots which are still very well used across the country. 

If you have ever wondered about the history of gambling in New Zealand or have just wanted to know more about online betting, now you know. The evolution of online betting has allowed most people easy access to all of their favourite games whenever they would like them. Even though we have moved away from the more traditional ways of betting this does not change the way we ultimately experience our favourite games or take away from that winning feeling. 

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