The Devil's Pact Side Story: Rachel's Honeymoon Part 3-Saturday Evening

The Devil's Pact Side Story: Rachel's Honeymoon Part 3-Saturday Evening


He eyed us up and lifted the rope, to the dismay of the guys and a few gals in line.

There was a short tunnel, the pulse of dubstep growing louder and louder. And then we were through a pair of doors and were assaulted by the music. The entire factory floor was packed with people. Blacklights flooded the club; everything glowed bright blue or green or red. People were dancing, wearing glowstick bracelets that gave them an ethereal beauty in the dark club. Leah pulled me out onto the dance floor.

I let the music flow through me, moving my body to the rhythm, pressing up against Leah. She turned around, her ass rubbing into my groin as we danced. I felt so alive. Nothing mattered except the beat of the music and the dance. Someone was behind me, rubbing up against my ass. A man, I realized with a naughty thrill, feeling his hard bulge rub against my ass. A happy pride surged through me, the man was hard for my body.

I ground my ass back into him, leaning my back against his broad chest, feeling his scratchy whiskers on my delicate neck. This was so much fun. Leah was right, blondes have all the fun. I couldn't imagine a guy rubbing up against the drab brunette I used to be. Nor would that drab brunette turn around and start grinding her pussy on a strange guy's leg, feeling her clit rubbing against the rough fabric of his jeans. That drab brunette would have worn her panties, too, I thought with a giggle.

His lips were rough as he kissed me, his stubble rasping on my chin. He smelled of sweat and leather; manly smells, that just made my cunt wetter. His hands grew bold, exploring all the charms my body had to offer. That drab brunette wouldn't let a strange man feel her breast through her dress, wouldn't let the man slip his hand down her bodice and find her hard nipple and play with it in the middle of a club's dance floor. That drab brunette definitely wouldn't unzip the man's fly, draw out his cock, and let that strange man slide his dick into her married cunt, on her honeymoon no less. And a drab brunette wouldn't fuck the man, writhing her hips and enjoying the group of men and women that gathered to watch her uninhibited behavior.

But a vivacious blonde would. Because blondes have all the fun.

The man's cock felt so delicious inside me, ramming in and out of my pussy. His hands were on my ass, squeezing my cheeks as I wiggled my hips. I wrapped my legs around the man's waist, and he was thrusting hard into me. I was kissing and biting at his neck as the pleasure of his cock rubbing inside me became more and more intense. Then I was howling as my naughty, blonde cunt had a lot of fun. My orgasm was so intense, stars danced in my eyes.

The man kept fucking me, pounding my little married cunt so hard. I ground my clit into his groin every time he buried his cock into me, and I was so close to cumming a second time. His cock was firm pleasure, every movement just adding to my second orgasm as it built and built and then I was howling again and he moaned in my ear so loud I could hear it over the music as his cum shot up inside my blonde cunt.

My lover pulled out and I was dancing back into the crowd, his cum running down my leg. I started dancing by myself, wondering who my next partner would be and how much fun I would have with him. Or her. A blonde just had fun, they didn't care about silly things like what sex their partners were.

My next partner was a red-headed, busty gal and I ground my sopping cunt on the woman's thigh while we kissed. Around us, a group of guys cheered us on and snapped pictures on their phones. And then I felt especially naughty and thought of something the drab brunette would never do.

I dropped to my knees as the men whooped and hollered. The red-head didn't seem to mind as I pulled her purple panties off and then found her furry cunt. It felt different, eating a pussy covered in downy pubes, but it was just as fun. The woman had a delicious, sweet musk, her juices thicker than Leah or Mary's had been. I just devoured her cunt, lapping at her delicious fur pie. My hands gripped the red-head's ass, squeezing her firm cheeks as she ground her cunt on my face.

"You're one nasty slut!" a guy cheered. I was. A nasty, blonde slut, I thought happily.

"Eat that bitch's snatch!"

"Fuck, I am so posting this vid on porntube!" Ohh, I was going to be on the internet! The idea that men all across the world would jerk off to me was so hot; I made sure to dig my tongue deep into the red-head's furry cunt.

The red-head grabbed my blonde hair and shoved her cunt into my mouth, shuddering on my lips and flooded my lips with fresh juices. She stumbled back and everyone clapped and I stood up, my lips shining with cum, and posed for pictures.

The guys started getting handsy, pulling at my dress, fondling me, and trying to get my nips out. I didn't fight, it was more fun that way. Soon both my tits were hanging out and the red-head was sucking at my breast while the guys snapped their photos. Then my skirt was pulled up and I bent over, letting them get shots of my shaved twat messy with cum.

"You are so fucking hot," one of the guys said. "We got a private booth; why don't you come join us."

"Sure," I giggled.

"Oh, I got to find my boyfriend," the red-head protested half-heartily as we were swept away by the guys over to a roped-off area and pulled into a more intimate cubical that faced the club. Padded couches formed a half-circle around a small table designed to rest drinks on.

I was pulled into the lap of one of the guys, his mouth on mine, kissing me hungrily. Another guy sat next to him and he grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch and I could feel his hard cock. I rubbed his bulge and then I felt him unzip his pants and he pulled his cock out. I gripped it in my hand, stroking it, feeling the warm flesh, soft and hard, throb in my hands as the guy moaned.

"Oh, you are one nasty slut," he moaned.

I heard gasping moans and the slap of flesh and it sounded like the red-head was getting fucked. I broke the kiss to look over my shoulder to see her kneeling on the couch, a black guy behind her pounding away at her cunt. Her dress had been pulled down and her large tits hung out, swinging back and forth as the black guy slammed into her.

"Suck my cock, blondie," the guy I was giving a handjob to said. He grabbed my blonde tresses and pulled me down to his cock.

It was a nice-sized cock, not as big as my husband's, but nice. I sucked it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head, then started bobbing my head. The guy I was half-sitting on slid out from underneath me and I was kneeling on the couch, my ass sticking out. I felt my skirt being hiked up and my messy cunt exposed.

"This slut's already got a cunt full of cum," the man I had been kissing complained. "Fuck, I didn't want sloppy seconds."

"Stop bitchin'," the guy I was sucking barked. "Umm, this slut's got a talented little mouth. But I'd love to fuck her cunt if you don't want to."

"Fuck that," the guy behind me snapped. And then I felt his cock poking at my cunt. I moaned around the dick in my mouth as his hard shaft slammed into my pussy. "Fuck, she's wet, and tight as a schoolgirl!"

"Like you ever fucked a schoolgirl," his buddy ribbed.

I sucked on the cock in my mouth and slammed my hips back against the cock in my cunt. I was having so much fun pleasuring two cocks at once. I had missed out on so much living as that drab brunette, but I was going to make up for it tonight. After all, once I returned to Jacob I would be that drab brunette again. But that was okay, I loved Jacob and would be happy being his drab brunette as long as I could have Leah, too.

The cock in my mouth was squirting salty, delicious cum. "That's it, drink all my spunk, bitch."

I drank every drop, then released his cock to lick the little bit of cum that escaped my lips. The guy moved away and another guy with a bigger cock took his place and I was gobbling that cock down. The cock in my cunt dumped a huge load of cum inside me and pulled out, and another cock took its place, slamming hard into me. A few strokes with this new cock and I moaned and bucked, cumming hard.

The cock in my cunt and the one in my mouth finished at the same time and for a moment I was cock free. The red-head was on her back, a guy on top of her, fucking her cunt, and a blonde woman sat on the red-head's face, enjoying the tongue lashing the red-head was giving her.

"Leah," I said, happily. "I lost you in the crowd."

Leah smiled. "I saw how much fun you were having, so I came to join in."

"Because blondes have all the fun?" I asked, knowing the answer.

The black guy caught my arm and pulled me over to him. "Ever been fucked in the ass, blondie?"

"No," I said. Looks like another fun thing for me to experience.

The black guy grinned and pushed me onto my back, hooking my legs up over his shoulders. His black cock rubbed against my white ass, searching for my tight asshole. "Don't worry, cunt, your girlfriend's pussy lubed me up real good," he growled as his cock's head found my sphincter.

I groaned as he pushed against me, gritting my teeth, and then the head of his cock was inside me and I gasped. "Oh, fuck, you're too big," I protested in pain.

"Relax, Rachel," Leah moaned. "Relax, your naughty little ass can take it."

I tried to relax, to let this huge, black cock invade my ass. He slid in deeper and deeper, relentlessly pushing his cock into me. And then he was all the way in me and I moaned in relief. Then, he was pulling out. It felt weird, and good. Then he was pushing back into me. It hurt less and less and felt better and better. He went faster as my ass relaxed, bottoming out with every thrust, his balls slapping against my ass cheeks.

"So fucking tight," the black guy groaned. "I love fucking tight, white asses!"

I ran my hands across his muscular, dark chest as he started to pound my ass, his face clenched in pleasure and his eyes squeezed shut. I started moving my hips, fucking back against him as the pleasure seemed to take control of my hips. I could feel another cum building. The cock slamming harder and harder into me and then I was cumming, my ass clenching on his cock and I was moaning like a whore.

"Fucking slut!" he groaned. "You want my cum, slut?"

"Yes, please cum in my slutty ass," I moaned.

"Here it comes, bitch!" he grunted and then I could feel his warm, hot cum flooding my ass. He pulled out of me, grabbed my hair and shoved his dick in my mouth. "Clean me, bitch! Clean your dirty, slutty ass off my dick."

His cock tasted sour as I sucked on it. Never in a million years would that drab brunette think about sucking a cock that had just been up her ass. Hell, that drab brunette never would have let a cock up there to begin with. Or a second cock, I thought happily as I felt another guy pushing his cock into my well lubed ass, sliding in far easier than the first.

"Let me fuck that pussy," a guy said.

"I'm fucking her ass!"

"So, we can do her together."

Together? A cock in both holes? Was that possible? Could a person have that much fun? I was pulled into a guy's lap, his hard cock thrust up into my cunt as the other guy spread my asscheeks and found my tight asshole and slid in. I was so full of cock I thought I would burst. As I started to pump my hips, enjoying both cocks stuffing my holes, I learned that a blonde, at least, could have that much fun!

To be continued...