The Demon and the three nuns

The Demon and the three nuns


It was a dark and stormy night as three young and beautiful nuns with big breasts and butts known as Sister Jessica, Sister Gina, and Sister Desiree were doing their regular practices at the holy church. It was the night of Halloween and they were advised by tradition to not involve themselves in this dark holiday as Halloween is the one night where the barrier between the physical world and the spiritual world is lifted and the beings that reside in these realms can intermingle with each other. While Sisters Gina and Jessica adhered to this sacred rule, Desiree was curious with the idea.

Desiree always had a curiosity with the occult and black magic despite being a nun and on this night, she was determined to perform a Halloween ritual she found in an ancient book, even if it meant going against tradition. She drew a pentagram on the floor, lit candles around her and chanted a phrase in Latin she found in a book. She chanted it three times and said in English: O, spirit of the underworld, appear before me, and make me one with your essence.

Nothing happened; she assumed that it was just a crock until the lights started flicking on and off, and the candles went out. Just when things couldnt get any weirder, a dark energy from another dimension appeared out of nowhere and possessed the nun. She struggled for control but ultimately, she was taken in by its influence. Desiree, now being possessed by the spirit, got up from the floor and left the room in search for her fellow nuns. Desiree walked through the corridors of the church and found Sister Gina reading the bible. Desiree walked over to Gina and put her hand on her shoulder.

Huh, oh h-hello, Sister Desiree. said Gina startled.

Desiree shot her a malevolent grin. Greetings Sister, I have a problem that I need you to help me with?

Whats that?

With that, Desiree took Ginas hand and led it to her crotch. She felt something big and hard. It was a penis!

What on Earth is that thing? shouted Gina.

Your new best friend. said Desiree.

Desiree tore her skirt off revealing her big problem, much to Ginas fright. Gina wanted to scream but Desiree shoved her big girl cock in her mouth before she could do anything. She grabbed her head and forced her to deep throat that dick for her. Gina salivated constantly as she was getting mouth-fucked by her fellow nun.

Yeah, take that dick, you little slut! commanded Desiree.

MMM! MMM! was all that Gina could say with her mouthful.

The mouth-fucking continued until Desiree said Fuck, your throat is tight, Im about to cum! Desiree came in Ginas mouth, filling her fellow nuns mouth with her cream. Gina fainted, exhausted from her forced fellatio. Desiree was pleased but she was far from done. Just as she was about to reach for Ginas shapely buttocks, she heard Stop this right now, Heathen! She turned and saw Sister Jessica at the doorway.

Desiree smiled. Whats up bitch, you want a turn?

Enough Desiree, whats gotten into you?

Fool, Im no longer Desiree, my true name is Shanta. Im using her body to carry out my desires on this dark night and it involves the two of you.

Desiree, enough of this, you know what youre doing, stop now! commanded Jessica.

Desiree gave her a serious look. You dont believe me; let me give you a demonstration.

With that, Desiree raised her arms and a dark shadow came over. She fainted but the shadow began to form. It became a demon with red skin, horns, and wings with large breasts, a big curvy butt and a monster cock. The demon proclaimed I am Shanta, queen of darkness! As Jessica witnessed this, she pulled out a crucifix and chanted a prayer to get rid of the demon. But before she could finish, Shanta knocked the crucifix from her hand and pawed at her breasts.

I dont think so, youre mine now! said Shanta.

Damn you!

The demon tore Jessicas dress apart and started to suck on her tits. Jessica screamed in both pleasure and terror as Shanta pleased her. Then she turned her around, ripped her skirt and panties off and said Im gonna fuck that big ass! Jessica protested but Shanta ignored her and proceeded to fucking. Shanta rammed the nuns virgin booty without any gentle measure and pulled on tits for her delight. As the fucking continued, Gina woke up from the corner, saw what was going on, and went near the two of them. Jessica saw her and screamed Sister Gina, please help me.

Gina got behind Shanta and to Jessicas surprise; she got on her knees and started licking the demons asshole. Shanta laughed Thats right slut, kiss your masters ass. she said.

Jessica couldnt believe it but she actually liked getting fucked by this demon. Shanta smacked her ass as her pounding gained a rhythm. Jessica screamed Yes master, fuck my ass please! The demon laughed in amusement. The fucking went on for hours until Shanta said Fuck this is it, Im gonna cum.

The demon pulled out and aimed her cock at the two nuns. She pumped her cock and unloaded a huge wad of cum all over their faces and breasts. The two nuns fainted. Shanta laughed and said Happy Halloween bitches and vanished leaving the girls in a complete mess.

The End.

Happy Halloween!

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