The Deep South Ch. 02

The Deep South Ch. 02

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The sun had shone through the window blinds right into Jeffs' eyes startling him. He had awoken in a cold sweat startled as memories from the previous night came to him. Jeff looked down and saw he was still nude, his clothes still on the floor. He looked around the bedroom for Blaire, but no one was there. Jeff tried to get off the bed, but was still restrained by the ropes. The sound of bare footsteps padding against wood started to get close, Jeff pulled himself harder to get himself free. However, it was of no use, as the bedroom door opened.

It was Blaire who was wearing nothing, but a kitchen apron. She was holding a food tray.

"Mornin' sugar." She told him in the same manner and tone a wife would say to her husband. This only disturbed Jeff even more.

"Let me go!" He cried out.

"Why, the way I see it you an' I are destined forever after last night. The good lord answered my prayers and brought you to my doorstep." Blaire told him. "Never before had I been so pleased and yer gonna make me an honest woman soon."

Blaire walked towards him and seductively ran her hand down his chest.

"Besides I am free all day today, an' we are goin' to spend the whole day together. Ain't that great!" She eagerly told him.

Jeff began to pant incessantly, he could no longer muster any anger. "Please..." He begged.

"Oh, hush now. We can have some fun later." Blaire told him as she lifted the hem of the apron and flashed her pussy, which was already wet. "I got myself excited thinking about last night and our future together." She told him. "I also got your breakfast ready too." She said before mounting him.

"This lady is insane!" He thought to himself. They had only known each other for a couple hours and already she acted like his wife. Ordinarily he wouldn't mind being intimate with someone as hot as Blaire...

"No, stop, don't think of her as being hot." He cursed himself in his own thoughts.

Her pussy rubbed against his cock, which caused Jeff to hold back his groan from the tingling sensation it elicited from his crotch. Blaire on the other hand looked a little enraptured. She placed the tray on his chest and he got a better view of the meal: scrambled eggs and bacon with a cup of orange juice. There was also a butter knife and fork laid upon a napkin. Though it seemed to be made of plastic, that little detail did nothing to settle his anxieties regarding Blaire's mental state.

Blaire took the knife and fork and began to cut the eggs into pieces for a bit. She forked a piece of it and brought it near Jeff's mouth. Jeff did his best to keep his mouth shut, this entire situation was embarrassing. He could feel his cheeks starting to turn red.

"C'mon sugar, open up." She tried to coax him in a soothing voice.

Jeff still refused to open his mouth until Blaire began to slowly rub her clit against his cock causing him to gasp. She took the opportunity to force feed him the eggs. Jeff began to chew and swallow them, they were delicious, but that was irrelevant at the moment. She continued to feed him the scrambled eggs before moving onto the crispy bacon. All while, letting him take sips of orange juice.

"Now how was that, sugar?" Blaire asked him as she stroked the left side of his face.

"It was good." Jeff simply told her.

"Was it now?" She questioned. "Wouldya kiss the cook?" Blaire asked him before lowering herself to his lips.

She began to slowly kiss him on the lips. Jeff was caught by surprise, but did not return the affections. Though that did not seem to deter Blaire as he felt her grab his cock. She began to pump it up and down as fast as she could. Jeff wriggled about on the bed as he felt his loins starting to burn, in a matter of moments, he was fully erect. The blonde girl giggled as she saw it again, but then her smile disappeared. It looked like she just remembered something and began to head out the room. All while exposing her bare ass as she walked out of the room. Jeff tried to pull himself free again only for Blaire to return holding what appeared to be a box of condoms.

"Sorry sugar, I completely forgot about these." She apologized as she began to unwrap one of them. "I've been keepin' these for awhile. The pill is nice and all, but I these are cheaper." Blaire told him as she slowly fit the condom on his penis. The sensation was slightly uncomfortable. "Which is why birth control is your responsibility now."

"I don't know if they're yer size or not, but I don't think it will matter in the long run." The blonde hill girl told him as she climbed on top of him.

"Now then, where were we?" She rhetorically asked. Blaire untied her apron from the back of her neck, exposing her naked body to him once more. Jeff looked on in fear and, to his shame, aroused as he felt his cock twitch.

Jeffs' eyes widened as she pushed them together before she lowered her left arm to grab his penis and insert it inside her vagina. Both of them moaned in pleasure as Blaire began to rock herself back and forth. Blaire's moans became more audible after that as Jeff clenched his teeth.

"Oh baby that's it!" Blaire bellowed out as she rode him even harder.

The sound of flesh clapping together echoed as Blair picked up speed. As she shook her head back and forth her long, blonde hair connected with Jeff's skin, tickling him a bit. Jeff could feel his testicles slowly beginning to tighten. His hips began to shoot up inside her as well, almost like they had a mind of their own to his dismay.

"Keep doin' that!" Blaire encouraged. Her eyes were shut, she was now using her legs to hold herself up. Jeff started to feel like he was on fire as he noticed how much he was sweating. It seemed to be mutual as well when Jeff noticed that Blaire's skin was glistening thanks to the sunlight.

Blaire came first as she held onto her hair with one hand and pulled on Jeff's hair with the other. She groaned as she slowly lost speed. Jeff felt her clamp down on his cock and he came not long after. He even felt his cum coat his member thanks to the condom.

Blaire looked down at Jeff like it was their honeymoon while Jeff looked like he wanted it to end. Blaire kissed him once more and dismounted him.

"My oh my! We're sweatin' like a couple of pigs. You an' I could both go fer a good bath." She said, noticing how much she sweat. "I'll be back soon." She told him as she left the room. After a couple of seconds she came back with a rag. At first, Jeff thought the rag was meant to clean the sweat off him, but she pushed it against his face. He then realized that the rag was doused with chloroform.

To Jeff's surprise, it smelled surprisingly sweet, or at least sweeter than he thought, but soon his head started to spin and he fell unconscious.

Despite that, for brief moments he could feel the warm water against his skin and could swore he felt Blaires' lips on his own.

Jeff woke up hours later now wearing his boxers, but still tied to the bed, but the sheets were replaced. Jeff noticed that his body was now fresh, which meant that Blaire had bathed him while he was unconscious. Then he started to remember the sensation of her bathing him all while kissing him. He felt violated, but a small part of him felt encouraged by it. He pushed away those thoughts in the back of his mind and looked around the room. There was a tv on a stand in front of him, and there was Blaire working with it. He looked out the nearby window and it seemed to be afternoon as the sun seemed to be less glossy.

Just then Blaire turned to him with a romantic smile on her face. She was wearing clothes this time, a pink t-shirt, light blue denim short shorts, and yellow flip-flops. He could also see the waistband of a red thong peeking out from her shorts. Blaire was also holding a video camera in her left hand.

"Hi, sugar." She said. "Glad to see yer awake."

"Why are you doing this?" Jeff simply asked.

Blaire looked dismayed for a bit causing Jeff to fear her lashing out against him.

"Because I love you." She told him earnestly. "And I know deep down you love me just as much." She told him as she climbed next to him and cuddled.

The TV turned on and a video of Blaire bathing with Jeff played. They were both naked and covered with soap bubbles. She rubbed a sponge against his body all while kissing him. She even licked down to his chest. Their naked bodies against one another. She even had him hold her in his arms while both were cleaning themselves off.

Blaire began to rub herself with the sponge as the suds covered her naked and wet body. She gave the camera a very seductive look and blew a kiss. Jeff tried to look away, but could not. His eyes stuck on the video as she ran the sponge down her leg then back towards her pussy.

"See how happy you are." She told him. "Don't ya want to have this everyday?" She asked as she pointed at the video of herself covered in suds.

Jeff futilely tried to look away, but the image was stuck in his mind. A small part of him even seemed entranced by it as he felt blood rush towards his cock. He could feel it starting to grow.

"We can be together. Just you, me, and our children runnin' around." She suggested seductively rubbing her leg against his crotch. He was growing another erection and hoped that his boxers would hide it.

Jeff still looked on as he tried to fight back submissive thoughts. Suddenly, Blaire's hand started to trail down his chest and laid upon his boxers. She noticed his hardness.

"My oh my, are you ready again?" She asked.

Jeff shook his head once more as she began to stroke his erection.

"I dunno, seems like yer quite ready." She told him as she pulled his member out of his boxers. It sprung out like a snake. Jeff's heart started to race though he found himself unable to speak.

"Oh don't worry, this will be just fer you." Blaire told him as she kicked off her flip flops down on the floor.

Blaire began to rub his cock with her bare feet, practically massaging it. Jeff tried to close his eyes, as she started to pump it. However, he could only keep them closed for so long due to the pleasure she elicited. Suddenly, she stopped her foot job and leaned into his cock. Her seductive look was locked onto him as she began to suck him off. Her moist saliva wrapped around his member, while her tongue brustled against it. It was almost ticklish as she started to bob her head up-and-down at a faster pace. Within moments, Jeff blew his load inside of her mouth. He let out a cry of sexual bliss while Blaire swallowed his load.

Jeff tried to catch his breath when Blaire came up to him and kissed. He could practically taste the salt of his seed in her mouth.

"I'm gonna get you yer lunch, right about now." She told him as she left the room.

That was how they spent the rest of their day together: Blaire cuddling next to him as they watched all sorts of romantic movies. Blaire would occasionally fuck him as well as feed him when she could tell he was hungry. At one point, she drew his attention by stretching down and showing her butt just to tease him. Blaire told him that she wanted him to take charge later in the day, though he had no idea how she could make him do that. After dinner, she began to make him drink beer, getting him completely hammered and unable to think straight. Her beer tasted different this time being much more sweeter than any beer he ever drank, he figured because there were no drugs in them. Despite this he was much more aroused at this point and more sexually aggressive in this state of mind. He showcased this by ripping off her clothes almost instantly causing her to let out a small scream before giggling as he kissed all around her naked body. Blaire and Jeff were in the midst of making out with one another on the bed. Jeff was on top of Blaire passionately kissing her, she took off his boxers and began to squeeze his ass. Jeff groaned in arousal and began to trail kisses down her neck. Jeff began to stroke her pussy too while doing this, eliciting several cries of arousal from Blaire. She looked to the right of the bed and eyed the camera tripod recording their sexual tryst giving it a seductive look, when they would watch it the following morning.

"Don't you see, you want me! You want me so bad!" She whispered in his ear.

Blaire stretched her legs open as Jeff began to thrust himself inside of her. He started off slow due to being somewhat dizzy, but soon picked up his pace. Blaire moaned all the while and intensity grew after he started to speed up. She also responded by wrapping her legs around his waist, encouraging him to keep fucking her.

Jeff kept thrusting deep inside of her, his body slowly becoming overwhelmed with pleasure. Blaire's moans only encouraged him even more to increase his strength and speed.

"Keep goin'! That's right you know you love me!" She encouraged him. "Say it!" She demanded.

Jeff only moaned as thoughts of fucking her clouded his mind.

She pulled his hair. "Say you love me!" She demanded looking him straight in the eyes.

"I love you!" Jeff groaned as he thrusted inside of her even more.

"Say it again, sugar! Say it again!" She practically cried out her toes curled.

"I love you! I love you!" Jeff told her as he was on the verge of climaxing.

Hearing those words only caused Blaire to cum followed shortly by Jeff who collapsed instantly after doing so. Blaire got off the bed and walked up to the camera to turn it off before walking back to the bed.

Blaire wrapped herself around him completely satisfied, the video had definitely captured everything, eyeing the camera tripod.

The next morning, after his breakfast, Blaire showed Jeff the tape of their evening sexual romp. Jeff winced as he listened to his drunken declarations of love, while Blaire held onto his hand supportively.

"See you really love me." She told him.

"I was drunk! You made me chug an entire six-pack of beers!" He told her, he winced after saying so fearing what she might do to him.

To his surprise, she only giggled mischievously. No sign of wrath at all on her face. She grabbed one of the empty cans on the floor and showed it to him.

To his surprise and horror, the brand was non-alcoholic. Doubts started to form in his mind on whether it was falsely planted or he really did mean saying that.

"I gotta go to work darlin'. Don't worry I'll be back soon." She told him before giving him a goodbye kiss on the lips.,567,167433493,167433493,Zmiana_kariery_po_40_co_jak_gdzie_kiedy_.html