The Date Pt. 02

The Date Pt. 02

We walk quickly to the car. I hold the door for you and help you get seated. I close the door and you feel the little egg inside your pussy pulse with low vibrations. It surprises you and you let out a little squeal as the pleasurable feeling starts to build... and then it stops. The driver's side door opens and I sit down and start the car. I smile warmly and knowingly at you as I put the car into gear and pull onto the street.

The night is cool, but you are feeling a little flush from the events earlier. You press the button to take the window down a little. "Feeling warm my Princess?" You smile and reply "only a little."

I smile and another shock from the vibrator goes off in your pussy. This one starts as a low pulse and goes up in speed, and then back down. Up and down, up and down. Your breath picks up, and you start to squirm a bit. Your pussy, already wet from before, feels like it might be soaking through your delicate black panties. You shift around a little and you find your hand drifting down to put a little pressure on your clitoris through your dress, and it feels very good against the vibration.

The car suddenly starts to slow down, and I pull off into an abandoned parking lot and stop. I look to you and say "We can't have that now. Naughty little fingers need to be restrained...", then smile widely. I reach into the center console and pull out a pair of soft leather cuffs connected by a short chain. I take one of your hands and softly put the restraint on one wrist and then the other. I then pull the chain up and over your head behind your neck and behind the headrest in the seat. I reach back and click something into place.

"There, that's better." I smile and hold the remote in front of you and turn the vibrations up slowly to the top. The vibrating egg starts buzzing more and more intensely, and as you are breathing in short little gasps, I start the car moving again and get back on the street.

You are grinding your hips into the seat now as you ache to touch yourself, to alleviate this sensation and give yourself some release. This is torture, but at the same time you love the feeling, the restraint, the loss of control. You pull against the chain with your arms but it doesn't budge. You can't help anything that's happening with your pussy. You moan and squirm in place.

The vibrator is pulsing now, going from low to high again and again. You brace your legs againt the floor, trying to gain any leverage you can to put force on your throbbing pussy.

You notice through this haze that the car seems to be speeding up. I've driven us onto the highway and I am picking up speed. You look over to me, drooling a little besides yourself, and you see that I am concentrating on the road, and that the speedometer is rising quickly. My right hand leaves the wheel and grasps you knee firmly. My fingers press into your skin and I start drawing my hand up your leg, slowly but firmly, towards you vibrating pussy. Your breath is quickening, you can feel the orgasm building up quickly now.

In the anticipation of my hand riding up, up towards your sex, you part your legs just enough for me to brush my three middle fingers lightly across your panties, across the little antenna of the vibrator. I push into it softly and the vibrator shifts in your pussy, sending more pleasure into your belly.

Faster, I'm driving faster. How fast am I going to go? You haven't driven this fast before, certainly not restrained like this either. A little knot of excitement is in your tummy. You normally might be scared, but right now that fear is channeling into something totally different. Your building orgasm is changed with this and it feels so guttural... so animal.

The teasing touch, the fear and excitement of the building speed and you being pressed back into your seat from it, the heat from my fingers... you push your hips towards my hand. You want so desperately to release! The vibration feels so good but you want me to touch you, please just hold that pussy and let you orgasm... please.

"Please... ", you whisper through your heavy breaths, you arms over your head and tied behind you. You are helpless to whatever I do for you right now. You moan and say again, "Please Daddy.. PLEASE! Let me cum!"

"All right my dear... " I say as I suddenly press my fingers firmly against your panties and start to make firm small circles on your clitoris through the black lace. It only takes a few seconds of this and you get your release as your hips and black stockinged legs start to shake uncontrollably as the orgasm travels through your body. The vibrator peaks at the top setting for the length of your shaking which draws it all out ever so slightly longer. You hear yourself moaning through your haze, and then the vibration fades as your tensed and restrained body collapses into your seat. You catch your breath and you realize that I've had the window go down the rest of the way and you feel the delight of the cool night air cascade across your face and neck and your exposed skin.

You notice the car has slowed considerably and I am pulling us off the highway. As the fog of orgasm clears in your mind, you notice that we are pulling up to a rather nice looking hotel. I park the car and turn to you with a soft smile on my face. I pull out a fresh handkerchief and gently dab away some sweat from your brow and kiss you softly as a soft breeze comes in the window. I reach behind you, unclick the chain and help your arms reset to a more comfortable position. I rub the muscles in your shoulders and arms lightly with my warm strong hand and it feels very good as it releases the tension you had in them a short time ago.

I offer you your purse and ask if you want to touch up anything before we go in. You giggle, and look at yourself in the mirror quickly. You pull out your lipstick and touch up a little with a couple swipes. You must have been biting your lip pretty hard back there. You didn't even notice at the time.

You notice the cuffs are still on, you smile at me and hold out arms to get released. I laugh and shake my head softly.

"Sorry, but those stay on for now. You'll have to earn those coming off."

Your eyes widen and you laugh. What does THAT mean?

I pull the scarf I included with the outfit out of your purse and drape it in a loose bundle over your restrained wrists. "Let's do this for now." The scarf mostly covers the leather and the chain from any casual observation. "How about a drink before we get some room service?" You smile and laugh and nod in approval.