The Cove Ch 4

The Cove Ch 4


Will had made his way back home from where he left Amber and Jackie on the cliff, not far from the Cove.His mind struggled back and forth with the anticipated pleasure of making love to Amber, and hopefully Jackie too, and the worry of what pain he might have to endure by the cock cage he was told he would have to wear.Will knew very little about these two girls, and was sure that there was more to the story of their lifestyle than what either one had told him.They were both very beautiful, intelligent, uninhibited; maybe they were just normal girls.Albeit Jackie was an obvious control-freak and Amber played along with her because they were girlfriends.Then the thought struck him, if they are girlfriends, in a sexual relationship, what do they need me for?What do they really want from me?Amber is very affectionate towards me, but would she ever choose me over Jackie?Suddenly, Will felt more than just a little apprehensive about his visit to Jackies house later that evening.What am I really getting myself into, he thought.He had no idea.

For the four girls, it had been a quiet ride from the Cove back to Jackies house.The traffic was light and Jackie let Amber drive her convertible BMW for the relatively short trip home.When they pulled into the garage, Jackie addressed the girls.

Everyone needs to take a shower and wash your hair.Dress casually—shorts and a top are fine.Pick up any clothes and magazines lying around the house, and just straighten things up a bit.Amber, call the Golden Dragon and order dinner for us.Have them deliver it at 7:30.Im going to my room and take a bath.I want my privacy for a while.

That said, Jackie grabbed her beach bag, exited the car, and moved swiftly through the house until she reached the master suite, and closed and locked the door behind her.

Come on girls, Amber said.It sounds like Im using your shower now, and I want to go first.Then Ill order dinner and make sure the house is picked up for Will.

The girls gathered their bags and went in the house.They could hear the water running through the pipes to Jackies bathroom, filling her bathtub.Amber knew she needed to wait until Jackie shut-off the bath water if she wanted to have decent water pressure for her shower.She went into the bathroom and stripped naked.There was a full length mirror on the back of the door, and Amber looked at her body from top to bottom.She liked what she saw, but her gaze returned to her eyes.Even though she twisted her body from side to side, modeling for the mirror, she stared into her own eyes.She was very excited Jackie had invited Will to their house, and she was thinking that Jackie must really understand her feelings for Will to let him come visit her.There was the issue of the cock cage Jackie said Will would wear at the house, but surely she would take it off when it was time for Will to come to bed with her.Ambers thought process had completely shifted from her Dom-Sub lifestyle with Jackie, to a heterosexual relationship with Will.She failed to realize, that was just wishful thinking.

At the moment the water shut-off in Jackies bath, the faint sound of the whirlpool jets started.All three of the girls heard the sound of the jets, and instinctively, it made each of them shiver.They had all been subject to the rushing water and bubbles from the jets flowing over their pussies, many times.When Jackie wanted to give one of her Subs a special reward, often she would bring them to the bathtub.There Jackie would get in the tub first and invite her Sub to spoon her, laying on top of her body, between her legs, placing her head on Jackies shoulder.Jackie would slowly caress her Subs body with her hands, and while she would caress her inner thighs and stomach, she would not touch the girls pussy in the tub.Thats what the jets were for.Jackie would slowly slide her Subs body closer and closer to the jet at the end of the tub.Most of the time, Jackie would direct her Sub to place her feet up on the edge of the tub, then spread her legs, to allow the rushing water to flow over and around her clit.Jackie would focus on playing with the girls nipples, brushing them and squeezing them, adding to the arousal.It always resulted in the girls powerful orgasm, and Jackie was there to hold her while her body convulsed in pleasure.

Although the girls had never discussed it with each other, they each had also been subject to Jackies more direct control of their bathtub orgasm.Jackie would kneel in the tub, and her Sub would lay on Jackies legs, placing her head on Jackies chest, between her tits.Jackie would reach down and grab the girl behind her knees, pulling her body tighter against her own, and also lifting the girls butt off the bottom of the tub.Jackie would position the girl no more than a foot from the powerful water jet.And there she would rock her up and down, directing the fast moving water and bubbles from her asshole to her clit.Jackie was adept and giving the girl just enough stimulation on her clit to bring her close to orgasm, then shifting her body upward, letting the powerful jet push water around her asshole.Jackie was in complete control of the girls pleasure, making the excitement build, until finally, the girl would have a body-shaking orgasm, held tightly by her Mistress.Each of the girls wondered quietly to themselves if Jackie was getting herself off on the jets in the bathtub at this very moment.

Jackie lay in the tub, eyes closed, breathing deeply, wanting to relax before she needed to plan the events of the evening with a man in the house.Maybe it wasnt such a good idea she had invited him over.She struggled to think about why she had extended the invitation, and she refused to admit that it was because of the phenomenal orgasm Will gave her with his mouth earlier in the day.She was more comfortable thinking she invited him over to reward her loyal Sub Amber, who had been a very good girl and obeyed the rules when it came to Will.Yes, she thought, this is a reward for Amber.But as she lay there floating in the water, the image of Wills naked body filled her imagination.She had seen enough of his hard cock to be familiar with its shape, size, color, and the thick vein running up the top of his shaft.She had felt the power of Wills cock jerking in the grip of her hand when she had stroked him to his orgasm, and was now lost in thought about that same jerking feeling, deep inside her pussy.What a great feeling that would be, to feel his cock erupt inside of her, and the rush of his hot cum filling her up.Jackies pulse was racing and she could feel it in her temples.She resisted the temptation to pleasure herself in any way, knowing it was only a short time until Will would arrive.It was time now to focus on the plan for Will and the girls later tonight.

Amber heard the water in the bathtub turn off.She was looking at her tits in the mirror.She loved her perky, tanned tits, and she really liked her sensitive nipples.Now they were soft and flaccid, and she wanted to watch their transformation to arousal, growing smaller, firmer and erect.She placed her hands over her breasts.Her mind recognized both the softness of her nipples and the smoothness of her young hands.She squeezed her tits with the palms of her hands.Then she rubbed her fingers over her nipples, and they reacted as she intended, and began shrinking in width, while rising up in length.She smiled at her image in the mirror and enjoyed the sensation she felt in her nipples.

Without warning, the door flew open until it hit the wall, and in walked Kim and Anne into the bathroom, closing the door behind them.

What are you doing?Exclaimed Amber, covering her erect nipples with her hands.

What are you doing? Anne immediately retorted.

Im taking a shower.Why are you two in here?Amber wanted to know.

Were going to join you in the shower, Kim said, starting to remove her bikini.

Wait, wait, wait!Amber shot back.Did you ask Jackie if we could shower together?

No, Kim and Amber said in unison.

Anne went on, Jackie told us to shower and wash our hair, and so we are going to do just that, and she knows we like to wash each others hair.

Kim was now naked, and stood grinning at Amber.Come on Amber, you know you love it when I wash your hair.Besides, the jets just started running in Jackies tub.Shell probably be in there for a while.

Amber loudly let out her breath, shaking her head.I guess Jackie doesnt need to know how we showered tonight, but if she finds out and is not happy, Im going to punish you two after shes done with us.

Kim walked around Amber and turned on both shower heads, one at either end of the large, walk-in shower that would easily accommodate the three of them.Actually, they had all been in there together a few times, with Jackie too, the last time after a fun experience with chocolate syrup and whipped cream got a little out of control.Its amazing what happens when there are 6 other hands in the shower with you.Thats too many hands to stop them from touching you where you might not want to be touched.It ended up being a very pleasurable end to a fun night.

Anne stripped off her bikini too, and like Amber, looked over her voluptuous, nude form in the mirror and smiled, happy that the body she saw, gave her so much pleasure.She joined Kim in the shower, giving her wet butt cheek a slap as she passed her.Amber looked under the sink and found two large, natural sponges.As Kim and Anne each relaxed under the spray of the shower heads, and Amber stepped in and positioned herself between them.

OK, here are your sponges, Im first.Amber had forgotten her concerns about her Mistress, and now wanted to enjoy the feeling of her roommates washing her hair and body.The girls took the sponges, got them wet in the stream of water from the shower, and then poured on the body wash.The sweet smell of lavender filled the bathroom.Amber stood between the two girls, the taller Kim in front of her, and the shortest of the three, Anne, behind her.They both started at the top of Ambers body, Kim at her collar bones, Anne at the top of the shoulders.The body wash lathered-up quickly, and the stark white, bubbly foam, began to run down Ambers smooth, tanned skin.The foam completely covered Ambers perky tits with a slow moving, white blanket.The movement of the slippery liquid made Ambers nipples get erect again.The foam raced down between her perky breasts, and coated her flat stomach, then directed by her protruding hip bones, the foam moved to the center of her body, flowing softly over her pussy, dripping from her smooth pussy lips to the floor of the shower.Behind her, Anne was just starting to make circles on Ambers back, and the white foam coated her round butt, flowing more quickly down the crack between her cheeks.

OK girls, Amber said to them.No fooling around with those sponges, get me clean so we can get out of here.We have all night to have fun together.

Neither girl responded, but they did pick up the pace of washing Ambers body, and Amber easily noticed that the washing had become more utilitarian and less sensual.Kim and Anne made their way down Ambers body, circling their sponges, and were finishing up by washing her feet and ankles.They had behaved themselves while washing Amber, except when Annes finger had taken the slippery path down between Ambers butt cheeks, stopping momentarily to push firmly against Ambers very tight ass hole.Amber certainly felt Annes finger on her sensitive hole, but refrained from making any statement to acknowledge her attempt to derail the basic shower and turn it into something more pleasurable.She knew Anne had done this just to get a reaction out of her, and while she would typically react to her little game, it would not be in the shower right now.

Amber stepped under the running water and rinsed her body, wetting her hair as well, so the girls could wash it.She turned around to face Anne, with the taller Kim behind her, making it easy for Kim to scrub her scalp, and wash her long brown hair.Kim put her hands on Ambers hips and pulled her back into the shower stream, sending more white foam down her back and flowing through the crack in her ass.Amber tilted her head back and closed her eyes, she couldnt see that Kim and Anne had made eye contact and planned a little sneak attack using hand signals and head nods.

Anne placed her petite hands over Ambers breasts, pushing her erect nipples flush with the skin around them.She slowly slid her hands down Ambers wet, slippery body, and when she got to her hips, Annes hands went around her waist and down her ass, squeezing a butt cheek in each hand.She released the squeeze and then Amber felt Annes grip tighten against her ass, thinking she was going to squeeze it again, only harder.But instead, this time Anne pulled Ambers ass cheeks apart, and Kim quickly inserted a soapy finger inside of Ambers butt hole.Ambers sphincter immediately contracted, but Kims finger was much too slippery, and it slid in deep, all the way up to the knuckle on Kims hand.Amber reacted by pushing her hips forward, but she only moved an inch, as Anne had moved closer to Amber, trapping her body between the two girls.

Hey! Amber yelled as Kims finger bottomed out in her ass.Whats going on?I said no fooling around.

Kim started to gently slide her soapy finger up and down in Ambers ass.Amber didnt have the leverage to push Anne out of her way in front of her, so she started twisting her hips from side-to-side, trying to expel the finger from her ass.Kim was doing a good job moving in unison with Amber, and although her finger almost slipped out twice, she kept stroking inside Ambers tight butt hole.

Enough!Get your finger out of my ass!Amber was not happy she had been ambushed.It wasnt that she didnt like things in her ass; it was just that this was not the time for it.

Amber suddenly thrust her hips forward, knocking Anne backwards, and squeezed her sphincter tight, winning the battle against Kims finger, pushing it out of her ass.Amber stepped to the other end of the shower, away from her playmates.Anne and Kim were laughing out loud, and they embraced under the running shower.

Kim stopped laughing just long enough to say, What a rodeo!I stayed in for 8 seconds—I win!That made both girls burst out in another round of laughter.The comment surprised Amber, and her frustration quickly faded and she found the humor in Annes remark.

OK you two.You think youre so funny.Im going to get even with both of you—but not now.

Come on Amber, Anne encouraged her.Get even with us now, we want to play.Anne bent over slightly and put her hands on her knees, with her butt pushed out.She swayed her hips, moving her butt back and forth in a teasing motion.

Im putting conditioner in my hair, and then Im getting out.You two are on your own.Keep your hands off of me while I finish.

Kim and Anne were a little perplexed that their sexy friend didnt want to play, at least a little bit, but the thought quickly left their heads as they poured body wash onto their sponges and began to soap up each others body.They each made feeble attempts at rubbing on the others most sensitive parts with the slippery sponges, while Amber finished her hair, rinsed off one more time, and stepped out of the shower.

She took one towel, bent over forward, and gathered all of hair in it, twisted it twice, and flipped the hair-filled towel on top of her head.She took a second towel and quickly dried her body.She wrapped the towel around her body, which covered her from her tits to her ass, and said a quick Bye girls, as she headed for the bathroom door.Amber saw that Kim was kneeling in front of Anne, making it easier for the shorter Anne to have better access to wash her hair.Kim had her hands on Annes hips, and she was kissing her stomach, just above her waist line while Anne massaged Kims scalp.Amber thought to herself, those girls are trouble.I hope they behave when Will gets here.

Amber went down the hall to her room.She didnt bother to close the door, and quickly shed her towel.She walked directly to her dresser, skipping her underwear drawer; she pulled open the drawer below.She found a pair of black yoga shorts, with yellow trim on the waist and legs, and a loose fitting, yellow tank top.While the skin-tight shorts showed off every curve of Ambers ass, hips and pubic bone, the tank top allowed ample room for her breasts to sway freely, and provided glimpses down the front and sides to view the round orbs covered by the fabric.She called the restaurant and ordered their dinner. She stood in front of the mirror in her room, unwound her hair, grabbed a brush and the blow dryer, and started to dry and style her hair.Looking at her tilted face in the mirror while she dried her hair, she thought she needed some eye liner and a touch of mascara.When she turned off the blow dryer, she noticed the house was quiet, no sounds from the jets in the tub, no running water in the girls shower.Amber made up her eyes, and put on some transparent, pink lip balm.It wasnt the sticky kind of balm; it moisturized her lips and gave them a wet look.She smiled at her reflection and thought about how confident she felt with her body and her desires.She liked feeling this way.

Anne and Kim were in their shared bedroom, and both still had their bath towels wrapped around their bodies.They heard Amber pass by in the hallway.

Hey Amber, Kim called.Whatcha wearing tonight?

Amber did a quick u-turn and walked back to the bedroom doorway.She stood momentarily facing the girls, then spun around with her back to them and rose up on her toes, showing off the muscles in her calves and ass.

Girl, you look hot!Kim said.Anne, look at that body!

She always looks hot, replied Anne.Amber disappeared down the hall smiling at what her two friends had said about her.She wondered to herself, is it because I look good that it gives me confidence, or is it my confidence that makes me look good?It was a question worth finding the answer to, but that would have to wait for later.

Kim and Anne had done a great job of cleaning up the place before they joined her in the shower.Amber decided that since the kitchen table only sat four people, she would set out the plates and sauces on the coffee table in the living room, and everyone could sit on the floor or furniture there to eat.Just as she finished, she heard Jackie call her name from her bedroom at the back of her house.

Hey Amber, can you come here for a minute.

Sure, Amber called back.

On her way down the hall, she passed Kim and Anne coming out of the bedroom.Kim had put on nearly the same outfit Amber was wearing except the tank was cropped on Kims long torso, and you could see her brown, toned stomach.Anne was wearing a tight-fitting sports bra underneath her tank top, as her 36D breasts needed some support.Amber thought the top made her cleavage look great, and her mind almost drifted off to relive some of the fun she had playing with the ample breasts of her petite roommate.

Jackies door was ajar, and Amber knocked twice as she walked in and closed it behind her.She froze in her tracks when she saw her very beautiful Mistress standing next to the bed.It immediately occurred to her, she had never seen Jackie look quite this feminine before.She looked irresistible.

Jackie stood in her bedroom on her studded leather heels, her feet and legs adorned by sheer black, lace- top stockings, black leather micro-skirt, and black, silk, sleeveless blouse, tied in front, just under her breasts.She wore her blonde mane in an up-doo, and small wisps of hair fell around Jackies face.She was wearing make-up, more than usual, Amber thought, as she noticed the glitter in the lotion Jackie had applied to her body.And then there was her smell.Jackies perfume smelled so good, Amber thought it was making her mouth water.

Ambers speech stammered, Yes, Jackie… um… Yes, Mistress.How can I help you?

First, how do you think I look?

Mistress, you look stunning, Amber was smiling when she gave her opinion.You are very beautiful.

What will Will think?Do you think he will respect my role in our house?

Will is going to think you look great… and very sexy.He will obey you no matter what you wear.Amber started to get concerned that her Mistress might be making a play for her man.May I ask what you plan to do with Will tonight, Mistress?

Yes, thats why I called you back here.I want to tell you that while I respect your relationship with Will, I need to challenge his boundaries, to find out what kind of man he is.I dont want him to become my Sub, unless you and he would want that to happen.Will needs to respect the person I am in your life, and obey me when its required.Amber, Will is yours, and because of that, he is mine too.There may be things I do to him that you dont want me to do, but you are not in control.I am.If you do not disobey me during Wills indoctrination to our mutual relationship, I will allow you to be there for him, when I, you, Anne, and Kim are done with him at the end of the night.He will have responsibilities that he must complete, but when he completes them, he will be yours.

Ambers head was reeling from Jackies speech.Jackie… Mistress… I thought you said Will would not be yours, he would be mine, and I know he will honor the rules you set.I thought…

Stop Amber.Dont say another word.I invited Will to my house to participate in the experiences that take place here.He is yours outside of my house, but when he is here, he is mine, and I dictate what happens between you two.This was the first part of what was about to happen that Jackie knew would challenge her relationship with Amber.It was a risk she was willing to take.

Amber wanted to protest further, but she knew better than to directly challenge her Mistress.She thought she was going to have to use creative tactics to influence Jackie, like she did earlier in the day, to maintain the relationship she wanted to have with Will.

Jackie was afraid Amber might protest further, so she immediately changed the subject.She looked sternly at her Sub and said, Tell me about your shower.

Amber knew better than to lie.We showered together, so we could wash each others hair.She wondered what Jackie already knew.Had she heard them in there?

You did?What happened with the three of you in the shower?This is where Amber needed to be careful about what she said.

Well, it was just a normal shower.We were trying to hurry so we could pick-up around the house and get ready for Will.Ambers voice had lost some of its strength.

Jackie stared at her Sub, and waited to hear more from her.

Everything was fine, but you know Kim and Anne… they are always playing around… and they tried to put their fingers in my butt.Well… Kim did put her finger in me, but I squeezed it out as soon as I could.

Hmm.That sounds like them.What did you say to them for doing that?

I said they would be punished later.Amber left out the fact that she said she would be delivering the punishment.

Good.You were right.They need to be punished for trying to take you without my permission.

Mistress, please dont do anything too severe to them.They were only playing.

Yes, I understand.Their punishment will be somewhat playful as well.Come with me.

Jackie left her bedroom and unlocked the first door she came to.It opened into the dungeon.The lights were already on, and Amber could see that Jackie had staged a few items for later, although she could not figure out what her Mistress plan might be.Jackie went to the back wall and opened one of the many boxes stored on the shelves.She shifted a few things around and found what she was looking for.

Here, take these to the kitchen.She handed Amber two stainless steel butt plugs with a large, artificial jewel on the end.Put them in a pot of water on the stove, bring it to a simmer—not a boil—and bring them to me on a towel when they are sufficiently heated.

Amber took the plugs from her Mistress, and gave her a smile from ear-to-ear.Jackie tried not to smile back, but she couldnt entirely control her facial muscles, even when biting her lip.A sly smile came across her face.

Go!Bring them to me after you heat them up.

Amber had one plug in each hand, which nearly concealed them, and she walked quickly to the kitchen.Kim and Amber were on the couch, and likely didnt see Amber pass behind them on her mission to follow her Mistress orders.

Amber put the butt plugs a small sauce pan, and filled it with enough water to cover the plugs.She placed the pan on the stove.She glanced at the clock on the microwave, it was a few minutes before 7:00.She turned the knob to high, and began watching the pot.She heard Jackies voice in the main room.

Hi ladies, what have you been up to?I hear you all showered together.Anything you need to tell me?

Anne, the one who most wanted to please her Mistress, spoke first.No Mistress.It was just a normal shower.We washed each others hair.

Yes, thats what we did, added Kim.

Ladies, do I need to specifically ask you where any of your fingers went while you all were in the shower?!

No Mistress, they both stated in unison.

Jackies voice was loud and stern.Stand up and take off your shorts!!Surprised, the two girls stood up from the couch and did as they were told.

Take two steps forward, stand with your feet apart, hands crossed in front of your body.

Both girls had been in this position before, and expected they were about to get their asses paddled.Annes ass was the biggest of the four girls.It was round, smooth, and milky-white, and her cheeks drooped slightly below the tops of her legs.Kims ass was much smaller, and in comparison to Annes, could be considered flat.Her cheeks were small and muscular, contained almost no body fat, and protruded ever so slightly between her lower back and the tops of her legs,Kim called it her runners ass.

Jackie smiled because she knew the girls were likely thinking about a punishment she had no intention of giving them.She sat down on the couch.She had a small bottle of lube in her hand.Amber walked out of the kitchen carrying a dish towel with the two very warm butt plugs wrapped inside, and placed the towel next to Jackie.

OK girls, get down on your elbows and knees.Arch your backs.I want to see your little butt holes.

Both girls moved down as instructed.Kims tight little hole was very prominent as her butt cheeks almost disappeared when she bent over.The view of Annes ass was that of two large round, white mounds, with her butt hole deep inside the soft flesh.It was a beautiful contrast in the variety of erotic shapes a womans body can take.

Jackie still wanted to keep her action a surprise.She picked up one of the heavy butt plugs, with a ruby colored jewel on the end, and she held it up and squirted the lube from the bottle onto the tip.Before the lube could run the length of the plug and drip off, she handled the bottle of lube to Amber, and used her free hand to spread the lube on the very warm metal.

Jackie glanced away from the butt plug, looking up at Amber standing by her side.In barely a whisper she said, Get that one, we are going to do this at the same time.

Ambers excitement was evident in her expression, and she quickly grabbed the second butt plug with the sapphire colored jewel, and poured the lube on it as Jackie had done.When Jackie slid off the couch and knelt behind Anne, Amber got into the same position behind Kim.They each held the butt plugs upright, trying to avoid dripping any lube on the carpet.

Girls, you know I am a tolerant of you touching each others body, in the shower or otherwise, and you know you are not allowed to bring yourself or another girl to orgasm without my permission.When I ask you what happened in the shower, I expect an honest answer.Neither of you gave me one.Since you seem to be fixated on Ambers butt, I am going to give you something to remind you that your butts are available for my pleasure as well.

With that said, she looked at Amber and nodded.Almost in union, the two girls placed the tips of the metal plugs directly on their victims butt holes, and slowly but forcefully pushed them all the way in, until only the flared, jewel capped end could be seen.Both Kim and Anne had not expected the warm plug penetrating their asses, and instinctively the muscles in their bodies flinched as their sphincters tightened at the first feel of the plug, but immediately lost the battle to block the slippery intrusion.

Although the insertion of the plugs caused the two girls to lean slightly forward, putting more weight on their elbows on the floor, neither one of them uttered a sound.They knew the rules; head down, ass up, no noises.

Amber couldnt help herself and busted out laughing.She knew she didnt have direct permission from her Mistress to take any other actions, but since Jackie let her participate in the quasi-punishment, she felt she had some authority to continue.

Ha! She exclaimed and slapped Kim on her right butt cheek, instantly causing a red hand print to appear.Thats what you get for sneak-attacking my ass in the shower!

Jackie didnt want this situation to get out of hand, so she addressed her Subs.Kim and Anne, stand up and face the wall like you had been doing.Amber, you are going to put each girls shorts back on them, and you are to make sure those butt plugs are in tight and will not go anywhere.

They both knew the curved shape of the plug made it secure in their ass, and it would take a firm pull on the jeweled end to actually remove it.Jackies orders gave Amber permission to play with the plugs, at least for a minute or two, before covering the girls bottoms in their tight, black shorts.

Jackie sat back down on the middle of the couch and cleaned the lube off of her hands with the kitchen towel.She handed the towel to Amber to wipe her hands as well.Amber, still behind the girls, gathered their spandex shorts, and held them in front of each girls feet so they could step into them.She started pulling up Annes shorts first, and Anne thought Amber was going to skip the testing of her plug as Mistress Jackie had directed.Amber stopped pulling up the shorts just below Annes butt cheeks.She pulled up Kims shorts to the same position.

Jackie was somewhat impressed with the view her favorite Sub, Amber, had created for her.Kims and Annes asses were nicely framed between the shorts below and the tops covering most of their backs.The shorts were pulled up to where Jackie had a view of the girls bare, soft, pussy lips hanging below their butt cheeks.Kims inner labia hung outside of her outer lips, similar to Jackies pussy, but Annes large, puffy outer lips concealed the rest of her pink folds inside. Jackie could easily see Kims blue jewel buried between her small butt cheeks, but the red jewel on Kims plug was nearly hidden inside her large, soft ass.

Amber knelt on the floor behind the space between the two girls.She reached up with both hands, and found the jeweled, flared end of the plugs, and grasped them tightly.She started by twisting them, left and right, which helped to loosen the tight grip the girls ass muscles maintained on the plug.Amber then began rocking the plugs up and down, then left to right, swirling them around inside the girls. Finally, she flicked her middle finger repeatedly on the jeweled end of the plug.The girls could feel the vibration caused by Ambers fingernail hitting the plug, and it felt good.

Amber stopped working the plugs, and slowly rubbed the back of her hands down the butt cracks of each girl, following the curve under their cheeks, until the back of her hand made contact with each girls pussy lips, and applied just enough pressure to slightly part them.As Amber thought it would be, both girls were slippery with their own juices having moistened their delicate lips.Amber slid her hands out from between each girls legs and could see the clear, slippery juice on her tanned hands.She turned to face Jackie sitting on the couch, and extended her arms, letting her hands drop, so Jackie could see the wetness from the girls pussies.

Thank you for showing me that Kim and Anne enjoyed their punishment.Surprise me and do something with it that will make me happy.Jackie was mildly interested in what her favorite Sub might have learned from her over the past few years.

Hearing hear Mistress wishes, Amber initially thought she might lick the juices from her hands herself, but she quickly thought of Wills imminent arrival, and did not want to have the taste of the girls juices on her lips and tongue when she would kiss him.

She thought of another idea.She walked around and stood in front of the gap between Kim and Anne, facing them.She held her arms angled slightly away from her body, the wet backs of her hands facing the girls.

Get down and clean off my hands, you messy little girls!

Jackie immediately smiled, and as Kim and Anne lowered themselves to their knees and began licking the others pussy juice from Ambers hands, she realized Amber was staring into her eyes, looking for her approval.Nice, she whispered to her Sub.

Jackie surveyed the scene in front of her, and she admired the blue and red jewels that adorned the beautiful asses of her Subs.She felt a little regret that Will would be here momentarily and she could not let the current situation play out with her girls.She stood up and stepped forward to meet Amber, gently kissing her on her lips.

Thats enough girls.Stand up and pull your shorts up.You all were very good.Ill keep that in mind later in the night.

Just as their shorts were straighten and they adjusted their hair so it wasnt in their face any longer, there was a knock on the door.Will had arrived.Amber looked to see if Jackie was going to answer the door, and suddenly realized Jackie had left the room.Will knocked again as Amber moved towards the door.

Amber pulled the door open.Hi Will!

Hi, Will said as he leaned in, kissing Amber on the lips.As he pulled back, he noticed the two smiling girls, standing farther back in the room.

Come in and meet my friends.Amber stepped aside and let Will enter the house, closing the door behind him.Kim and Anne immediately recognized what drew Jackie and Amber to Will.This guy was hot.From his tall, statuesque build, curly, sandy-blonde hair, and deep blue eyes, their imaginations were running wild with what other, hidden features he possessed, that they would be enamored with.

Will moved around the couch to shake hands with the girls, and even though he approached Anne with an extended hand, she hooked her arms around his waist, gave him a light hug, but insured she pushed her soft tits hard enough against his sternum that he would notice them.Will was almost a full foot taller than Anne.

Hi big guy, nice to meet you.Im Anne.

Hi Anne, Will replied, making eye contact, but trying to glimpse down at the large tits she just pushed up against his body.

Kim wanted her chance to get her arms around this young stud too.Hi, Im Kim, she said, nearly stepping in front of Anne.Kim was the tallest of the four women, and nearly matched Wills height.When she hugged him, she pressed her cheek against his clean shaven face, feeling his hard cheekbone against her soft skin.Wills sense of smell detected a faint, musky, sexual smell has he hugged Kim back, and held the embrace a second too long.

Hey you two, break it up over there.I saw him first!Amber called to her friends.

Well not exactly first, came Jackies voice from the hallway.Their heads swiveled to look at Jackie, who made herself present without anyone seeing her coming.Will could not hide his surprise and excitement when he saw Jackie and the sexy outfit she was wearing.He felt his dick twitch twice and slowly start to fill with blood.As he crossed the room to meet Jackie, his dick was growing in his shorts.When they embraced, it was Will that pulled Jackie tight against his body, and she felt his swelling dick push against her, just above her pubic bone.

As Will tilted his head to kiss Jackie on her cheek, she whispered in his ear so the girls couldnt hear her, Thats why you need to wear a cock cage when you are in my house.You cant control your dick.

Will pulled his head back, looked Jackie in the eyes and smiled.He couldnt refute her claim.There was no way he could control his dick with Jackie in her sexy outfit.Although he had previously seen her naked, she was incredibly sexy in her heels, stockings, skirt and blouse.She followed Wills gaze as it moved lower, first looking at her cleavage, and then studying the double knot in her blouse, tied tight just below her tits.Now she could feel his dick pulse against her body from under his shorts.She pushed him back to create a small distance between their bodies, and did him a favor by walking around him and addressing the girls, giving him a second to get his dick under control before he had to turn around and expose his bulge.

Whos ready for a glass of wine?I know I am.Jackie crossed the room and headed towards the kitchen, Kim and Anne moved to follow her, feeling the weight of the metal butt plugs with every step they took.

Amber closely watched the exchange between her Mistress and the man she thought of as her boyfriend.She was not happy with the way either of them behaved, but she could not address it with Jackie, and for the time being, could not speak to Will about it given the current audience.As Will turned to face the room, Amber saw the sizable bulge in his shorts, and immediately felt a hollow feeling in her stomach.Ambers mind was racing.Had Jackie invited Will to the house to seduce him for her own pleasure?Will already gave her an orgasm earlier today, what else did she want from him?Is she going to steal Will away from me?

When Will finally looked away from the three women headed for the kitchen and glanced at Amber, she had a very troubled expression on her face.Will immediately knew his exchange with Jackie had hurt Ambers feelings, and that was not his intention.He quickly walked to where she stood, and leaned in to kiss her.Amber stood stiff and did not lift her head to meet his lips.Will kissed her on her forehead.

Jackie called from the kitchen, Will, what are you drinking?Amber, I poured you a glass of sauvignon blanc.

Ill have a beer.A Primo if you have one.

I do.Wanna glass?

The bottle is fine.

There was a knock at the door and Amber went to accept the delivery of their dinner.She brought it to the living room and placed the two bags on the coffee table next to the plates she set out.The three women moved from the kitchen to join Will and Amber, and Anne brought Ambers wine.The Chinese food from the Golden Dragon was delicious, and there was not much conversation over dinner.Will focused on keeping his gaze on the faces of the four women he was dining with, and Amber stayed focused on Will.

After the meal was complete, Kim and Anne started cleaning up everyones dishes, taking things to the kitchen.Amber and Will sat on the sofa, while Jackie relaxed nearby in a leather upholstered easy chair.

Jackie addressed the two of them.Will, after your performance earlier today, I think you are worthy of joining our little family here.Amber is very fond of you, and I think you are of her.She happens to be my girlfriend as well, and lives by a set of rules, crafted by me.I think you are capable of living by these rules as well, and by doing so, it will allow you to continue to sexually satisfy Amber as well as let me have access to a male to further educate my girls.It is highly likely that you will not agree with everything I will insist that you do, but you will do it for me to maintain your relationship with Amber.Do you consent to my terms?

Can we talk about what you mean when you say you have access to a male to educate your girls?

Yes Mistress, Amber added.What Will you make Will do?

Amber, you know I do not have to explain myself to either of you, but on this one occasion, I will clarify my intentions.Kim and Anne, and even you Amber, have had minimal sexual experiences with a man.Will, it seems, although proving some skills with his tongue and fingers earlier today, also has limited experience.I would like to create sexual experiences between a man and woman, or women in our case, which will open your minds to the limitless pleasure good sex can provide.It is my goal to create pleasure through discipline and control, as well as outright experimentation.Having a man in the dungeon will expand the realm of possibilities for each of us.

What?Whats a dungeon? Will interrupted.

Neither woman answered.So Will and I can pursue our relationship outside of the house, like a normal man and woman?Asked Amber.

Eventually, that could happen.In the short term, it all depends on how well each of you behaves and do not break the rules.I will need to trust you both to be off on your own, and follow the rules I set forth for you.

Wills concerns from his earlier speculation were coming to fruition.Amber, I dont know about this.I want to see you, but Im not sure I can do everything Jackie will try and make me do.

Before Amber could reply, Jackie made one last statement.Will, you can walk away from this relationship anytime it suits you.Your safe word is ‘Primo, like your beer.Once you say it, whatever is happening will stop, and you and Amber will have two hours to say your goodbyes.And then you will leave the house, permanently.

I just dont know.Ive never heard about anything like this.

Will, itll be fine.Jackie is a wonderful Mistress and she cares about me.She wouldnt hurt you, because she knows it would hurt me.

Jackie relished in the false truth she heard her Sub tell her boyfriend.She clarified Ambers words in her own head, I wont hurt Will if he obeys the rules, but if he fails to satisfy me, or pleasures himself without my permission, there will be hell to pay.

Come on Will, Amber pleaded.Please do it for me… for us.

Will glanced back and forth between the two women; Amber expressing her eagerness for his consent, Jackie feeling she was going to have to control her anger if he said no to her offer.

Alright.Will exhaled, still confused.Ill do it.

At that moment Anne and Kim had returned from the kitchen.Hearing Wills statement, Anne beamed a bright smile from her tanned, round face. Do what? she said in her sexiest voice.

Amber, go get the wrist cuffs from the dungeon.Ladies, Will just decided to join our family, which is fantastic for all four of us.You are really going to enjoy having Will around to provide you with some new and different pleasure than what you can give each other, and Im sure Will will benefit from having your tasty little pussies and asses around to satisfy his desires—when I let him.

Amber hadnt left the room yet to retrieve the cuffs, hanging on every word of her Mistress.

Go get those cuffs!Jackie said, angry that she had to tell Amber twice.She hoped her girls were not going to abandon the discipline she worked so hard to teach them now that there was a man in the house.

Amber returned momentarily with the leather cuffs.Give one each to Kim and Anne.Will, stand up and turn around.Amber, pull his shirt off, up over his head.Girls, secure the cuffs on his wrists and clip them together behind his back.

Amber pulled off Wills shirt and then watched her friends cuff his wrists.No one paid attention to Jackie approaching from Wills back.As soon as the cuffs were clipped together, Jackie reached up with both hands and pulled a black, cotton hood over Wills head.The hood felt like a small, loose pillow case, and in the light of the living room he could easily make out the various dark figures of the furniture and girls around him.

He immediately recalled the words on the slip of paper from the fortune cookie he had eaten after dinner.Your imagination is a playground.Use it.