The Corporation Part 4.

The Corporation Part 4.


Chapter 4

I was just standing there, in the shower, watching how the warm water ran down by body. I guess I was just there because I still couldnt get understand why I liked fucking men, the more I thought about it, the more confused I felt. I tilted my head back, allowing the water to hit my face gently, the warmth was soothing at first, but soon enough it began to burn so I straightened myself up and turned off the water.

Are you ready for round 2? asked Martin from outside the bathroom.

Sure, Ill be right out I answered as I stepped out of the shower and took my towel.

I couldnt believe one week had passed by already, it almost seemed unreal, probably it was because Martin had come back every single day since our encounter, or possibly it was because I enjoyed fucking the clients, hearing them moaning, and begging me to rough them up. Whatever it was, I knew I had to deal with it and soon, mostly because I was starting to get bored of Martin, thankfully, he said he had a surprise for me before I entered the shower.

After I had finished drying myself off, I placed the towel on a rack and left the bathroom. The small hallway corridor between the bathroom and the bedroom was surprisingly empty, usually Martin would wait for me outside, grab me by the waist and carry me back to the room as he kissed my neck. But instead, I heard a strange thumping sound and moaning coming from the room.

He was probably riding his dildo, he would always use it while I showered, but he was never this loud about it, I guess he was just that horny today.

As soon as I opened the door, my jaw dropped, I couldnt believe what was happening. Brent was fucking Martin like an animal. Both of them turned towards me, Brent gave me a lustful smile, and Martin was trying to catch his breath.

Come on over Eric, lets have some fun said Brent before he began to moan like crazy as he bust his load into Martin.

Oh god, fill me up moaned Martin as Brent pumped the last bit of his cum into his ass.

I walked over to them and placed my hand on Brents shoulder.

I thought you didnt like this I said.

I dont but an ass is an ass he said with a cocky smile.

Martin stood up and placed his large strong hands on both of our necks.

While I recover, I want both of you to fuck said Martin as he sat down.

What? I asked somewhat confused.

Its fine by me, this little fucker owes me said Brent as he grabbed my hand and dragged on to the bed. This time, Ill be fucking you he said with a smile.

Youre out of your mind, Ive never been fucked in the ass, and I plan to keep it that way I said as I tried to back away.

I had never been fucked before either, but it didnt stop you from pounding away at me said Brent as he took me by the waist and pulled me into him.

Our bodies were pressed against each, and the warmth between us was enough to get me aroused, I could feel my cock start to harden against his cock, which seemed to be getting hard as well. Without letting go of my waist, he gently placed his hand behind my neck and leaned in towards me, kissing me passionately on the lips. For a couple seconds I looked at him in shock, it was the first time we had kissed, and it was amazing as hell, with every time Brent moved and pressed his lips against mine, it almost felt like if electricity was coursing through my body, by heart was already racing, and with it, my body temperature began to rise. As we kissed each other, I wrapped one arm around his strong back and placed my other hand on his ass, fondling it as best I could.

Soon enough, I found myself laying on my back as Brent kissed by neck gently, sending chills down my back every time his lips touched my skin. But that wasnt all, Brent was grinding his cock onto mine, causing my cock to throb every time he thrust. I couldnt believe the amount of pleasure he was making me feel, was he really this great of a lover?

After a while, his thrusts began to pick up speed, grinding his cock even harder onto my own, my cock seemed to be in heaven as it sent jolts of pleasure through my body. I knew I was going to cum soon if he kept it up, but I really didnt care, I wanted him to keep on doing it, or to be more precise, I didnt want him to ever get off me.

Im going to cum I moaned as string after string of my warm cum squirted between our bodies.

As he sat up, I noticed that not only were our chests covered in my cum, but so were are cocks.

Well, havent you left quite a mess said Brent lustfully as he leaned in towards my chest.

He gently pressed his tongue against my skin, and slowly cleaned off all my cum. Once he stood up, he looked at me and smiled before swallowing the cum.

Interesting, kind of sweet, and kind of salty said Brent with an adorable smile as he spread open my legs and lifted them up.

I couldnt help but gulp down a bit of saliva, I knew what was coming, and I was scared, not necessarily because of the pain I would feel, but because I actually wanted it to happen.

Are you ready? asked Brent as he pressed the tip of his cock on my virgin hole.

I looked down at his cock, thankfully it was lubed up with my cum, so, it wasnt going to hurt as much, or at least thats what I hoped. I nodded in approval and clutched the bed sheets as hard as I could.

Brent smiled and slowly pushed his cock into my ass, it hurt like fuck at first, but once his whole cock was inside me, the pain seemed to slowly go away. As he began to slowly thrust his cock into me, I couldnt help but feel surprised, there were two sensations coursing through my body, slight pain, and immense pleasure. I really couldnt understand how I could be loving that combination, but it somehow felt perfect, it was almost like if both sensations were dancing together, balancing each other out, and obtaining pure harmony.

As he began to pump his cock faster into me, I began to moan loudly as the pain seemed to subside and the pleasure increased. I clenched the bed sheets even harder as my back arched in ecstasy.

Fuck me harder I screamed.

Brent did as I said, and soon enough he was pounding away at me with such speed and force, that I felt like if my insides were going to get torn apart, but at the same time, wave after wave of lustful pleasure ran through my body, I was in heaven, and I knew he was too.

Got youre so fucking tight moaned Brent as bust his load into my ass.

My body jolted as his warm cum filled up my ass, I was surprised by how much cum was coming out of him. As soon as Brent backed away from me, Martin came over and held Brent in his place.

I want both of you to fuck me said Martin as he caressed our chests.

Martin climbed onto me, and slowly made his way onto my still hard cock. I moaned as my cock filled up his tight warm ass.

Fuck, youre still tight I said as I caressed his toned legs.

Now Brent, stick it inside me pleaded Martin as he caressed my chest.

Brent did as Martin said and slowly made his way into his ass. My eyes widened as a new pleasurable sensation took over me. Martins ass was tight as it was on its own, but with the addition of Brents cock, it was as tight as ever. Martin was moaning like crazy, it almost seemed like if he was going to pass out.

Go ahead, fuck me moaned Martin as he held my arms firmly.

Brent began to pound into him, and to my surprise, he did it rapidly, the pleasure I felt was at a whole new level, I felt like if I was going to cum in any second even though he had just started, and I knew Brent was feeling the same way since he began to thrust even faster. Martin seemed to be at his limit too as his eyes seemed to be rolling back into his head as he wanked himself. In a matter of seconds, Martin blew his load, sending long strings of cum onto my face and chest. It felt strange having warm cum roll down my face, but I really didnt care since Brent and I had begun to blow our loads as well, it felt incredibly hot having both of our cocks throbbing inside him as we filled him up.

Brent pulled away and fell onto his back exhausted, meanwhile Martin took his ass off my cock and slowly lowered himself on me. He was looking straight at me before he leaned into me and began to lick off the cum I had on my face.

One hour later…

I was surprised to know that our new floor had a cafeteria, given that our other floors only had fruit and sandwich bars.

Its a good thing we were leveled up said Brent as he picked up a red plastic tray from the cafeteria counter.

Yeah, there are a lot of people here too I said as I grabbed my own tray and looked around.

There were all kinds of boys there, from thin twink like teens, to muscular jock like young men.

Dude, are you going to get something to eat or are you going to find a fuck buddy? asked Brent in his typical jerk like fashion.

Chill, I was only checking out the competition I said as I looked at the food options in front of me.

After a long, hard decision I decided to grab a chicken salad, a small cup of vanilla pudding and a bottle of orange juice. Before reaching the table Brent was sitting at I bumped into a tall, toned guy that was about 3 years older than me. He had semi-long black curly hair, brown eyes, and slightly tanned skin.

Sorry, didnt see you there I said.

Dont worry he said with a smile as he analyzed me. Arent you one of the new guys? he asked.

Yeah I answered.

Cool, Im Michael he said.

Im Eric I said as I looked over at Brent. Umm, I would really love to stay and talk, but my friend is waiting for me I said as I walked towards the table.

Sure, see you around said Michael as he walked towards another table.

As I sat down at the table, I noticed Brent was watching me.

Who was he? he asked.

Dont really know, but his name is Michael I answered as I dipped my spoon into the pudding.

As I ate my pudding, I noticed that Brent was nervous for some reason.

Eric, about what happened earlier, I dont want you to think that Im…gay. I only did it because it was part of the job said Brent as he looked at his half eaten sandwich.

Yeah, same with me I answered in a serious tone.

I tried my best not to seem disappointed, I didnt want him to know that I somehow wanted it to be real. I couldnt understand why I felt that way about him, was it because of his kisses, the way he fucked me, or was it because I felt I loved him. Whatever it was, I had to get it out of my mind, I still didnt want to believe that I was gay, it just couldnt happen, not to me at least.

Every time I looked up at him, I could feel my heart start to race, and as blood rushed through my body, I could only imagine him being completely naked. I couldnt repress my thoughts any longer, I stood up, and left the cafeteria, ignoring Brent as I left. I ran down the hall as fast as I could until I reached the end. I leaned on the wall and let myself drop down to the floor.

What the hell was happening to me, I couldnt really be feeling this way, Im not gay, but why couldnt I stop thinking about Brent that way.

You okay?

I looked up and noticed that Jack was standing in front of me with a worried look on his face.

Yeah, I just needed to be alone for a while, but Im ok now I answered as I stood up.

Ok, well I just came to tell you that you need to leave right now said Jack.

Leave? I asked confused.

Yes, it seems someone has a special request for you, but of course, if you decide to run away, or reveal anything about this place, Brent will die said Jack in a serious tone as he turned around. Get moving, theyre waiting for you downstairs said Jack without looking back.

The Request

There I was, sitting on a stunning black leather couch in a large fancy living room. I knew that the clients who often went to The Corporation were rich, but I didnt imagine they would be this rich. The mansion was enormous, not to mention beautiful in every way possible. I was getting a bit annoyed, I had been waiting for about 15 minutes and the client still didnt arrive.

Sorry to keep you waiting

I looked towards the living room entrance, and was completely speechless. There, coming towards me was a tall, muscular, well-dressed African-American man. He had a buzz cut and amazing honey colored eyes.

He sat down in a similar leather couch in front of me.

Eric, the request that I have for you is quite easy, or at least thats what I believe given that youre going to be the one doing it he said before taking a deep breath. God, where are my manners, Im Logan Alec he said as extended his hand out to me.

I gripped his hand and gave him a smile.

Now for the details, in about 3 minutes my neighbor is going to come over to take care of my dog thats in the backyard. What I want you to do, is make him gay said Logan with a smile.

You want me to make him gay? I asked somewhat confused.

Yes, Ive seen what you can do, and I have complete faith in that youll be able to do it said Logan as he stood up. Ill be back in a couple hours, good luck he said as he left towards the door.

How the hell was I supposed to turn some random guy gay? I looked over to the door, and watched as Logan left and a young man, that was probably my age walked in. He had short tousled black hair, grayish eyes, and was almost as tall me. By the way he dressed, he was probably rich as well.

Hi there, Im Charles, but you can call me Charlie he said with an amazing smile as he extended his hand out to me.

I gripped his hand and smiled as well.

Im Eric, seems Ill be helping you out today I said.

Great, lets go take a swim, the dog is usually asleep at this time he said as he took me by the wrist and dragged me outside.

I was surprised by how large the pool was, it almost looked like an olympic sized pool.

What are you waiting for? asked Charlie as he began to strip down.

Yeah, Ill be right in I said as I contemplated the glorious boy that was before me.

He was thin, but slightly toned, giving him a somewhat athletic tone. His back had a nice glow in the sun. I did my best to avoid him noticing that I was staring at him as he took off his pants, exposing his tight red boxers to me. Thankfully he seemed to have a nice round bubble butt.

Hurry up dude he said as he jumped into the pool.

I did as he said and practically ripped off my clothes in order to get in there with that precious boy.

So dude, what you wanna do? asked Charlie as he swam around me.

Dont know, what do you have in mind? I asked as I watched him.

Well, how about if we race? asked Charlie with a somewhat cocky smile.

Fine, but we should up the stakes a bit I said.

Sure, but what do you have in mind? asked Charlie with a smile.

Loser has to take of his boxers I answered with a cocky smile of my own.

Fine said Charlie confidently.

Soon after, we were swimming as fast as we could towards the other side of the pool, I was winning, and there was no way I would allow myself to lose, I wanted to see him naked. I reached out my hand and touched the wall.

I won I screamed excitedly.

Damn it said Charlie as he tried to catch his breath.

You know what you have to do I said.

Charlie gave me a bothered look as he took off his boxers.

There you have it said Charlie as he threw his boxers behind him.

I smiled as I tried to catch a glimpse of his cock without him noticing.

You know what, how about another race? asked Charlie.

Fine, youll lose anyway I said.

And to make it interesting. Its all or nothing, winner gets to dare the loser to do anything said Charlie.

Sure I said with a confident smile.

This boy was digging up his own grave, Id have him sucking my cock in no time.

Once again we were off, racing back to where we had started, but I wasnt expecting him to grab my foot.

Let go I screamed as I stopped.

It was of no use, Charlie embraced me from behind, making sure I couldnt move my arms. But I really wasnt trying to free myself, I could feel how his cock was hardening against my ass, and I loved the way his chest felt against my back.

Seems someones enjoying this way too much I said as I looked back at him.

You wish, its just that you have a nice ass, probably even better than my girlfriends said Charlie as he gently grinded his cock against my ass.

I slowly reached down and managed to take my boxers off, it felt amazing having his cock between my butt cheeks.

How about you check it out, you know, to prove if my ass is better or not I said in a persuasive, lustful tone as I pressed my ass against his raging hard cock.

Well, if you insist said Charlie as he lowered his hands down to my waist.

I turned around and looked at him.

Need some help? I asked as I bit my bottom lip.

Sure he said as he licked his lips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and helped him place the tip of his cock onto my cock hungry ass.

Do it I whispered into his ear.

I moaned as his cock rapidly slammed into my ass, a rush of pain ran through by body, but it quickly subsided as pleasure took over. I backed away from him a bit before leaning in towards his lips. To my surprise he began to kiss me, it felt like some kind of thing lovers would do, fuck and kiss passionately in the pool. It felt amazing having him pound away at my ass since he did it in a beautiful rhythmic way, and he did the same with every single kiss. Somehow, for the first time, I felt I was actually being loved instead of just having casual sex. I was speechless, what was this boy, he made me feel amazing, needed, wanted, loved.

I clutched his hair with one hand and with the other I dug my fingers into his back as he began to speed up his thrusts, it felt amazing, and I was sure that I had finally found the right person for me, he was simply perfect.

Charlie broke the kiss and placed his chin on my shoulder.

This might sound strange, but do you love me? asked Charlie in a soft tone as he kept on pounding away at me.

The question caught me by surprise, did I love him? I wasnt sure, I had felt strange feelings many time before with Jack and Brent, but never as intense as this, I truly felt appreciated, not just like a sex toy.

Yes Charlie, I think I do love I answered.

Good, because I love you too he said as he slowly kissed my neck.

I was in lustful paradise, and I didnt want it to end, but I knew it had to happen as I began to feel his cock throb in my ass.

Fuck, Im going to cum said Charlie.

Go ahead, fill me up I pleaded erotically.

As soon as I finished saying that, he began to squirt his warm cum into me. It felt amazing.

Please, dont let go of me I said as I leaned my forehead against his.

Wasnt planning to he said as he kissed me.

There we stayed, kissing each other like if we were never going to see each other again, but I guess thats why I didnt want him to stop. I was going to go back to The Corporation, and he would stay here, with Logan. We had probably been kissing for about 5 minutes since his cock had softened inside me and slipped out.

I broke the kiss and looked at him, his stunning grayish eyes were looking straight into mine, then and there I knew, we didnt need words to express our feeling, our eyes reflected what we felt perfectly.

An hour had passed since we had left the pool, we were laying on the black leather couch together, to be more precise, I had my arms around his perfect naked body. Our hands were locked together, and I was kissing the back of his neck.

I wish this never ends I said.

Me neither, I want to stay like this forever said Charlie as he squeezed my hand.


As laid on my bed in The Corporation, I couldnt stop thinking about Charlie, but not only was I thinking about my feeling towards him, but about the heartache I felt after saying goodbye, and yet, it wasnt the worst part, it hurt a lot more having to lie to him when I said we would see each other soon. To be honest, I didnt even know if it was a possibility, but I guess it was for the better, it would have pained me a lot more if he found out that the only reason why we had met was because I was told to bring out his gay side.

Even then, knowing it was the best thing that could have happened, I was agonizing on the inside, my heart had been shattered and torn in so many ways.

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