The Comforting Older Sista

The Comforting Older Sista

Rashaan Holloway picked himself off the cold concrete. His sides ached. His head was throbbing in pain. Finding the strength to stand to his feet, he looked down at himself. His blue uniform shirt was torn at the collar. His black uniform pants were torn and dirty from the many things on the ground beneath him.

The eighteen year old high school senior had just been jumped. He'd just got his ass beat three motherfuckers that couldn't step to him one-on-one. But this what you dealt living in the Hood. Rashaan lived in a small two bedroom apartment with his mother Tia and his older sister, Ayesha. Placing a hand to his lips, he found that he was bleeding.

'This shit happen as soon as I get off the train, wouldn't it.' Rashaan thought in frustration as he began walking home.

Walking the streets of North Philadelphia, no one batted an eye at the sight of the battered young man walking by. All Rashaan got was stares, snickers, and folks commenting on his present condition. Rashaan tried not to let it bother him, but he was sick of this lifestyle. He lived in the Hood all his life and he was sick of it. He was sick of the homeless drunk on the corner. He was sick of the drug dealers and hustler trying to make some money by the train station. He was just tired.

That's why he studied hard. He was one of the smartest in his class. With how much his family instilled the foundation of books over the street, Rashaan was well on his way to being class Valedictorian when graduation time came around. His brain was going to be his ticket out of the Hood...away from all of this. His dream was a better life for his mother and sister.

Rashaan made it to his apartment building, stopping to take a breath. His sides ached every time he took a breath from the kicks to the ribs he suffered from the beat down. Walking into the building, he made a beeline for Apartment 235B. Placing his key in the lock, he opened the door. The apartment was silent as if no one was home. Rashaan liked this way as he deal with the emotional side of the beat down alone. He couldn't help, but notice the leftover box of Domino's pizza and a bottle of Grey Goose on the coffee table.

Rashaan went straight into the bathroom and closed the door. He looked at herself in the mirror. Tears rolled down his face as his examined his bloody nose and his upper lip that had a split right through the middle and was already starting to swell. Rashaan ran a rag under the water to clean his face.

He was about 5'11", slim, but muscular at the same time. His copper skin, chiseled jaw bones, and comely lips were the highlights of his beautiful face. His dark brown eyes were enticing; they could capture the attention of girl he wanted wherever he went. Rashaan whipped his head around and frowned as he heard a knock on the door.

"The door's open, shit!" he yelled as when his met in the middle, closing his mouth; it actually hurt.

The bathroom opened and through the mirror, Rashaan found that it was Ayesha standing on the other side. Having just come home from her boyfriend's house (and the long sex session they had), she felt as good as she looking. She was a twenty-one year old nurse at Temple Hospital and it was her day off. Her white ripped booty shorts hugged her hips and thighs in all the right places. Her small white tee barely covered her tiny waist and threatened to give out at any moment, exposing her full breasts. She had a few bracelets and her thick hair was atop her head, showing off her doll-like face.

Ayesha had an angel face with beautiful brown eyes and full lips with a mocha skin tone and long, black hair in a curly afro. Her body was well-stacked with that massive donkey booty she sat on accompanied by her DDs. What she was wearing didn't do her body justice.

Eyeing her brother, Ayesha already knew what had occurred. The boys in the neighborhood were always fucking with Rashaan and he didn't deserve one bit of it. He was smart, sweet, funny, and caring. He was raised to be that way. Rashaan was always getting into fights because most thought he was a bitch, but Ayesha knew better.

He'd been suspended from school multiple times for ending fights before they started. He'd broken a classmate's jaw in freshman year. He'd broken another student's arm in junior year. At the beginning of senior year, he'd broken someone's nose.

"You want me to call, Momma?" Ayesha quizzed.

"For what?" Rashaan snapped. "She's at work, so the bitch isn't gonna pick up the always."

Ayesha frowned, hearing Rashaan talk about their mother that way. However, she couldn't deny his words either. In truth, to make ends meet when Rashaan turned about eight and Ayesha was ten, their mother truly wasn't present in their home lives. Ayesha became a latchkey kid left to take care of Rashaan until she got home.

It was Ayesha, who made dinner. She was the one who helped Rashaan with his homework. Ayesha was the one who pushed him to be the absolute best version of himself possible. Ayesha took care of her brother in ways most people could never understand. ...And she was about to take care of him again.

Ayesha hugged her little brother from behind. She kissed the back of his neck. "It'll be alright, Rashaan." Her hands found their way underneath his shirt to caress his abs and mid-section. "Momma's working the night shift so she'll be back in the morning."

"What's the plan?" Rashaan wondered.

"Movies and drinks! Hurry up and change." Ayesha ordered him.

"I just got home, Ayesha. I need to shower first."

Ayesha frowned, but nodded, "Go shower and, but hurry up."

"Yes ma'am,"

Rashaan took a ten minute shower and changing, he was happy to be away from her for a minute. The sight of her had his dick bricking up. Yes, they were brother and sister, but if their mother knew what happened when she wasn't home...she'd lose her mind. In his senior year, Ayesha had introduced Rashaan to alcohol, weed...and sex.

Ayesha and Rashaan had been fucking since the start of senior when he turned eighteen. The sibling love became physical after Ayesha simply got tired of Rashaan stealing lustful glances and watching his dick hard around her. There were too many thots at his school that could hurt him or give him a disease that he couldn't get rid of. Frankly, she took matters into her own hands, taking his virginity.

When Rashaan came back into the living room, he was dressed in a black wife-beater and boxers. On the TV, his favorite movie Man of Steel began to play. Rashaan smiled because he knew Ayesha had put the movie just for him. Throughout the entire movie, Rashaan had his head in his big sister's lush chest as they cuddled. Tears fell from his eyes like in the bathroom. Ayesha was the only woman he could cry in front of. Ayesha's lips kissed his forehead and neck, soothing his spirit and that wasn't all she had in store. Two hours and thirty-eight minutes later Man of Steel was over and the pizza was gone and the bottle of Grey Goose stood empty on the coffee table. It was all good though as their stomachs were full and they weren't piss drunk, but the lightweights they were, they were drunk nonetheless.

"Hey, are you all right over there?" Ayesha asked with a slight slur, tapping Rashaan on the arm.

"Ahh," Rashaan breathed, feeling the alcohol's effect on him. "I'm—I think I'm okay."

"You're not going to throw up are you?"

Rashaan flagged her off, "I'm good, girl, but how are you doing?"

"I'm drunk like you, stupid."

"Yeah, looks whose a lightweight too, Miss Ayesha."

Ayesha nudged him playfully. "Shut up."

Rashaan nudged her back and the two began to play wrestle on the couch until they hit the floor. Ayesha was on top of her brother feeling his dick growing on her thigh. Time seemed to slow down as Ayesha slid down his body towards him, peeling his boxers down.

She was doing this because she cared for her little brother like one else. This wasn't seduction. This was pure love. She wanted him to good after what he went through earlier. Her mouth salivated at the sight of his nine inches. In slow motion, she took him in her mouth, time returning to normal speed as Ayesha's ear heard the sharp hiss that escaped Rashaan's lips, raising his hips some.

"Oh yeah, baby." Rashaan moaned, feeling her soft lips around his shaft.

He ran his fingers through her hair. "Mmmm, shit that mouth feels good."

Ayesha's mouth was wet and felt incredible. Rashaan watched his love stick go in and out of her mouth slowly. Ayesha damn sure knew how to suck a dick. She stroked the shaft and taking him to the back of her throat on every stroke deeper and deeper.

Ayesha coated Rashaan's cock with her saliva, twisting and turning his shaft at the same time. His head was spinning from the pleasure his sister was giving him. Then they turned up the sexiness. Ayesha found herself on her knees, looking up at Rashaan as he stood over her and begin to deliciously fuck her pretty face. Ayesha pussy getting wetter and wetter, her hand the inside of her shorts and she fondled her clit.

"Mmmmm! Damn, you're taking it good, ma. You just want it in your mouth or you want somewhere else?"

Ayesha took the dick from her mouth to speak. "Any hole is good; I got three that'll please you."

"Ahh, you're such a freak!"

Rashaan leaned her up and they had the sloppiest, most uncoordinated kiss of their lives. They found their way fully to the carpet floor, where Rashaan ripped Ayesha's shorts from her to reveal that she wore no panties underneath. She'd tasted him, so it was only right that he return the favor.

Eyeing the pussy, Ayesha had a nicely trimmed racing stripe down below, so he continued until he got there and he started to eat her slowly. The one thing Rashaan was real good at was eating pussy. He absolutely loved doing it and he was enjoying her large clitoris too as he sucked on it, sliding two fingers in and out of her.

"Yes! Yes, right there!" Ayesha warbled joyously. "Oh my God, yes!"

Ayesha's hands went to the back of Rashaan's head, jamming his face against her pussy and holding him there. Ayesha's hips swiveled, holding him in place. Her body tossed wildly on the floor and her legs swung from side to side. Rashaan clung to her thighs, sucking and licking harder and faster on her clit, giving her the utmost pleasure.

Ayesha was in heaven as she never had a man eat her out the way he was. She was about to have a powerful orgasm because of it. If his oral skills were like this she wondered if he could fuck like that too.

"Oooooh, yes, make me cum!" Ayesha moaned, grinding her hips faster and faster.

"I'm cumming!" she screamed, letting out a powerful orgasm.

Letting her come down from her orgasm, Rashaan waited a bit before the sex games could continue. He gave each of her butt cheeks a kiss, rising to his feet.

Ayesha looked over her shoulder and he caught him stroking his dick. "I see you're getting ready for me."

Rashaan smiled, bending her over the arm of the couch. "It's been ready for you, girl."

He gripped Ayesha's arms behind her and filled her with his sex snake.

"Ahh," she yelled, overtaken by the size of him.

Pumping slowly in and out, he swirled my hips and gave her ass a very light smack. He smirked as her back arched with every smack and every stroke. It took a minute, but they found their rhythm as Ayesha started pumping back to have him deeper inside, begging him not to stop.

Picking up his pace and pulling her hair, Rashaan whispered in her ear, "You like this big dick, Ayesha?"

Answering between strokes, Ayesha screamed, "Yes, I like that big dick. Don't stop, fuck me!"

Before she knew it, Rashaan pulled out and she'd been turned over. In a display of his strength, he lifted her up and placed her over the arm of the couch. Reentering, he removed her shirt, sucking on her titties. She arched her back up to give them to him, wrapping her legs around his waist.

While sucking on her right nipple, Rashaan gently squeezed the left one. Every so often, he'd flick his tongue over her nipple, just teasing it before sucking on it again. Ayesha began to moan softly as he kissed and sucked on her breasts and neck, her hands gripping his wife-beater.

"Fuck, your pussy's too good, Nice and tight." Rashaan groaned, thrusting hard, trying to make her feel it in her stomach.

"Yes, baby, don't stop, beat this pussy up!" Ayesha commanded, her eyes curling back in her head.

"Yeah, you like how I'm hitting this coochie? Yeah tell me not to stop, Ayesha. Let me hear you!"

"Don't stop, Rashaan! Fuck me! Make me cum! Take this pussy!"

Rashaan began giving her deep hard strokes, feeling his nut coming."

Cum, baby. Let them juices go." He urged, biting her neck like a vampire.

"Ahhh I feel it!! Yes!! I'm cumming!! Bite me harder!"

Sinking deeper into her neck, Rashaan let loose his juices inside her. "FUCK!!"

Both of their bodies trembled at the orgasms they had. Rashaan just serviced her more, Kissing, Ayesha's face, neck, and tits while their orgasms subsided.

When their breathing came back to normal, Rashaan spoke, still kissing on her. "Ahh, that was good."

"Mmmmm," Ayesha moaned, kissing him back. "Yes it was."

"Mmm, you were so good."

"Thank you, sis." Rashaan nestled his head in her chest, knowing she just let him fuck his pain and anger away. "You always know how to make me feel better."

The siblings cuddled up just the lock on the front door turned and there could only be one person with a key to enter their home...