The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop


He quickly undressed down to his boxers and they embraced, kissing and cuddling, enjoying the skin contact as their bodies pressed together.

When they parted, she kneeled and removed his boxers.

“Oh, my!” she exclaimed. Even soft, his cock was longer and thicker than average. She took it in her hand and gently massaged it, feeling it respond to her touch immediately. She watched in awe as she persuaded it to grow to its full majestic seven inches, longer and thicker than any she had ever seen or touched before. Accommodating it was not going to be easy. She wondered how much she could take in her mouth. She was quite proud of her deep-throating skills, but this cock was huge.

She masturbated him firmly with both hands as she licked the tip, swirling her tongue around it, enjoying Travis’s moans of pleasure. Then she kissed his cock from the tip all the way down to his balls and back up again, finally taking the whole of the enormous head in her mouth and sucking hard. Travis gasped. Working his shaft with one hand, she couldn’t touch her thumb with her fingers, it was so thick. She gently massaged his balls and began bobbing very slowly. She noticed that he seemed to have bigger than average balls, and wondered if they would shoot a bigger than average load.

Each time she bobbed she took a little more of his length into her mouth. His cock was so thick that even with her mouth wide open he was a tight fit, and she was wary of catching his more sensitive areas with her teeth. She sucked hard as she took him in a little deeper, and brushed her tongue over the tip as she withdrew. He gasped and moaned with pleasure.

She gagged the first time the tip hit the back of her throat. Making a conscious effort to open her throat wider she did it again, taking him deeper. Slowly and steadily she swallowed more and more of his length into her throat with each bob until, eventually, her nose nuzzled up against his stomach.

She couldn’t believe it! She had the whole of his steel-hard seven inches in her mouth. She could feel it sliding in and out of her throat, filling it to capacity. It felt magnificent.

“Oh god,” he moaned. “No-one’s ever managed to do that before.”

Withrawing him completely from her mouth, she looked up at him.

“Fuck my face,” she breathed. “Hard and fast. I want to swallow your load.”

He did as she asked. Putting his hands on the back of her head to prevent her pulling away, he plunged his full length straight back down her throat, making her gag. Holding her firmly, he began pumping his hips as fast as he could, squashing her nose against his stomach with every thrust.

Her breathing was staccato. He could hear her sucking in and blowing out tiny little breaths as he repeatedly rammed his cock down her throat. This girl was good, and her mouth and throat felt amazing. Thrusting his hips even faster, he felt his cock throbbing, each pulse growing stronger and coming quicker than the last. Suddenly he was cumming. Grunting loudly, he jammed her face against his body and held it there as he pumped spurt after spurt of his hot semen down her throat, directly into her stomach.

When he released her, they were both breathless. He sat on the bed and she straddled him. Wrapping their arms around each other, they kissed and cuddled for a while. Tiffany’s mind was in a whirl. She could scarcely believe she had just taken the whole of his massive cock down her throat and was proud of herself. He would need time to recover before she could ride him, so it was his turn to pleasure her now.

She stood up and stepped back from him, letting him watch as she removed her bra. Then she turned her back to him and bent at the waist as she took off her panties, showing him everything she had. As she turned to face him again, he saw that she was clean-shaven and nodded with approval.

She looked stunning. She was beautiful, with a remarkable figure that she clearly worked hard to keep in perfect condition. Her long smooth legs swelled out to curved shapely hips, accentuated by her tiny waist, and topped by perfectly proportioned breasts; full, round and firm-looking, with large, inviting nipples pointing slightly heaven-wards. She took his breath away. Everything about her was heavenly.

She straddled him again, as he cupped her breasts and squeezed them gently. They were firm, with soft warm skin, and her nipples were already hardening to his touch. She pushed him onto his back and shuffled forward, lowering first one breast and then the other to his mouth, so that he could suck her nipples as he continued to massage her breasts.

She let him continue for several minutes, thrilling at the sensations shooting through her body from her nipples down to her groin. She was hot and wet. She wanted to feel his mouth between her legs.

Rolling off him, she laid on her back with her legs spread wide, and Travis knew what she was asking him for. Starting with one foot, he planted tiny delicate kisses from her toes all the way up to her inner thigh, stopping at the crease, just short of the delicate lips that awaited his attention. He kissed up and around her mons, avoiding direct contact with her clitoris, down the crease at the top of her other thigh, and down to her other foot.

He repearted this several times until she was squirming her hips, trying to get him to kiss her clit. When he laughed, knowing how much he was teasing her, she grabbed his head with both hands and mashed his lips against her, grinding her hips up and down and moaning loudly with relief.

He flickered his tongued, parting her already wet lips and making direct contact with her clit, and she moaned louder. Then he sucked it gently and she arched her back, gasping.

He gently slid one finger inside her, finding and massaging her g-spot as he began flickering his tongue over her clit again. Gradually increasing the speed and pressure of both, he felt her responding. Her body undulated beneath him, and her breathing grew ragged.

She started making soft humming sounds as he continued to lick and massage her, the pitch and volume rising to a loud cry as her whole body shuddered and spasmed in full-blown orgasm for what felt like an age to her, until she could take it no longer and pushed his head away.

Travis laid on his back next to her, and she rolled towards him, cuddling into him as she recovered.

After a few minutes, he felt Tiffany’s hand travel from his chest down across his stomach, until her fingers curled around his resting cock. It slowly came to life as she gently squeezed and tugged it. She felt it thicken and stiffen in response to the touch of her fingers.

Once he was fully erect, she straddled him. Poised above him, she guided the tip of his cock to her opening and lowered herself onto it. She felt the swollen head pressing against her as her body resisted and then yielded, taking the first inch inside her. He already felt too wide for her and she paused. Slowly and cautiously, she slid herself further down onto him feeling her insides being stretched every inch of the way, but she was still wet, and he entered her smoothly and easily.

She paused most of the way down onto him, already aware that the head of his cock was pushing up against her cervix. She pulled up and slid down to the same point several times, preparing herself before gently sinking down all the way. The pressure pushing up against her insides was intense for a few moments, but then it subsided as her body adapted and finally accommodated his full length. She sighed with pleasure and relief.

Travis reached up and cupped Tiffany’s breasts again, massaging them, and caressing and pinching her nipples as she began to roll her hips.

She discovered very early in her sex life that she preferred to be on top at least some of the time. Maybe it was youthful inexperience, but most young men didn’t seem to know how to use their cocks to please her. They knew what felt good for them and focused on that. When she was on top, she was in control, and found she could use a guy’s cock to make herself feel good. Once she had cum, she liked to lie beneath him and let him pound her hard and fast. That could also make her cum if he had enough stamina, but that wasn’t too important if she’d already cum once. She just enjoyed getting fucked that way.

Travis’s cock was definitely the biggest that Tiffany had ever ridden, and not only did it feel amazing to be completely filled by such an enormous beast, she found she could ride it more enthusiastically than any other she’d had without worrying it might accidently pop out and interrupt the flow.

She ground down on it as hard as she could, leaning forward and supporting her weight on the wall above the bed. Travis’s attention to her nipples was turning her on, sending divine tingling sensations rippling through her body, and she ground her clit relentlessly against his pubic bone, feeling her second orgasm boiling up inside her.

He sensed she was getting closer and began rocking his hips in perfect timing with her, penetrating her even deeper, heightening the intensity of the orgasm that ripped through her just moments later, her inner muscles pulsing and squeezing his cock tight, trying to suck him in deeper and milk him dry.

As her orgasm slowly faded away, she collapsed onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and, without coming out of her, he flipped her over so that she was beneath him. Spreading his knees wide, either side of her hips, he lifted her legs high. He pinned her hands to the pillow either side of her head and began fucking her.

His first few thrusts were slow and gentle, but then he quickly increased his pace and strength until he was slamming himself into her with every ounce of his strength, ramming her deeply as fast as he could.

Tiffany had barely recovered from her second orgasm, and she was suddenly on her back with that enormous beast pounded her so hard she thought she might be seriously injured, but it felt glorious. Way too good to stop. Her body agreed. Just as the last pulses of her previous orgasm dissipated new ones began welling up inside her, but this wasn’t a clitoral orgasm it was vaginal. Her inner muscles convulsed and spasmed involuntarily, clutching at the enormous cock plunging into her, until her nerve-endings fired uncontrollably. She felt she was on fire inside, and then so hot that she was melting, turning to boiling water, and all the time her inner muscles were throbbing and pulsing. She knew she was screaming but couldn’t stop.

Neither could Travis. Panting hard, he drove himself on. Tiffany was incredibly tight, and soaking wet, and the feeling was incredible. The pressure building inside him was insane. His cock was throbbing like a lighthouse and getting stronger and stronger. Each pulse came faster than the last. With each thrust, he could feel himself slamming into Tiffany’s cervix. He could feel her orgasming, her muscles clenching and releasing him non-stop as she wailed in uncontrollable ecstasy, and it pushed him over the edge.

His own orgasm hit him like an erupting volcano, with intense explosion after intense explosion, until even after it had stopped, he could still feel his semen streaming out of him for several seconds longer.

It took a while for them both to recover, stretched out on the bed. Tiffany realised that they hadn’t used a condom. The thought hadn’t even entered her mind once they had started. She was glad. Covering up that magnificent seven-inch beast to sit on it would have been a wasted opportunity. She was glad she had felt it for real. Skin on skin. Bareback. She was on the pill, so getting pregnant wasn’t an issue, which was just as well, because his bigger than average balls did indeed shoot bigger than average loads.

Eventually, Travis sat up.

“Come on. Let’s get a shower.”

Tiffany shook her head. “No. I can’t get up. I’ve got no bones.”

He pulled her to her feet and led her to the bathroom. Turning on the shower, he stepped into the cubicle and pulled her in behind him. He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She responded, as they let the warm water cascade over their bodies. They lathered up with soap and washed each other.

When they were dressed, they sat in his kitchen. He poured her a drink and prepared some food for them. As they sat eating, he smiled at her. “So, are you glad you got to wrap your hands, mouth, and bits around my big meaty cock, then?”

She returned his smile. “My hands and mouth, definitely. As for my bits, I’ll let you know if I can still walk tomorrow.”

They laughed.

Then she added, “thinking about it, the more we do it, the quicker my bits will get used to it. Shall we do it again tomorrow night?”;u=1522306