The Cedar Street Chronicals - Chapter 2: The Wright Family and Carmen

The Cedar Street Chronicals - Chapter 2: The Wright Family and Carmen


I licked up and down in a slow rhythm only touching her clit this time, and pumped my finger in and out of her. "mmmmmm" or "oohhhhhhhh" was the only thing I heard from her, and I started to suck her clit harder as if it was a mini dick, pulling my lips up, then down, and sliding another finger inside, Scott was kissing the back of her shoulder and had a tit in each hand, softly squeezing them. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open, and she was grinding into my face, "Oh my god......please don't stop.....oh--ahhhhhhh yes, that feels so damn good!" Her heels began to dig into my back and I knew she was close, and I licked quickly, and pumped my fingers inside of her as fast as I could. Her back arched, then she jerked forward and her breathing stopped, Scott kept squeezing her breasts, but with more force, then I heard "OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!" And her juiced flowed onto my tongue and down my chin. I swallowed, got on my knees, leaned forward and kissed her. She immediately licked my tongue, then my chin, and smiled, then sat up, and moved away from Scott and sat next to me. He gave me a curious look not knowing what she had in mind. Then she said "Do you give Vanessa oral sex?" and Scott simply answered "yes" then she said "Do you mind if we try something?" and he said "What ever you'd like." Then she had Scott lay flat on the bed and asked me to take off my panties and bra, I did. Then she had me straddle his face while she laid between his legs. She said "I'd like to pleasure you, while you pleasure her." and we said it would be no problem. Before he started, I looked down at him and blew him a kiss, and winked at me and smiled. I love him. Then I saw him lower his eyes, then lick his lips and knew she had started.


I was underneath Vanessa, and Carol had grabbed my dick and began to rub it. I found Vanessa's clit, and slowly licked it once, then looked at her. And licked it once again, she was growing impatient, and she was already really wet from going down on Carol. Then I flicked her clit back and fourth a few times, and stopped, she made an angry face and taped me on the side of the head, I laughed but began to groan as I felt Carol lower her warm mouth onto the tip of my dick. Then I started to eat Vanessa the way she liked it, suck-suck-suck, lick-lick-lick. suck-suck-suck, lick- lick-lick. It was hard to actually put a finger inside her from my angle, so instead, I slithered my tongue inside her hole as deep as I could, and rubbed her clit with my fingers. I moaned when Carol began to lick, and deep throat me, I could feel myself touching the inside of her cheeks, then the back of her throat. I fingered Vanessa harder and moved my tongue in circles while it was still inside her. Then she moaned on my dick, the vibrations drove me crazy! My guess was that she was fingering herself. But as soon as I felt that, I let out a long "MMMMMM" on Vanessa's pussy, and she shut her eyes and started to rock forward on my face.

Then Carol stopped and said "am I allowed to ride it?" and I stopped licking and said "Yes" in unison with Vanessa, then continued eating her. I felt her inch her way down on me, and saw her arms wrap around Vanessa's waist, then heard her gasp when she was all the way down. She was VERY tight, I loved that about the women on Cedar Street, every single last one of them was tight. She began to slowly ride me and was kissing Vanessa on the back of the neck, while slowly rubbing her tits. Vanessa was moaning loudly and leaning back on Carol, then she said "Doggie Style" and Vanessa, with weak knees, slowly rose up from my face, and sat on the bed, while Carol surprisingly pushed her back and began to eat her with her own ass in the air, signaling me to enter from behind. I slowly pushed inside her pussy, while she began to vigorously pump her fingers inside of Vanessa and suck on her clit. I started to fuck her pushing and pulling my dick inside and outside of her. Then I leaned forward and kissed her spine while I rubbed her clit She moaned while her shoulders tightened up. Vanessa was squirming, and gripping the sheets "Ooooo.....yes right there.....ohhhh fuck I'm cumming!" and I began to fuck Carol harder while Vanessa began to cum. She was bucking, and lifted her hips up, as Carol was rubbing hard, and beginning to moan louder herself. "AHHhhhhhhhh! She screamed, and slowly lowered her hips back down on the bed, and blushed.

I already knew she'd squirted on Carol's face. Then Carol moved her hands away from Vanessa and put them on the be as she threw her head back and said "OOhhhhh my god, Scott--Fuck me harder!" Well, she didn't have to tell me twice, as I gripped her shoulder and rammed my dick inside of her as hard as I could. Vanessa slid underneath Carol, grabbed her chin, and licked her cheek. then she started to massage her tits while they made out and I continued to fuck Carol then I heard, "Jesus! I'm about to cum!" and I rubbed her clit faster while making my strokes faster, then I felt her pussy tighten up and her body shake, then she screamed so loud I thought I had hurt her. I slowed down, then stopped as she collapsed on Vanessa. I was a little bit concerned, but I knew it was just her cumming hard.. Then Vanessa gently got up from underneath Carol and began to suck me off, knowing I had not yet cum, but within minutes she had me almost there so I had to ask "where do you want me to cum?". Before she could answer it, Carol jumped up and said "In my mouth!.....I've never tasted it before.....can you?" I looked down at Vanessa who just smiled, and we both said yes, then Carol got on all fours in front of me and held her mouth open and I jacked off until I shot four times into her mouth. I sighed, fell back and looked at her, then she swallowed and said "It was way better than I expected, I actually liked it....I will defiantly try that again." then out of nowhere, Vanessa said "Which part?" as she was pulling up her jeans. Carol stood up and found her panties then said "Every single last one of them." then smiled. I looked over at Vanessa who looked happy, and we all finished putting on our clothes.

We went downstairs, and asked which boxes did she want us to start with. She looked confused and I knew why. "Carol, we said we were going to help you unpack, and like Carmen told you, we will pleasure you, but were also your friends, and we help you too." Vanessa nodded and Carol smiled.
We helped her unpack all day, leaving few boxes left, that she decided to give to charity. We both had a great time with her, chatting, dancing to her radio, playing around, and occasional stopping for a few "breaks". She's got a beautiful energy about her and reminds me allot of my wife, and I knew I'd grow to like her more and more each time I was with her, just like all of the other women of the cul-de-sac.

We left about two hours before her husband came home, giving her some time to shower and cook, but we made it a point to tell her to inform her husband of what went on, because it was not a secret and he would appreciate her honesty. Besides, he'd come home with news to tell her too.
As soon as Vanessa and I got home we took a completely innocent shower together, toweled each other off, and dressed each other for bed. Then we cooked together, and fed one another. Before we got in bed, the phone rang and the caller I.D. read Carmen and Tony's phone number, and I handed it to Vanessa.
I answered.
"Hi!" it was Tony "How was your date?" I told him "It was great, she was way more out going then we had both expected, and we think she enjoyed herself......the only problem we have is that we think she still may not think we're all sincere" he sighed "we'll just have to convince her otherwise." I smiled "Right!" then he said "We'll Evie Grant and Melissa Stone said their date with David went great, I'll have them both call you tomorrow. For now Carmen says she's going over to personably explain more about The Family."

"Awe, I'm glad to hear everything is going good so far, and you two sleep well tonight, we love you!" Scott pulled at my thong and said "Good night Tony!" loud enough to be heard through the phone. Tony laughed and said "I see you have business to take care of, we love you too, good night." and he hung up.
I told Scott every thing that was said on the phone, he looked ok about all of it. We made love that night, and were very proud of each other. I was also excited to hear about David's date.

I arrived around midnight, they looked like they had just gotten ready for bed. "Good evening you two, we need to talk." They looked worried, I smiled, they were so cute when they got scared. "Sit next to each other." They both sat on the love seat while I sat on the couch across from them. "Don't worry, I already know about both of your dates, and I'm very impressed, I'm only here to give you a better idea of what we're about." They smiled."The Family was started long ago, by people who felt that love in a marriage alone wouldn't be enough to keep yourself, or your partner happy, and it would most likely end in divorce anyway. My mother joined, and raised me in The Family, I didn't loose my virginity until I was married, and I didn't even fully join the family until my marriage with Anthony had gotten rocky. My mother suggested moving here, and ever since we've never been happier, and I I love him more each day." Carol laced her fingers between David's and held his hand. "Your not a full member until you have been with every member of The Family, we feel it would make you connect on every single level." David looked at me shocked. I laughed "Don't worry, if your not bi-sexual or what ever like that, then you don't have to be with a member of the same sex, that part won't count against you at all." he let out a sigh of relief. "But every member of The Family should be left feeling like you love them, like you wanted them for more than sex, you spend time with them, granted, your firsts had to leave immediately after your meeting, it will never be like that unless you both don't have allot of time, and you BOTH want it." they both nodded. I continued "I'm sure each time you make love with anyone, you'll learn something new, or at least EXPERIENCE something new."

Then I stood up and sat on the coffee table right in front of them. "If you don't mind, I'd like to see you kiss each other." Then Carol turned sideways and placed her hand on David's cheek. He leaned in and kissed her, softly at first, then he ran his hand up her thigh and held onto her hip. She kissed him then pulled back and looked him in the eyes, and placed her forehead against his, then he bit her lip while still looking at her, and rubbed his nose against hers, she closed her eyes. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed him back, and slowly licked the inside of his lips, he grabbed her ass, causing them to grind into each other. He grunted, she slid her tongue completely inside his mouth, and I couldn't see what was going on inside, but what ever she did made him slip hid hands inside her shorts and squeeze her bare ass. She forcefully pushed her pelvis into his and she moaned. I stood up, and they didn't stop until I said "Enjoy your night you two." Then Carol jumped up, and blushed."Um....sorry, good night Carmen." I laughed and let her walk me out. As soon as she closed the door I heard a thump, and she squealed, then David laughed,and groaned. I knew they were up against the door getting ready to defiantly enjoy their night. I liked them.

To Be Continued......Maybe.

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