The Bullpen Pt. 02

The Bullpen Pt. 02

The papers were signed. I was officially the new secretary for the men's section of the Johnson Industries Marketing Department. By mutual decision we decided that it was a better idea to wait and hash out the dirtier details of our new arrangement until I was all moved into the penthouse with them. Luckily, it was a Friday afternoon, so I had plenty of time to move in and prepare myself for my first official day at the office.

Kasady called the aide from earlier, Jack O'Reilly, up to the front desk so he could see what he wanted. After a chat and some paper signing, Kasady turned to me.

"Dearest, are you okay waiting to go to your apartment until we get off? I don't want you going alone."

"My super told me I had to be out by three or he'd sell all my stuff. It's already noon I have to go now and pack."

He was obviously conflicted, biting his lip as he sorted through his options. Suddenly, Jack spoke up.

"Sir, I can take her if you'd like." Kasady looked him up and down slowly, weighing his intentions, before smiling.

"Thank you Jack, that would be a great help."

After making sure everything is settled, Jack escorts me to the elevator and presses the button for the lobby.

"So...I work here now. I'm a secretary." I said, breaking the silence. He smiled at me, and nodded.

"Yes, I guessed as much. How much do you know?"

"I mean, I know my responsibility to my side of the department and all. But I don't know what you do."

His smile grows a fraction, showing teeth. I'm suddenly a bit intimidated.

"I'm a switch, dear. I dominate the secretaries and I submit to the doms, when someone else is needed for the action. I work with both the men and the women in the office, and my duties are...flexible." His eyes raked over me as he said it, tongue sweeping over his teeth. I shivered. He laid a hand on the center of my back, pulling me closer, just as the bell dinged. He chuckled as he pulled his hand away, straightening his jacket and offering me his arm.

"Shall we, milady?"

The taxi ride is...uneventful, to say the least, but we soon arrive at my old apartment. It takes a decent amount of time to move out, if only because of all the broken trash we had to haul to the dumpster out back. When we finished, I had three bags. We made it downstairs in one trip.

I sat down on a bench next do the door, reflecting on how my entire life was now packed in three bags. They seemed so small, so sad, so...pathetic. Jack seemed to sense my mood as he sat beside me.

"You's okay to be sad. It's a big move. But you know that Kasady and the boys would never, ever hurt you the way he did. He's your past. They're your future. I'm your future too, even as a friend. You know that, right?"

I nodded slowly, still feeling a bit lost in it all. His hand slid under my chin, pulling my face up to look in his eyes. "Say you understand, darling."

His eyes were so pretty. They're deep and intense and filled with a darkness that was so enticing that I forget the question. His hand slides down, gentle but firm as it wraps around my throat. His hand is perfectly positioned so that I'm breathing fine, but can still feel every ounce of pressure he exerts. "I gave you a command, pretty girl. I expect it to be followed. Now say, 'I understand, sir'."

"I I understand, sir." I'm quiet, shy, but he seems quite satisfied as he lets me go. He drapes an arm over my shoulder, grinning as he calls Kasady.

"Hey, Kas...oh no, everything's fine, I just need a refresher on the address. Alyssa? Oh, she's doing great, we're getting along quite well...yes she is much better than the last one. Yes sir, we're all packed up and ready to go. Just need the address and a cab...Alrighty, 12 Grand Avenue, 35th floor. See you there. Goodbye."

After another uneventful cab ride, we arrive at a gorgeous building, all columns and Marble and gilt edges, practically glittering with possibility. After a quick chat with the doorman, we are escorted into a private elevator and sent upstairs. The doors open to the most gorgeous apartment I've ever seen. A lot of it was modern, with clean lines, a large iron and wood staircase, and big windows, but the rest made the space feel cozy, like the giant leather sofa and armchairs, and the exposed brick fireplace. I saw the boys in every detail, and felt utterly comfortable. As the doors dinged closed behind us, Josh popped his head out of the kitchen, grinning, with a little chefs hat on his head. "Good, you're here! Just in time for dinner. Please, come in, sit. The rest of us are upstairs changing, but they'll be down soon. Come on, don't be shy!"

Jack placed his hand on my back and led me into the kitchen, guiding me to one of the stools at the island and sitting me down. Josh smiled at me over the counter, briefly looking up from the assorted pots and pans in front of him. Whatever it was, it smelled delicious and Italian.

"So, dear, how did everything go? Did anyone give you any trouble?"

"No sir. Everything went fine. Just a lot of trash to clean up. How was your day?"

Josh grinned, pleased. He told me all about the goings on at the office, amusing me with corny jokes and silly puns. He was very sweet, and time passed quickly until dinner. I helped Josh carry the food, eager to please. The boys all filed down from upstairs, smiling and complimenting Josh on the food. They each gave me a gentle touch as they walked by, caressing my arm or back before sitting down. Kasady sat on one end of the table, with Jack at the other, and the boys lined up along the length of the table. One spot was left for me, between Kasady and James. James stood and pulled the chair out for me. I sat down, thanking him shyly, and he pressed a kiss to my forehead before sitting down himself.

Kasady stood up, clinking his glass and waiting for the quiet conversation to cease. He turned to me with a smile.

"Alyssa, we'd like to formally welcome you to our home. We're all so excited to have you here with us. The guest room is being prepared and painted; it should be ready to move in in a few days, but for tonight you'll stay with one of us. We'll decide who later, but before that, we have dinner, dessert, and rules. So dig in! You'll need your energy for tonight, darling."

He pet my head, sat down, and started eating, as if he'd said nothing of consequence. I'd sleep with one of them tonight? Who? What did he mean by rules? It made me nervous, what if one made me uncomfortable? Would I be allowed to say something? Or would I just have to grin and bear it? I could feel myself working up into a panic, so I tried to take calming breaths and eat my food. My fork clinked quietly against my plate, and I took a shaky bite of the food. It was yummy, some sort of gnocchi in marinara, but I was having a hard time to focus on the food. Suddenly, James grabbed my hand and took my fork from me.

"You're going to hurt yourself baby. Stop. Tell me what's wrong." His tone brooks no argument, and I gulp.

"I-I'm ok. I'm just a little anxious, is all." I look down at my lap, avoiding his eyes. His hand wraps under my chin and tilts my face back up, not letting me go. His eyes are intense and focused, dark.

"Anxious about what, baby? I need more than that. And don't just say you're okay, I don't tolerate lying."

Something deep in me responds pleasantly to this treatment, contentedly stretching and purring like a cat in the sunshine. Resistance never enters my mind.

"I don't know what he means by rules and I'm nervous about being uncomfortable with one and not being able to say anything and I'm nervous that there might be so many that I break one without realizing and I'm nervous that I won't be as good as your old secretary and I'm nervous about who I'll be spending the night with and what they'll expect."

His eyes crinkle with mirth, and I pout. I thought he was making fun of me, but he took my hands and gently addressed my concerns.

"What we mean by rules is a list of expectations for both sides. Hard lines, soft lines, chores, responsibilities and the like. It's nothing long or scary, just to keep everyone on the same page. If you forget or break one on accident, it's okay, just as soon as you can, tell us and explain. It's better for you to tell us than us to find out. Our old secretary already has nothing on you, and you get to choose who you spend the night with and how you spend it. Okay?"

"Okay. Thank you, sir. I feel much better now."

He grins, letting me go and giving my fork back. "Now eat, baby. You need your energy. Things get fun after dinner."

When all the food was eaten and the dishes were cleared and cleaned, Jack bid us farewell and we gathered in the big living area. The couch was so soft that I sank right into it, sighing in absolute contentment. Will and Dante sat on either side of me, taking my hands and holding them. I grimaced at a kink in my left wrist, and Will immediately got concerned and started rubbing on it for me. It would take a while to get used to all this but I wasn't really complaining too much. Being taken care of was...really nice. As we all got settled, Kasady sat patiently in the most prominent chair, obviously the leader.

"All right, let's get started. First off, Alyssa, please go through your hard limits with us. Then we can go over soft limits, safe words, and then basic rules. Then it's time to have some fun."

I squirmed in my chair, shy.

"Go on sweetness. Tell us the boundaries".

"Well...I'm not a huge fan of pain. Like I can do some stuff but knife play is scary and I don't really like degradation. But I like ropes, and obviously I like groups and a little roughness. I'd like to wait a while before we do anal again, I'm hesitant to try blindfolding, and I really like to cuddle after sex. My usual safe word is violet, or three two-finger taps for when I'm gagged. Is there anything else?"

They smiled at me, lust creeping into their eyes. Dante practically purred.

"Just rules, dear. 1, if one of us, included you, is not in the mood we respect that. Consent is key. 2, safe words are absolute. 3, aftercare must ALWAYS be done after sex. 4, if you're not having a good time, safe word. 5, if you need someone to talk to privately, everything you say unless you're in immediate danger is confidential. We'll discuss chores later. For now it's time to pick who you'll stay with tonight, and then we get to play with you."

I suddenly remembered that Kasady had never told me Stephen's kink. He was lounging elegantly on an armchair, his shirt unbuttoned past his collar, his tattoos elegantly climbing up his neck. He had a glass of something in his hand, and his eyes were directly on me.

"Stephen, please. If it's okay with him?"

His eyes flashed, pleased, as his mouth curled into a grin.

"I'd be delighted to spend milady's first night with her. Would you like anyone to join us or do I get you all to myself while you get...acclimated."

I remembered again that Matt liked to watch, and I smiled. "I'd like Matt to be there, if he chooses."

They both grin, and Stephen knocks back the last of his drink before standing and taking my hand. "Say goodnight to the rest of the boys, sweetness."

"Goodnight everyone. Sweet dreams."

A chorus of good nights followed the three of us upstairs as we went to Stephen's room.

His hand was very soft around mine, and his tattoos were a stark contrast to my bare skin. When we arrived, he opened the door, and I gazed astonished at the beautiful room.

One wall was entirely glass, with the others all painted red. It was huge, with black carpet and a beautiful four poster bed clad in red bedcovers. Across from the bed was a tv stand with a huge television, and behind the bed was a wall of bookshelves. But it wasn't books adorning these shelves. It was toys, of all shapes and sizes and colors and materials. Some I recognized, most I didn't. As I walked in a realized the wall beside the bed had the same bookshelves, with even more toys. I was suddenly intimidated, wondering what if gotten myself into. Matt looked like a kid in a very naughty candy store. A chair was already all set up for him next to the bed, and he bee lined for it. When he was all settled, Stephen turned to me with a glint in his eyes.

"So, how much did Kasady tell you about my particular brand of dominance?"

I shivered at his tone.

"Nothing really. He told me everyone else's but not yours."

"Ah, wonderful. I do some love it when I get to introduce it myself. I'm into any kind of dominance you can possibly think of. I'm always in a different mood, every single time you come to my bed you'll get something new. I'm flexible but one thing stays the absolute same." He leans close, curling an arm around my back. "I'll always make you scream my name."

With that he picked me up and shoved me up against the nearest wall, thigh shoved between my legs and lips vacuum sealed to my neck. I moaned in surprise, wrapping my legs around his hips as he ground against me. The onslaught of sensation made my head spin, as his hands and lips traveled everywhere the could reach, never letting me rest for a moment. Somehow, in all of this, he'd gotten his shirt undone. I immediately slid my hands across the tight, soft skin, digging my fingernails in his back during a particularly well placed thrust. He growled deep at the feeling, lifting me up again and effortlessly tossing me onto the bed. Before I had time to think he was on me again, shirt fully off as his hands slid up my shirt and pulled at my bra. Fabric shredded as he ripped my shirt open in front, exposing my thinly clad chest to the air. He tilted a bit, and I realized it was so Matt could get the best view possible. Suddenly shy to have two men looking at me, I tried to fold my arms over my chest. I wasn't exactly model thin; about 80 pounds heavier than that, with stretch marks to boot. With my skin growing cold in the sudden influx of air, all of these thoughts came rushing back to me, trying to pull me out of the space Stephen created.

But he wasn't having any of that.

With a feral growl, he grabbed something off a shelf above my head and tore my arms away from my chest. With a sudden clink, and a soft feeling enclosing my wrist, I realized what he'd grabbed. A pair of handcuffs trimmed in red velvet. He put a second pair on my other wrist and clamped them to the bed as far apart as I could comfortably bare. I had no choice but to be utterly helpless before them. Matt made a strangled sound, rubbing the front of his pants. Stephen smiled smugly, pleased with his work, before turning to the bottom half. He grabbed the hem of my pants, pulling them off swiftly before backing off of my entirely and just enjoying the view. Matt groaned, and undid his belt and button before pulling out an absolutely gorgeous cock. I'm sure my eyes were the size of plates as I drooled over his beautiful shaft, amazingly long, and I felt a rush of wetness to my panties. Stephen chuckled darkly, and my already drenched panties dripped on the comforter. He came over and gently pulled my legs apart, before dragging a finger over the wet fabric, pleased with what he found.

Reaching into the nightstand drawer, he grabbed a pair of scissors. He crawled over me, surrounding me as he made his first snip, severing my bra right between my tits. They shuddered as they released, falling from the binding fabric that held them. Two more snips severed the straps, and he lifted up my shoulders before sliding it out from under me. His hands wrapped eagerly around my tits, growling in delight as they spilled from his grasp. He leaned down and wrapped his mouth around one nipple, sucking deeply as he pulls on the other. My body shakes as he feasts on my chest, biting and sucking and groping to his hearts content. I was shaking and gasping, the stimulation driving me closer and closer to the edge.

"Stephen. I'm-" a shudder overtook my body, rubbing my core against my soaked panties and I moaned. He grinned wide.

"Ah, my pet is so sensitive. Are you going to cum for me my baby girl?"

I nodded frantically, gasping and sweating.

Then, he pulled off me entirely.

"No!" I cried, desperate for more, craving him everywhere. Matt groaned loud, his cock jumping in his hand as it slides through.

Stephen laughs, unbuckling his belt and sliding off his slacks. There's no underwear to be seen, just a cock as glorious as Matt's. Not quite as long, but amazingly thick, the kind of cock that would rip you in half but leave you begging for more. I whimpered, pulling at my cuffs, wanting nothing more than to worship that beautiful shaft. He came closer, and I pulled harder, straining for it, but he just grabbed the scissors and laughed. Walking along the bed, he reached my hips, and with two more careful snips he exposed my dripping cunt to the air. The rush of cold left me tingling, and I spread my legs, wanting more.

"Fuck, you're so perfect..." Matt groaned, precum dripping from his beautiful tip.

"Yes, she is." Stephen slides onto the bed

again, pressing against me until his cock is level with my aching hole.

"Tell me what you want, pet. Say my name."


With a deep groan, he drives into me, as far as he can go. I grit my teeth at the pain; I've never had anyone as thick as him. He let me adjust, sweat dripping off him as he tried to keep from moving. Eventually I relaxed and wound my legs around his waist, kissing his chest and nodding to let him know I was okay. With a fantastic growl, he started plunging into me over and over, a feral beast taking his prey. I came almost immediately, but he kept going, spearing me again and again and pushing me over the edge so many time that I was practically insane when he started to twitch. He stiffened, bending down and biting my neck hard as he jumped again before shooting deep into me. I squeezed my legs tighter, bringing him in deeper as he spasmed inside me. I came once more as I felt his warm cum coat my insides, claiming me for the first time. He reached up and released both my cuffs, allowing me to reach around his back and dig my fingers in as we both finished, dripping with sweat and contentment. I turned my head blearily to see Matt had climaxed as well, and was cleaning himself off. Stephan collapsed beside me, pulling me close against his chest, pulling the blanket over us and wrapping his legs around mine, still inside me. I heard a rustle of fabric and smiled when an unclothed Matt joined us under the covers, his chest pressed against my back and his arms around my waist. His breathing ruffled my hair and he pressed a gentle kiss to my neck before settling in. Stephen pressed a kiss to my forehead. When I fell asleep, it was the most restful sleep I'd had in a very long time.