The Big House Ch. 02

The Big House Ch. 02

As Sophie climbed the stairs following in Katarina's wake her feet were rasped by the coarse carpeting. This part of the house did not compare to the opulence she had seen before. The carpeting ended and the final flight was on bare boards leading to a small landing. Her head was still whirling, and questions tumbled through her mind like water down a cascade. Katarina stopped and turned to Sophie.

"We have lots to do and little time to do it, so I expect your full cooperation. But first let me introduce you to the others."

She twisted a brass handle and pushed open a door. There was a quick squeal of surprise from within and Sophie was just in time to see a blond head disappear under the bed covers. Katarina strode into the room and Sophie followed sheepishly behind her.

"Fleur. Rosie. Whatever you're doing you can stop right now. You have a visitor."

One after the other two blond heads appeared from under the bed clothes. One had short hair and the other had hair that was long and untidy, presumably from time spent hiding under the blanket. Sophie was relieved to find that she recognised one of the girls, the one with shorter hair, as someone from her village. As their eyes met, she showed a puzzled expression that slowly turned to one of pleasure as a smile spread across her face.

"Oh fuck, is it Sophie? From Manor Farm? Remember me? Fleur from the bakery?"

When Sophie nodded and smiled the girl leapt from the bed and ran over and hugged her. She seemed oblivious to the fact that she was naked, and Sophie quickly forgot as she returned the hug. It was so good to see a familiar figure. Over her shoulder she watched as the second girl sat up and started to take an interest. She, too, seemed to be naked, or at least topless as she sat there shamelessly displaying a nice pert pair of breasts.

"Oh good, so you two know each other," commented Katarina, "That makes life easier. The one still in bed at nearly lunchtime is Rosie," she added, addressing Sophie.

Fleur slowly unwrapped herself from Sophie's embrace and went back to the bed where she sat quietly after giving Rosie a warm and intimate kiss. Then all eyes turned to Katarina.

"Sophie has been lucky enough to be chosen to join our little company and I need both of you to help train her. We only have a week before she is to be presented at one of Milady's gatherings."

The two girls on the bed giggled between themselves as if they were party to a secret only they knew. This left Sophie even more puzzled than before. What did all this mean? To be the entertainment, to be presented? Who would be at the 'gathering'? The more she thought about it the more nervous she became. She needed to ask so many questions, but she did not know where to begin.

"I will take Sophie to the bathroom. I need to get rid of this bush," announced Katarina, reaching sideways, and flicking up the front of the uniform's short skirt. The two girls giggled again and looked at each other with knowing smiles. "You two can get back to whatever it was you were doing but I will need you this afternoon."

With a whoop of joy Fleur dived back under the covers and Rosie's eyes widened at whatever it was she was doing in the dark. Katarina turned and led Sophie out of the room, not bothering to close the door, and into a bathroom.

"Right, let's get you out of this," she said, forcibly turning Sophie around and starting to undo the buttons down her back, "I have a lot of pruning to do."

Once out of the uniform, Sophie was ordered to sit on the lid of the toilet and spread her legs wide. Katarina busied herself filling the basin with warm water and lathering up a shaving brush. She then knelt at Sophie's feet and started to trim away the worst of her hair with a pair of scissors. Sophie sat quietly too scared to move. Once most of it had gone, she was covered in shaving foam and Katarina returned wielding a cutthroat razor.

"Don't panic, young Sophie, I know what I'm doing. Just so long as you keep still, you'll be fine."

Gripping the sides of the toilet seat in her small fists Sophie gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. She felt herself being pulled this way and that as the sharp steel blade scraped at her skin. Every so often more lather would be applied as the last of her hair was banished forever. Katarina's hands stroked her skin, feeling for any missed stubbled and, despite herself, Sophie felt her arousal increase. She felt her lips being eased apart and a finger trailed along her crack, exploring in the same way that Lady Clara had done earlier. She knew how wet and aroused she was by the way the finger slipped easily along.

"I was right, you have a very pretty cunt," said Katarina standing up slowly and releasing her hold reluctantly. "Now armpits. Arms up high, young Sophie."

Resigned to her fate Sophie raised her arms. Katarina quickly applied shaving foam and in a matter of minutes Sophie was hairless there as well.

"One more place to do today. Better get used to this, we all get done regularly. You'll get used to it and learn to enjoy it. Stand up and turn around. Now, bend over, hands on the seat."

Sophie obeyed and felt her buttocks taken and pulled apart. There was a long pause.

"Very pretty, and not much for me to do down there."

Sophie felt the warm lather being brushed along between her cheeks and shivered as it slid across her arsehole. A few deft touches with the razor and a trickle of water was poured in the cleft and Sophie was surprised at the thrill she felt as it ran over her. She tensed as she felt a finger stroking her anus.

"Has this ever been fucked?"

Sophie stood up in surprise and half turned, "No, never."

"Ok, don't panic but we've been told to steer clear of your cunt so we may have to use that pretty pucker instead. For now, just relax."

Katarina went and sat on the side of the huge bath and placed a folded towel on the floor at her feet. As she spread her legs her skirt rose out of the way and she was revealed to Sophie's startled eyes.

"Come and kneel there," she said, pointing at the folded towel, "and I will start to answer some of your questions. I know your head must be full of them."

Sophie walked across and knelt on the towel in front of Katarina. She sat back on her heels trying to avoid looking ahead to the blatantly lewd display that was now at eye-level.

"Ok, ask away. I'm sure you must have plenty of questions."

"I just don't understand what's going on. Why am I here and what are my duties to be?"

"You were expecting to be put to work scrubbing and polishing? That is not our role."

"Then what will I be doing and what is this gathering I'm being readied for?"

"Maybe I should demonstrate."

With that she reached down and lifted her short skirt even higher and spread her legs wider. Using both hands she parted her labia to reveal her already moist insides.

"You've seen one of these before?"

"Only my own, Miss."

"I'm not 'Miss' I'm Kat, is that clear. Miss Gifford is 'Miss' but although I am the senior housemaid, I am the same as you. We both wear the same uniform. Now, back to this. What do you call it?"

When Sophie looked up bemused, Kat continued, "you must have a pet name for it, everyone does."

"I just know it as my vagina, M... Kat."

"Well here we call it a cunt. Such a pretty but much misused word don't you think?"

"Err, yes Kat."

"So, repeat after me, this is a cunt."

There was a delay as Sophie struggled inwardly until finally, in a tiny voice, and amid much blushing she managed to say, "cunt."

"Well done. Now, look at it, look closely. You cannot have seen yours from that angle. I assume you have touched your own."

"Yes, Kat."

"I thought so. I'll wager you play with yours all the time." When Sophie turned bright red, Kat laughed out loud. "give me your hand."

Sophie nervously held out her hand. With fingers slick with her own juices, Kat took Sophie's hand and balled it into a fist apart from her index finger. Knowing she was expected to obey, Sophie allowed Kat to press her finger into the proffered slit. It was warm and wet, and her finger was trailed up and down, up and down. A low moan of content came from Kat which came again but louder as Sophie's finger was pushed deep inside. Here it was even warmer and wetter, and her finger was pushed in and pulled out several times.

"How does that feel?"

"Nice," replied Sophie, hoping that this was what Kat was wanting. Indeed, it did feel nice and she surprised herself how much she liked it. Her finger was pulled out and held up before her. It glistened in the glare of the single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling.

"Have you tasted another woman's cunt before?" When Sophie shook her head, Kat continued, "well, now's your chance. Open your mouth."

Sophie's hand was twisted until the wet finger pointed directly back at her and, in Kat's strong grip, it slowly got closer. Not wanting to disappoint her new friend her mouth opened, almost of its own accord. She was preparing to turn her head away in disgust, but the novelty of the taste stopped her. She had expected? ... she didn't really know, but it certainly wasn't this mixture of musk and delicate scents, almost but not quite a sweetness.

"Not what you were expecting?" Kat said with a light laugh, "but we are all different. Let me show you. Spread your legs wide."

Sophie was by now beyond caring and she spread her knees apart as far as they would go. Still holding Sophie's balled fist, Kat reached out her other hand and traced the outline of Sophie's cunt. Sophie realised how aroused she was and how wet she had become when Kat's fingers pushed gently inside her. Only a knuckle or two but it made her gasp, partly with surprise and partly pleasure. She felt empty when it was withdrawn. It appeared before her eyes, the tip almost dripping. She already knew what was expected of her and it was almost eagerly that she took it into her mouth.

Kat had been right. It tasted the same except... subtly different. She tried to identify where the differences were, but she could not. She just knew they were not the same. For a second time she felt herself violated as Kat's finger probed again. This time she fed the finger, gleaming and proud, to her own mouth. Sophie watched as her tongue explored every wrinkle. She watched as Kat closed her eyes and concentrated on the delicate morsel.

"Mmmm, you are delicious, dear Sophie. You have a natural sweetness. Milady and her friends are just going to love you. What think you, now you have sampled both?"

"It is a strange taste but very agreeable."

"Agreeable? 'Tis the best in the whole world. But you have yet had only a taster. Time for the main course."

With that, Kat let go of Sophies hand and took a firm two-handed grip in her hair. She smiled and slowly bent Sophie forward, closer and closer. Sophie made a token gesture of resistance but in truth she was eager to sample what was being offered. The pressure on her head stopped as she was just out of reach and Kat's thighs closed slightly. This served to concentrate the musky smells that now filled her nostrils.

"Breathe deeply, little one, 'tis a scent you will get to know well."

Then, without further ado, the thighs spread, and she was pulled in. The tip of her nose plunged between the glistening lips as they opened and welcomed her.

"Use your tongue, girl," commanded Kat from above, "start at the clit and go from there. Oh, Fuck Yes, like that."

Sophie found the sensitive bud and licked at it, gently at first and, as the grip tightened in her hair, with more force. She was rewarded with strange noises from above and she guessed she must be doing something right.

"A finger, use a finger," Kat managed to say between gasps of pure pleasure, "finger fuck me."

Sophie had stopped being shocked by the coarse language she was being exposed to and eagerly obeyed. While her lips and tongue continued to play with Kat's clit, she pushed a finger deep inside. Above her came a muffled scream. She started to slide the finger in and out as she sucked on Kat's clit with the same rhythm.

"Another! Use two. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck."

As Sophie added a second finger, she felt Kat tense up and her thighs closed on either side of her head and she was locked in place, a prisoner of two thighs that quaked and trembled. Unable to breathe she held still for as long as possible. She was almost drowning in a torrent of sweet nectar that poured out of Kat. Only when she thought she would suffocate did she start to struggle and was relieved when the pressure on her head slackened and she was able to move enough to take a deep breath.

It was with relief that she sat back on her heels, gulping in lungfuls of air. She looked at the woman in front of her. Kat sat, doubled over, her head on her knees. She was drawing in rasping breaths even more laboured than Sophie, her back rising and falling at a fast rate. Occasionally a little whimper would escape from behind the curtain of black hair that she hid behind. Sophie sat quietly, careful not to disturb the moment, waiting patiently. Finally, and with a struggle, the figure unfolded slightly, and a hand brushed an opening in the veil of hair and Kat looked at Sophie with penetrating eyes.

"Fuck, girl, that was good. You're going to need little instruction in that department. You got that right first time. Well done," and a smile slowly spread across the flushed face peering at her."

Slowly Kat sat upright again and then eased herself to stand. Sophie gazed up adoringly, revelling in the praise. She felt proud that she had passed her first test but wondered what else might lie ahead. She was not to be kept waiting to find out.

"You've made a good start in the 'giving' department, now let's see how you do in 'receiving'. Follow me!"

With that, Kat sidestepped the kneeling figure and marched from the room adjusting her clothes as she did so.

To be continued ...