The Best Strip Club Barcelona

The Best Strip Club Barcelona

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The Best Strip Club in Barcelona is often lauded as one of the best strip clubs in the city. This is quite a bold claim as there are just so many of them to choose from. We want to take a look at what the venues brings to the table on this page!


One of the reasons as to why best strip clubs are so popular in Barcelona is down to the fact that they offer a lot to visiting patrons. Here are some of the things you will be able to enjoy during your trip here:

  • Pole Dancing: the pole dancing at the strip clubs is, without a doubt, some of the best in Barcelona. In fact, it seems that the venues has gone out of its way to try and find the best pole dancers in the world. The dancers are so incredibly sexy and the way they move about on the stage is almost hypnotic.
  • Lap dances: most people who head to the best strip club in Barcelona are going to have a ton of fun watching the live shows on the stage. However, why not go one better than that? If you head to the clubs  in Barcelona, then you will also be able to enjoy a private lap dance. You choose the lady that you want and you will be enjoying the best lap dance you have ever had. You will be surprised at how affordable they actually are too!
  • Stag Parties: if you are planning a stag party, then you are especially going to love the Strip Club. This is because the strip club has a ton of experience when it comes to running Bachelor Parties. We mean it. They will go above and beyond to ensure that you have the best stag party in Barcelona and the world. There are very few places within Barcelona that even come close to how great it is to have fun.
  • Erotic Shows: throughout the week, there are various erotic shows that are held at the best strip clubs in Barcelona. You will need to look at the schedule for the area. It should probably go without saying that these are some of the best VIP shows in Barcelona. They always manage to score the most beautiful people in the world to get up there on the stage and perform. There is something different every night, so you may even wish to return multiple nights in a row to get the best of what venues  has to offer!

What else do they offer?

Well, this is the biggest strip club in Barcelona, so quite a lot! Here is a quick run down of what you can enjoy when you head to this strip club:

  • Over 50 girls every night
  • Over 50 shows every night
  • It is open every single day of the year. Yes. Even for Christmas.
  • Fantastic food.
  • Cocktails and beers for you to dive into.