The Best Dating Apps That You Need to Get Into

The Best Dating Apps That You Need to Get Into

Joseph M. Smith

Dating is hard and online dating is probably harder. Have you ever heard of the phrase “Spoilt for choices”? Well, that is one of the major issues that most people face while resorting to online dating. In recent times, the number of online dating apps has multiplied at an unprecedented rate. Although the basic premise of all of them remains the same, there are subtle differences among them that make them unique from one another.

This is why we are presenting before you a guide to some of the best dating apps of contemporary times. Have a look and decide which one is best suited for you.

The Top 5 Dating Apps for You

Before we begin, let us be clear that we aren’t making an arbitrary ranking of these apps since preferences are subjective. What one app offers to its patrons might not be appealing to everyone. So, feel free to make your pick after reading.


The most famous dating app in the world that has taken the world by storm since its inception in 2012, Tinder has paved the way for a bunch of other dating apps. The best aspect of this geosocial networking app is that it caters to the taste of everyone irrespective of sexual preferences and orientation. You can look for potential dates on Tinder for long-term relationships, casual dates, or hook-ups; whatever is convenient for you.

Based on the picture, bio, choice of music (played on the background of one’s profile), and link to the Instagram account (although not mandatory), you can swipe right (accept) or left (reject) someone. If the other person also swipes right, then you will get a match. After that, either of you can start the chain of conversation. Since it is widely popular, you will get to pick from a wide variety of people. You can create an account by registering through your Facebook ID or phone number.


Bumble is another location-based dating app that has slowly climbed its way to become one of the most identifiable dating apps in the world. The most interesting aspect of this app is that it allows straight women to avoid all those creepy stalkers who keep on texting day in and day out. Here’s how it works.

In a heterosexual encounter, if a man and a woman match, then the woman can only initiate the conversation. In same-sex matches, either person can send the first text. Bumble also employs another criterion – the 24-hours feature. Herein, if you don’t respond to the first text sent by someone within a span of 24 hours, then you would lose the match. It is designed to encourage contact, although people who love to procrastinate, they find this a bit difficult to deal with.

Besides, this app also has a BFF feature that allows you to search for friends instead of dates.


If casual dating isn’t your cup of tea and you want to solely focus on steady relationships, then Hinge might be your best bet. The reason it stands tall among other dating apps is because it allows you to really know a person in depth before making your final call about accepting or rejecting their profiles.

It provides a whole lot of information regarding people’s political ideologies, religious beliefs, food preferences, alcohol consumption frequency, and interests in having children, among others. In real life, these decisions can sometimes be deal-breakers and Hinge understands that very well. Thus, it provides all these pieces of information.

The robust profile and matching algorithm in Hinge ensures that you meet only the people who share similar interests with you. It does so with its “Most Compatible” feature, wherein every day, you will get one match based on your likings and interests.

There are times when you find your crush on this app and you feel the urge to talk to your crush. This app lets you do that. You will be able to send a message to a potential date before having to “match” with them first. This is in stark contrast to most other dating apps.


OkCupid has quite a positive reputation in the market because of how successful it has been in not only finding long-term relationships for people but also spouses for them. If you go out there and read the stories on the internet, you will find that more people have found their life partners and spouses through OkCupid than through any other dating app.

The profiles on OkCupid are extremely detailed and in-depth which helps in showcasing the various dimensions of your personality instead of making you as a one-note character. To help you find a better match, this app asks you a series of questions, based on which, it will provide you with a reasonable match/enemy percentage ratio.

You will be able to send a message to someone but he or she can only view it once you have been matched.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel presents an interesting spanner in the dating arena. It provides you with a match in the form of ‘Bagel” every day at noon. The selection of this match is done based on a curative study of your preferences and likings.

Since this app offers a lot of icebreaking prompts, it is apt for those who find it difficult to initiate or hold a conversation. Coffee Meets Bagel will send you gentle reminders to respond to your waiting texts. It is also known for its trendy features that will keep you busy while preparing your bio. However, it might seem a bit gimmicky for those who don’t want to deal with constant reminders for replying to texts. But overall, its intention to provide detailed information about your potential dates makes it a noteworthy dating app.

To Conclude

We live in a digital world. Much like any other field, the internet has made its way in our dating life as well.  All of the dating apps can sometimes seem similar and confusing. It is okay to not know everything about dating, especially online dating! Remember, at the end of the day, it is all about your personality. You have to woo your partner through genuineness. With a few good dating tips and a little help from these aforementioned apps, you will be better prepared to make your dream date fascinating and long-lasting. So, go out there and find your match.