The Art of creating content for product pages that sells well

The Art of creating content for product pages that sells well

Rita Marais

One of the most important aspects of eCommerce success is the art of creating content, otherwise known as copywriting. While other important aspects are product marketing, pricing and sourcing, you will continuously experience slow moving product if you are unable to effectively communicate in writing, since it is the basic channel of online communication.

There are also videos, audio, photos and images. However, the principal means is text. Although, they are also important; but are mainly for grabbing attention or helping to describe the product.

While spoken words are most important in offline selling environment, speech is replaced with writing when selling online.

The most compelling and enlightening part of a product's presentation is the written description. The importance of good content to selling a product cannot be under emphasized.

Studies have shown that the way website visitors read their content is not the same as how they read it in print. When they read a website content, they simply scan over the page for specific information rather than reading it word for word. Hence, there are usually differences in style of writing used for print material and that of the web. In view of this, while marketing a product on the web, it is highly essential to employ a more succinct and effective style.

Your readers should determine the sequence that will be followed for the content, and not you.

To Create Content for Product Pages That Sell Well, Keep the Following Tips in Mind

Put yourself in the position of the reader. This implies that you will ensure that the entire content you write meets the readers’ needs.
As you write each part of the copy, always give due consideration to the readers. You can do this by employing a style which is more casual than the one you would use in print. Your reader should be able to relate with the wording.
Use a writing style that is more of a journalistic writing. Let your wording be simple and direct. Avoid complex sentence structures and irrelevant words.
Be constantly aware of the end purpose of your content. To reach your desired target, you must approach online marketing with purpose. There should be concord or agreement among the design, the content as well as the navigational tools. This will ensure they all work towards the message you intend to pass across to your viewers.
Structure your content in such a way that it appears as though you're speaking directly to your prospective client. Make it personal by utilizing the second person pronoun “you.” This will make the reader feel as if he or she can relate with you personally.
Highlight the benefits of your message to your readers. Your content should be written for the purpose of informing your readers what is in stock for them. It is not sufficient to highlight the features of a product, but attempt should be made to explain why these features are good for the reader's needs and desires.
Arrange your content in logical sequence, highlighting the most essential points on the top page. This will enable readers to quickly scan through and get them as soon as possible. It will also discourage them from leaving your page for somewhere else in search of the same information.
Use paragraphs to break your content into smaller, more manageable and more inviting ideas of no more than two or three sentences, rather than just using one or two enormous blocks of text. Don’t forget to utilize bullets and subheadings since they make scanning easier and more appealing.
Employ a consistent writing style in the entire site. There should be consistency in layout, number of headings and the same words that are capitalized. This will aid easy scanning of content to readers.
The place of SEO - Search Engine Optimization can never be under estimated. Remember to incorporate the relevant keywords so as to maximize SEO. This will ease scanning of your content by readers.


These points are easy to implement, though time consuming. However, they are worth every effort you can put into them. You may do it yourself or hire a professional who can bring your product descriptions to life. However, if done properly, be rest assured that they will provide you substantial results that you'll be able to see growing over time.

Separate yourself from your competitors by implementing these tips and take your sales to the next level. Good luck!