The Application Is Connected to The Sensory Input of The Sex Doll

The Application Is Connected to The Sensory Input of The Sex Doll


Sex dolls have a real conversation with the user

“This is just another way to express sexual activity or addiction,” he explained. Sexual addiction is a method of unbearable sensory state anesthesia. These include but are not limited to loneliness, shame, boredom and stress. The silicone sex doll makes a real conversation with the user, moving her lips and blinking.

The pages of the browsing dolls show that they are very attractive in magazines: young, curvaceous, and not like 99% real women. Toronto's sex toy brothel is not all fun and games? The sex doll owner explained: "She can judge whether she is laying down or not. She can judge whether she is shaking or shaking.

How much more can a doll "take risk" than any other inanimate object? “Adventure” may have to be provided by the customer and its level of recognition is suspicious. The idea of ​​having a sexual relationship with a flexible plastic raises several questions. If Japanese sex doll don't hurt you or me, is this our business?

But you can't do that kind of research. You can't just say, 'Okay, we'll let you have a violent sexual intercourse with a child's doll or an adult doll, and then let you go nearby to see what you did.

148CM Student TPE Sex Doll

In September 2018, the "Sun" specifically revealed how a sex robot collector spent $200,000 on a love doll - this is where he stayed in the cupboard. The problematic horny lover is also the moonlight of a sex robot tester, and has worked so hard to "break" her famous harmonious robot.

His "dissatisfaction" with the sex doll as a manufacturer reveals Holly's request. Today's host, Philip Scofield, said she didn't receive any sexy dolls that looked like his request when she was a little bit tempted. This allows the sex doll to detect movement and direction, making her more realistic.

This sex doll mechanical head is powered by a smartphone app with artificial intelligence software. He continued, "If any of these fantasies can be alleviated by reducing their bridges that are not shown in real life, then this may be the way to protect society.

"When I got home from work, I only sat down and talked to her for half an hour," the sex doll tester told us earlier, after a week of trial dolls. The robot even has a new "X mode" feature that lets the app connect to the sensory input of the TPE sex doll.