The Apartment_(1)

The Apartment_(1)


The Apartment

Mai unrolled the wad of notes and peeled off $1200 in $100 notes.

Four weeks rent at $150 and a months bond of $600. Just what my daughter Yen wants. Only a 100 metre walk to Uni and its furnished. Shes got 99.98 in her VCE and got into medicine. This means she will be so close to Uni and can study real hard.

I nodded at the 35 year old Vietnamese women and her 18 year old daughter and 51 year old grandmother Binh. Mai was about 5 foot one, a little overweight with fullish breasts for a Vietnamese and although she made every effort to dress stylishly in her black slack suit and high heels they were definitely discount store and well used. A jade Buddha hang from her neck and my eyes picked up the fact she wore a gold bracelet but no wedding ring. Binh, her mother, was a very well preserved 51 and like her daughter Mai short and solid and was wearing traditional Ao Dai top and black slacks. Yen the daughter was taller and far slimmer than her mother and her tight designer hipster jeans and halter neck top emphasized this and showed the shape of her very small rounded tits. It all added up to a single mother going without herself to bring up and to give her daughter everything. I smiled to myself. Single divorced Viet women if they hadnt left the marriage to move to another relationship had very little chance of remarrying. Maybe the flat would give me more than just income.

A few casual questions filled in the missing pieces. Yes, all three lived together, yes, she did sewing at home to bring up her daughter and look after her mother, she was country not city bred and therefore uneducated but wanted to make her English better, and she had been divorced for 14 years. I could feel my cock rising in anticipation and inwardly gave it 3 months before I fucked her, and her mother didnt look too bad either. I fantasised about about the 2 of them together or even a Vietnamese sexfight between the 2 because at their age it was at least a 50% chance they had contested against another Viet women. It was a pity that the young generation raised in Australia had become westernized and no longer settled arguments or disputes in the traditional Vietnamese way.

I have had an earlier verbal offer, I ventured, thinking of the gratitude factor and reducing the time from 3 to 2 months, but they havent turned up so it looks like the flat is yourrrrrrrrrrr.

My voice tailed off as the flat door was flung open and 3 Viet women burst in.

Im Sang, and I spoke to you about the flat for my daughter Diep.

Sang as my limited Vietnamese knew translated as looking or behaving like upper class, and she was perfectly named. 41 years old 5 ft 6 tall, fantastic face with a soft perm with golden streaks in her black hair, western nose job and eyes, firm subtlety enhanced 34C breasts, flat 22 inch stomach and rock hard 32 arse. Unlike most Vietnamese who, except for going out at night, prefer slacks, she had a calf length expensive black skirt about 28 inches around her hips (it was more than board tight) split on the right front to 10 inches above the knee. Again, unlike most Viet who use a hard padded Asian bra, hers was soft and her hard nipples pushed at her silk cross over top that cradled her large, for her slim frame, tits with a gold crucifix dangling between and left her shoulders and the top of her back uncovered.

The daughter Diep was a clone of Mais daughter. Apart from their faces most Viet teenagers look like they come off an assembly line. Slim, fashion conscious and proud of their beauty. The grandmother Van despite being 59 wore a tight mini, high heels and more jewellery than most families buy in two generations, and she too had been back to Vietnam for cosmetic surgery.

Whatever theyre paying well pay $50 a week more. My daughter needs this for her Medical studies.

No way bitch. You missed out. Theres the money on the table. Replied Mai.

Wrong peasant, I phoned earlier, its ours. Youre daughter is back out on the street where she belongs.

She got 99.98 entrance score. What did your slut get? I bet you bought her place. Mai was referring to the contentious set up in Victoria whereby 80% of Uni places went on ability, the remaining 20% to those with lower marks who were willing to pay 3 times the standard Uni fee.

The bickering went back and forth before Van interrupted, Weve bought our Diep up the traditional way. Let your slut compete against her.

Mai smiled. Youll regret it whore. Yen sleeps with me and Ive taught her how to compete. Ill eat your bitch for 15 minutes and the Doctors practice toy here can eat my Yen for 15. The girl who doesnt cum wins the flat.

Diep practically tore her tight hipster jeans off and a tiny yellow thong quickly followed as she glared hatred at Yen. She was completely shaven with a coiled snake tattoo above her mound. Lying on the bed she spread her legs wide and said to Mai

Do your best, you fat ugly slug.

Mai knelt and lowered her face into the 18 year olds shaven pussy spreading it apart with her fingers before unleashing her tongue onto the proffered cunt. And what a tongue. I have never seen a longer one on a man or woman. Eve Gene Simmons of Kiss could not compare. Mai raked the whole length of Dieps slit with the speed of a machine gun, quickly starting the teenagers juices flowing and hardening her clit. Then she placed her thumbs inside Dieps clit opening her tunnel and curling her tongue into a long U shaped tube she fucked her with her tongue. As Diep writhed Mai took her clit between her thumb and forefinger and rapidly diddled it as she continued her tongue fucking. It took 3 and a half minutes before Diep threw back her head and screamed

Im cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming.

Mai looked up triumphantly her face covered with Dieps juices. But instead of stopping she leant forward and ripped off Dieps top and undid her bra and tossed it aside.

You wont learn this at Uni, slut, and its free.

Then she went to work using her curled tongue to fuck Diep, her right hand to manipulate and control her clit and her left on her exposed breasts and nipples. After 3 more orgasms Diep tried to squirm off the bed but the 51 year old grandmother held her down for the remaining 7 minutes which enabled Mai to wring another 9 orgasms from the twitching, out of control screaming teenager. Mai stepped out of her black slacks and lowered her black lace panties. A prominent mound, though not in the same class as a prime Filipina (Im convinced that just as blacks have fuller cup sized tits and Asians disproportionately large thick nipples (perhaps because up to a few years ago families of over 8 were common) most Filipinas have cunts that sit out with their lips open displaying the oyster inside and a top example in a bikini is like half a grapefruit in their crotch.) was complemented by long straight fine hair instead of the usual curlies. She straddled the naked Diep and said,

Play with the big girls and take the consequences.

The smiling directly at Sang, squatted and pisssed over the teenagers face, grunting with pleasure as she hosed her in the traditional Vietnamese womans victory celebration.

Gloating at the prostrate Diep, and encouraged by her mother and grandmother, Yen replaced her on the bed. She removed her thong which consisted of fine black silk front triangle and thong piece between her legs joined together by gold chains at the side. Like I said she was spoilt by her mother. Just like the other teenager Diep she had used the razor and her dark cunt lips were completely bare. Sang had Yen kneel on the bed and went to work on her from behind with her long fingers and soon we could see juices seeping out of Yen staining the bed cover. Soon she had four fingers in her stretched cunt while her thumb nail brushed, flicked and diddled Yens clit. Then she started on her exposed arsehole and worked two long fingers in. Rhythmically and ruthlessly she fucked Yen and after 3 minutes the teenager had tears in eyes as she drummed her feet on the bed and dug her fingers into the mattress straining not to cum. 15 seconds later she moaned

Im gonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cuuuuuuuuu.

Her orgasm was cut off before it happened by a shriek of pain as Sang had dug her filed thumbnail and index finger nail deep into her aroused clit. In the next 6 minutes Sang repeated the same thing 4 times: each time cutting off Yens orgasm with the pain of her nails on her clit as well as forcing more of her fingers into Yens arse. For the next four minutes she toyed with the teenager taking her over and over to the point of climax before stopping just short. All the time she kept looking at Mai and asking Yen if she wanted to cum. and each time the teenager moaned yes a tear formed in Mais eye. Finally Sang demanded Yen beg her to allow her to cum. All self respect gone Yen whimpered and managed to get out the words in a coherent manner

Gotta cum, please, please pleeeeeeeeeease make me cum

Triumphantly Sang fisted Yens arse and rapidly used her other hand to bring a prolonged quavering moan of orgasm from Yen before she pulled her fist from her and allowed Yen to collapse on the bed. Unbuttoning her incredibly tight skirt I could see why there was no panty or even thong line. She wore nothing underneath and her fuzz was shaved into a long thin strip pointed to her pierced clit which had 3 different length gold chains with diamonds at the end hanging from it. Standing a good metre from Yen she opened her thighs pushed her cunt forward and directed a long steady stream of piss at the exhausted, miserable and drained Yen and expertly traced a line of piss from the top of her head to her feet, the yellow stream bouncing off her body like rain in a thunder storm

Arguing broke out again until again Van said,

Its obvious. There are 3 of you and 3 of us. One on one. Two wins gets the flat

However the flat was now secondary. It was rich v poor, city v country, Catholic v Buddhist. The two families couldnt be more dissimilar or more united in their hatred of what the others stood for.

Yen and Diep faced each other. Diep naked except for her high heels, Yen still with her skimpy top on as well as her heels.

This flat is mine, Im going to fuck you silly.

Yeah, after I fuck you, Ill fuck your boyfriend at the next Asia night at The Throb Disco.

At your private Catholic school all you did was fuck nuns, you wouldnt know how to fuck a man.

Strip and well start or do you want me to take it off you.

Yen took off her top and padded bra to reveal her small tits still with their puffy nipples.

Diep laughed and taunted her, Training bra, training bra, shes hasnt got a womans nipple yet, she chanted fondling her own erect stubs.

Yen slapped Dieps face You fucking bitch, you want to catfight not sexfight, Yen screamed.

Youre on slut, that way I hurt then fuck you

Incredible the change in generations. Most older Vietnamese valued their looks too much to catfight preferring to settle disputes by sexfighting, outdressing the other woman in public or seducing their man.

They circled each other, hands outstretched and ready to go. The two girls touched hands and interlocked their fingers, coming to grips in a test of strength. They moved in close and raised their hands up over their heads, glaring into each others eyes. Diep and Yen strained and struggled against each other in this hand lock, attempting to force each others hand back. Diep gave way a little and Yen moved forward forcing their breasts together, and their faces cheek to cheek. Yet Diep held firm and battled her opponent to a point where they were forced to bring their arms downward and to their sides, still locked at the fingers.

Toe to toe, they stood motionless in the room until Sang bellowed for her daughter Diep to kick. Diep took the advice and sent her high heeled shoe directly into Yen shin and raked it downwards causing Yen to scream like a wounded pig. Yen attempted to break free of the finger interlock, but Diep held her tight lashing out with her feet until Yen launched a vicious knee to Diep thigh, causing her to release her hold and stagger back a few steps. Yen limped away as Diep stalked her. With nowhere to flee, Yen stopped dead in her tracks and let Diep catch up to her. When she did, they began to fight in a hair pulling frenzy. Now since their hair was so long and straight they both grabbed two handfuls and fought at close quarters, moving in a slow motion dance towards the wall. Diep got Yen against the wall and rammed her head into it. Yen cried out in agony as her head met the hard wall. In a last quick effort to get free before her head was crashed into the wall again, she kneed her opponent in the cunt, and Diep, caught off guard fell moaning to the floor. Yen, exploded with a string of profanity as she pulled the fallen Diep to her feet ready to inflict some payback. But just as Yen grabbed hold of her hair to drive her into the wall Diep managed to get her finger nails into Yens cheeks and raked her viciously leaving four bloody trails down her face.

Howling My face, my face, Yen rushed to the mirror to examine the damage and Diep screaming like a banshee tackled her from behind knocking her to the ground belly up. Immediately she sat on Yen immobilizing her with her weight on her belly, and pinned her arms with her knees. Then she repeatedly slapped her bleeding face triumphantly yelling, The whole of Med school and The Big Throb nightclub will hear this and see your scars and know its for real, bitch, before methodically squeezing her tits and puffy nipples till the tearful medical student cried for mercy.

Diep reversed her position and mounted the defeated Yens facing her feet and lowered her spread cunt onto Yens face rubbing and pleasuring herself to orgasm. Between her moans and shudders as the approaching orgasm hit her she managed to use her mobile to take photos of her victory.

One victory to the Do family. Next up were the two grandmothers. The older Van was already taunting Binh as she quickly undressed. She was what we in Australia call mutton done up as lamb (ie the butcher selling old tough meat as young tender lamb) and had tried everything to reverse the aging process.

While you were riding water buffalo and knee deep in the paddies I was studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. This is just like old times when I used to fuck the peasant servants for fun.

Like most Catholic Vietnamese the Do family had been close to the French and the Catholic regime the USA propped up to combat Communism and were usually wealthy. The Chinese minority shopkeepers were next in line and the bulk of the population- the Buddhists the poorest.

As Binh struggled to get her Ao Dai top off Van struck grabbing her from behind and tore open her slacks, before sliding her hand down her panties and slipping two eager fingers inside her now totally open, naked pussy. They filled Binh up and soon she was groaning as the 59 year Van pumped wildly, her arm a blur. The heat and thickness between her legs flowed over her belly and chest and she was nearly exploding, her upper body trapped and her sopping pussy under Vans control. Next Van used her other hand to cup Binhs breasts, still encased in their white cotton bra, release the bra clasp and push the cups up and off, turn Binh around and lean down with her full, red lips parted and take the already hardening tip of her right breast into her mouth. Van pulled the sagging breast into her mouth and her tongue lashed the now stiff, growing nipple.

Binh moaned and Van felt her hand covered by her juices. Binh was nearly cumming and Van switched tits and Binhs belly jumped as the electric sparks set her pussy on fire. Desperately Binh leapt in the air and jumped back, anything to break free of Vans control. They both hit the floor with a thud and separated. Binh tore off her top that had been covering her face and rolled on top of Van.

Binh quickly hooked her right leg over and worked it between Vans legs. Van tried to work her arms under Binhs, but Binh had raised herself up partway and her upper body added to the weight. Plus, she had worked her other hand down between her legs. Binh moved her own leg out of the way, just enough for her strong fingers to suddenly start rubbing Vans pussy with strong, knowing strokes. Van squirmed around and tried to get away, but Binhs strong arm and legs held her fast. She was helpless for the moment, but she twisted around as much as she was able until she was able to get her left hand over to Binhs hair and she started to pull.

Binh turned her head to ease the pressure, but she kept up her relentless poking and rubbing of Vans cunt and managed to work one sharp-nailed index finger into her cunt channel, and Van felt Binhs thumb slide along her hairy vulva. Then, to her horror, Binhs thumb found her clit. She couldnt help herself. Pinned like this, her own hands ineffectual, she found that Binhs handwork was getting a total response. She felt her pussy moisten, the labial lips start to swell and soften. The sheath of her clitoris started to lengthen under Binhs expert handiwork and her juices were flowing freely. Only the continual pulling of Binhs hair caused the younger grandmother to break off and roll away.

But Binh still had the advantage and quickly swept the lighter older Vans feet from under her knocking her onto her back. Binh went quickly on hands and knees to Vans legs, and shoved them apart. Van tried to rise, but Binh pushed her back down with a strong hand between her breasts. Binh spread Vans legs apart in wide split. Vans engorged labia separated, and the hard wet erect clit was framed by the lips. Binh spread her own legs and positioned her pussy above Vans. She held Vans shoulders down with arms as she lowered her dark-haired cunt onto Vans.

Van was helpless. She felt Binh start to hump her in a ruthless methodical fashion. She tried to push her off, to no avail. She was completely pinned.

Binh said, Feel it, whore. Thats my pussy. Feel that clit? Do you feel it? Oh, you are so fucking gonna cum and cum when I want it.

Their breasts were mashed together. Binh rubbed her upper body against Van as they continued their tribadistic dance. Van whimpered as she felt Binhs erect nipples slide along her tender breasts. Van gambled on one last effort. She raised her hands to Binhs face and brought it down to a passionate open-mouthed kiss. Their tongues wrestled together with sensuous urgency. Vans hips pressed upward to meet the descending beat of Binhs, their pussies meeting in wet squelching slaps.

Binh raised her upper body from Vans as she slammed her crotch down. Their faces were twisted into lustful masks, their eyes closed shut as they concentrated on the feeling of their cunts coming together. Suddenly the 59 year old Van arched her back and came. She cried out in a high-pitched voice that filled the room.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhd Noooooooooooooooooo

Her juices spat out of her pussy and spotted the carpet. Binh yelled seconds later as her orgasm exploded from her cunt, spurting her sex fluids onto Vans already sodden mound.

Their hips bucked against each other as the powerful climax shook them. They wrapped their arms around each other, heads tight against the others shoulders, as their sex dams burst. But Binh kept fucking and shouting incoherent obscenities as Van writhed quivered and screamed her second and third orgasms.

For some moments they lay still, Binh resting limply on top of Van, her hips still between Vans thighs. Then the dark-haired woman groaned, and slid off. She crawled to Vans face and swung a solid thigh across Van and sunk her cunt over Vans face. Then she methodically arranged her cunt so it covered Vans open mouth as she gasped for air. Then her gut muscles contracted and a smile split her face as the first flow of her golden juice started. Van coughed and spluttered as Binhs piss filled her mouth and tried to wrench her face away but the 51 year old held her face still and forced her mouth open and continued to piss and piss and piss, holding Vans nose so she had to swallow to breathe.

The Nguyen family was victorious so the score was one each as Mai and Sang agreed the final battle would be to the finish . The winner to be the one who was able to take the key from the table and unlock the door.

Mai clamped her lips to Sangs and they frenched each other hotly, hands running over each others bodies. But Mais tongue was an incredible weapon and it pushed Sangs aside and forced its way partly down her throat. Gagging Sang pulled her head way exposing her firm tits and Mai moved down and kissed her neck, moved down further and then sucked on Sangs stiff nipples, holding the bent backwards Sangs wrists so she could not retaliate. She worked on each tit in turn forcing Sang backwards to a chair, parting her legs and burying her head between her legs. She sucked and licked at her Sangs cunt, working her prehensile tongue into her moist interior, working her over just like she did earlier with Sangs daughter Diep

Mai slowly used her hot tongue to run up and down the now very swollen outer lips. Sang gasped at the touch of the hot wet tongue and groaned loudly. Mai continued to lick. Sang was now dripping as she got hotter and hotter. Mai drove her tongue deep inside Sangs now fully inflamed box. As she did, she ran a hand up down her belly to her own opening and pushed three fingers in as deep as they would go. Her groan was muffled deep in Sangs cunt. Sangs legs were wrapped over the arms of the chair and she levered her pelvis up again and again to meet the thrusting tongue. Her arms gripped the chair in spastic clenches as Mais tongue lapped out the copious lubrication now pouring from Sangs pussy.

Sangs face was a continuous motion of lust driven contortions as her sex drive kicked into overtime and she began to build rapidly to an orgasm. Even in her own rapid climb to orgasm. Mai sensed the pending explosion and began to flick Sangs clit with her tongue each time she came up for air. And then Sang gave a grunt, the breath was driven from her by a massive release as her orgasm took her by storm. Her pelvis mashed her pussy tight against Mais eager mouth and a wild groan announced her rapidly approaching orgasm to the world. Mai continued to suck on the swollen clit and Sang immediately released again.

Oh yeah, Sang panted, Oh my, thats hot. Suck my cunt. Lick it, uuuh. Shit thats good!

Mai slurped noisily, reaching round and clenching Sangs firm buttocks, licking hungrily and delighting in the way Sangs legs and belly quivered as she climaxed.

Fuck, Im cumming, Sang moaned, quietly, Im cumming with this sluts tongue in my cunt. Shit thats hot, oh fuck oh fuck. Uuuuh!

Mai came up for breath and gloated. Youre as easy as your daughter. Money doesnt make you a woman here one on one

With her short black hair disheveled and cunt juice slathered on her lower jaw the 35 year old looked a winner as she again spread Sangs legs and got on her knees and elbows between the 41 year olds thighs. She ate out her cunt thoroughly, curling and driving her tireless tongue into her cunt, making wet smacking and sucking noises. Four more orgasms came with Sangs firm belly rippling as her orgasms spasmed through her body. Her proud beautiful face was lolling from side to side, mouth open as saliva dribbled from it. But Mai became overconfident and went rigid as a telegraph pole when Sang drove a long middle up her arse hole as she ventured too close. Sang the used her large diamond ring to quickly scrape Mais nipples and clit. She quickly followed up by wrapping a leg scissors round Sangs waist who tried to raise herself up on her arms. This caused her cunt to scrape along the front of Mais who then used her short shaven stubble to repeatedly rake Mais cunt.

Sang brought her upper body down sharply. Her breasts slammed down onto Mais large full tits, and Mai gasped in shock. Sang felt a small hot needle of triumph. She raised her body again, and pushed it down, again trying to pound Mais large heavy breasts with her own smaller but firmer tits. Her nipples were also larger stiffer and harder and Mai made several gasping whoops as Sang drilled her tits up and down into Mais. Still on top she reached behind her and found Mais cunt.

Mais breath was tight and her belly was tightening as Sangs fingers found all her hot spots. Sangs expert manipulation had every nerve in her pussy and belly screaming. She was on fire. Mais eyes closed and she sighed and groaned a bit.

Should I stop? Sang demanded, her fingers still busy, sensing Mais need to be finished off.

Mai knew she should say no because she was in a contest in front of her family. But it felt so fucking good. And her pussy was clearly in charge at the moment. She was too far gone to just stop.

UUuuuuuuuuuuhnnnnnnnnn oooooooooooooo Sang responded to Mais reply by now sliding two of her long fingers and carefully polished and buffed red nails deep into the inflamed cunt. Very slowly, she pumped and watched the strong emotions of lust flicker across Mais face in reaction. Sang loved to watch her rivals face as she fucked them and her own belly tightened in response to Mais now uninhibited display. The feeling of power over Mai was overwhelming and she was tingling. The heat of the pussy gripping her fingers in spasms was another immense turn on.

AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mais orgasm tailed off, but with Sang controlling her cunt and arse with her fingers, her tits with her mouth as she held her immobile in her leg scissors she was helpless and responded and came again and again in the next 40 minutes.

Sang stopped and released her scissors and stood up stretching like a panther over Mai who lay curled in a fetal position whimpering to herself. Sang pulled Mais arse in the air towards the foot of the bed. Mais cunt was hot and wet, hanging between her legs and under her spread arse, winking up at Sang. Taking the rod of the vacuum cleaner, Sang got onto the end of the bed, directly behind Mai. Sang bent down and ate out Mais cunt from behind, licking that moist slit deeply whilst stroking her own clit triumphantly. Eventually Sang knelt up and placed one hand on her Mais arse whilst the other hand gripped the shaft of the aluminum rod. She teased Mai by rubbing the head of the big tube over her wet cunt lips. Then she entered her, gliding the first few inches into her and feeling her body tense before her. Gripping Mais hips firmly Sang pushed the as much of the cleaning rod in, sinking at least nine-inches in to her. Sang was delighted. She shook with lust, humping herself against Mais leg whilst driving the rod up into Mais cunt even further.

Im cumming, Mai panted, as Sang pulled on her nipples, Ouch Im gonna cum...yeah...fuck... as she collapsed barely able to watch as Sang took the key from the table and unlocked the door.

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