The Affair Ch. 05

The Affair Ch. 05

10 years later


Savannah ground her hips against his, trying to take him as deep as possible as he clawed at the bedsheets. She looked down at his face, but his eyes were tightly shut as he grunted. She moved her hand to the lower part of his thigh as she balanced herself riding him, while she rubbed her clit, searching for a release. Just as Savannah was nearing her peak, her husband took hold of her hips and clumsily pumped his cum inside her.


"Fuck, that was good," he grunted as she climbed off him. "Did you cum?"

"Mhm," she lied.

Savannah pulled her covers to her chest and turned her body in bed before turning off the light on her nightstand. Most nights would end like this, she'd use her shower head to finish the job, but this time she was too tired.

Greg fucked her like a clumsy prom date, his hands never held her tightly, and he seemed uninterested. For a long time, Savannah wondered why they were together, they lacked sexual chemistry on almost all levels. Savannah faked more orgasms than she could count. She even suggested that they go to sex therapy, but he refused. She'd slept with a couple of guys before him, but no one quite knew her body and it was too late for a divorce.

After college, Savannah landed a job at a lifestyle magazine called Spotlight that commissioned her generously for her photos. Her job allowed her to travel, sometimes for weeks at a time around the country and internationally. Greg worked in real estate and they were both able to provide a good life for themselves. He begged her for children, and Savannah insisted that she wasn't ready, or offered a different excuse. In reality, the thought of being a mother terrified her. Her mother never recovered after the divorce all those years ago and she was overcome with grief most of the time.

Savannah's mother's health took a turn after years of depression. She'd remarried again to a man named Jared, but history repeated itself and he was unfaithful. It forced Savannah to move back to Everling home to check in with her just in case anything happened. She hated seeing her mother like this, crippled with anxiety and depression and she hoped it wouldn't rub off on her. Savannah never told Greg about camp or Emilio and she never planned to.

At times like this, she often thought about Emilio. They remained friends on and off for a few years but kept their distance. A year after college, they kept things platonic, especially after she met Greg. Even on the eve of Greg and Savannah's wedding, she wept at the thought of not having Emilio; at the thought of spending the rest of her life without his love. She called him that night in a panic. Emilio assured her that he loved her, but she must do what's best for her, and Greg offered stability.


By noon, Savannah took a sip of her iced coffee as she scrolled through her website. Although she did took photos for Spotlight Magazine, she still occasionally booked sessions for portraits, weddings, and graduations. Work was stagnant this month, so she occupied her time with other things. She'd just started taking yoga classes a few days a week at a studio in town to help with stress in her marriage.

Yoga was hosted by an older woman named Jordana, who promised that everyone would find peace here. Savannah wasn't sure how she felt about that, she'd never had true peace before, she was always on edge for some reason or anything, but at least this small studio was an escape for a few hours every week.

As the other women entered the yoga studio, Savannah stopped at the back of the class and looked around in a panic.

"Shit" she whispered, realizing that she rushed here without her mat.

"You can have mine," a voice said.

As Savannah looked over, a taller dark-haired woman was standing next to her, holding a rolled mat under her arm.

Savannah looked down at the green mat and back at the woman. "Are you sure?"

The woman nodded and offered a friendly smile as she handed Savannah the mat. "Of course. I always bring a spare."

"Thank you, I appreciate it," Savannah smiled.

The class continued with their breathing excuses before moving on their movements as calming sounds played from the speakers.

She inhaled and exhaled, hoping to release the stress. Everything that was going wrong or going right, she needed it to release.


"Thanks again," Savannah said as she wiped the yoga mat clean with disinfectant.

The woman took the mat and rolled it up securely. "No problem. Are you new here? I haven't seen you here before but you look familiar."

Savannah took a few gulps of her water and threw her coily hair into a high bun. "I just started taking classes, my husband talked me into it. My name is Savannah."

"I know how that is." the woman giggled. "My husband is the same way, he says I'm too tense. I'm Luna."

Savannah's phone went off, a reminder to send edited photos to her publisher in the next hour.

"Shoot," she said, stuffing her bottled water into her tote bag. "I have to go, I have some photos to edit, but I guess I'll see you next week?"

"Wait, are you a photographer?"


"Do you have a card or a website?"

Savannah rummaged through her tote, handing her a card. "Here. You can call or email me anytime, I have a link to my portfolio on there."

Luna examined her card. "Great, I'll take a look."

The two women said their goodbyes before going their separate ways but Savannah couldn't shake the feeling that she knew Luna from somewhere.

She left, driving home and showering before heading to her private office to edit the photos for the rest of the night.


In the coming weeks, Luna and Savannah decided on a time to meet up, opting to meet up at a busy hipster cafe near the yoga studio. The cafe played indie music through the speakers and the walls were covered in black and white photos of musicians and they served local coffee by day and craft beer by night. Savannah sipped on a chai tea latte as she browsed through her tablet with her calendar and planner set up.

Savannah looked up as the glass door of the cafe opened and she felt like she'd seen a ghost. He was standing there in the flesh, right in front of her as Luna held his hand, walking beside him. She felt her stomach turn as she pieced it together in her head.

"Baby, this is Savannah, the photographer I was telling you about," Luna said as stood in front of Savannah.

Emilio remained composed, taking his hand out to her. "It's nice to meet you, Savannah."

Savannah felt frozen at the moment as she stared down at Emilio's hand. "Same to you."

He shook her hand rather firmly as if signaling to her that he knew it too. A surge of energy and nostalgia rushed through Savannah's body that broke just as their hands parted. She found herself lost in thought, taking in his appearance. He looked the same, but his hair was longer, his long, wavy glossy hair reached his chest now and his brown skin was just as beautiful as she remembered.

"I've been looking at your portfolio and I love your work, it's beautiful," Luna said as she sat down at the booth. "How long have you been a photographer?"

She took her head as if snapping herself back into the moment. "Thank you, I uh, I got my first camera when I was thirteen. I've been a photographer ever since."

Luna smiled."Perfect. I've been looking for someone experienced, you have a good eye."

"So what's the theme?" Savannah asked as she took out her tablet, taking notes. "Props? Do you have a location in mind?"

Luna squealed and squeezed Emilio's hand. "Well it's our tenth wedding anniversary coming up in a few months," she explained. "We have a big party and vow renewal and we wanted to have these for the invitations."

Savannah felt her mouth growing dry and she suddenly remembered the day that Emilio left her and called her to let her know that he was getting married. It was a lifetime ago, but the wound felt fresh at that moment.

"T-that sounds amazing," she cleared her throat. "Congratulations."

"Thank you," Emilio said firmly.

"We were thinking of a woodsy, rustic theme," Luna explained. "Em used to work at a camp near here, the lake is beautiful?"

Savannah mindlessly scribbled away at her notes, "Okay, that would work."

"Do you know the camp? It's not too far from here."

Savannah nervously shook her head. "Uh, yeah I've heard of it."

"Or we could go somewhere else," Emilio suggested. "Maybe in the city?"

"We settled on the camp." Luna squeezed his hand tighter.

Emilio shot daggers with his eyes. "The location is negotiable, nothing's permanent anyway."

"What do you mean that?" Luna returned his expression.

Savannah took another sip of her latte."Did you have a date in mind?"

"The twenty-ninth works for us," Luna replied. "How much do you charge?"

"I charge $350 for a two-hour session and that includes film prints, edits, time, and travel."

Luna smiled. "That works for us."

"Great," Savannah smiled as she made a note in her tablet of the date.

"I think I'll go order something," Luna stated before she walked over the register, examining the extensive menu.

Emilio studied her from across the table as his heart raced out of his chest. He had so much that he wanted to say. He wondered how the universe brought them back together again.

"How are you, Savannah?" he asked in a low voice.

Savannah broke her focus from her tablet, staring at the same pair of grey eyes that she felt like she'd never escape from. "I-I've been fine. And you?"

Emilio looked over his shoulder at Luna, who was staring at the baked goods over the counter. "Same, but I've thought of you."

Savannah cleared her throat, composing herself in her seat. "So I see that you're still married. Are you happy?"

Emilio glanced over at Luna before looking back at Savannah. "Are you?"

"I am."

A pregnant silence fell between them for a few moments as Luna returned to the table with a box of donuts.

"I thought the girls might enjoy this," Luna smiled as she stood there with a box of donuts.

"The girls?" Savannah questioned.

Luna rested her hand over her heart. "Oh, yeah we have two daughters back home, hopefully not getting into any trouble. We should really get going, Em."

Emilio rose to his feet. "Yeah, I think you're right,"

Savannah followed suit, putting her tablet away in her purse. "Same. But I'll see you on the twenty-ninth, I'll send you an email to confirm all the details."

"Great, see you then," Luna pulled on a pair of sunglasses.

"Bye Savannah," Emilio said, taking one last look.


Savannah breathed a sigh of relief as she sat behind the wheel of her car. She couldn't believe she was sitting face to face with her first love and his wife, the very woman who had sabotaged their relationship. All of those feelings rushed back the moment that their eyes met. Savannah wept behind the wheel for a few moments, allowing herself to feel. She had so many pent up emotions and seeing him again brought everything back.

She drove out of the parking lot and drove to the nearest liquor store. She wasn't much of a drinker, but after the day she had, she needed something to the edge off.

Savannah casually strolled the aisle in search of sweet wine. She settled for a sweet pink wine and paid for it. She drove home, wine in tow as she walked in the door.

When she walked in, Greg was standing over the stove, preparing dinner.

"Hey beautiful," he called from the kitchen.

Savannah smiled and kicked off her shoes at the door. "Hey, whatcha cookin'?"

Greg sarcastically chuckled as he stirred sauce in a pot.

"Oh you know," he said. "My famous ragin' cajun pasta."

Savannah smiled as she turned to the kitchen and saw her husband cooking in front of the stove. Greg was not a southern man at all, but he made an amazing cajun pasta. Greg wrapped his free arm around her waist. "How was your day?"

"It was good, booked a session."

"That's what I'm talking about, baby," he said. "Good for you. Work was fine but we have some new deals coming in and---"

"And you need to work more," she finished his sentence.

Greg looked over at Savannah. "I do, but I also wanna make more time with my wife."

Savannah stuffed her face in pasta. "I think you should focus on work, that's more important, I'm fine."

"I know you're fine," he said. "But we need to keep working on making this baby happen. You said you wanted a baby by your 30th birthday,"

"You said you wanted a baby by my 30th birthday," she corrected him, taking another sip of her wine.

Greg stared at the bottle, clenching his jaw before releasing it. "I just want us to be complete."

They had this conversation weekly and nothing changed. Savannah had no desire for motherhood, and she knew that Greg only wanted a child because he wanted to compete with his six siblings and their large families. Savannah knew they were doing it for the wrong reasons and her body did not want to cooperate.

That night, Greg and Savannah made love until Greg passed out on top of her. Hazily awake, Savannah slipped out of bed and took a long, hot shower, washing the scent of her husband away. She crept downstairs for another glass of wine and some ice cream in preparation for her favorite late-night talk show to come on.


Emilio sat in front of his home computer working on his latest project that night, trying to take his mind off the day. The first two years of Luna and Emilio's marriage were rocky. Luna's mother passed away a few years previous and her death somehow brought them closer. They stayed together thinking it would be best for Xiomara to have a strong family unit, but she strayed--- acting out in school, drinking, smoking. Luna and Emilio even dragged her to therapy, but she wouldn't budge. Despite being nineteen, Xiomara still lived at home, just narrowly graduating from high school the year before and starting classes at cosmetology school. The only real shining grace in Emilio's life was Valeria, she was his angel and he was happy to have her.

When Luna and Emilio came home from their meeting with Savannah, Luna almost immediately

got into a screaming match with Xiomara. Xio was supposed to watch her younger sister but instead, she left her sister sitting in front of the television.

"I don't understand why you can't do what I fucking say!" Luna yelled. "All you had to do was watch your sister!"

Xiomara pushed her straight bangs from her eyes. "She can watch herself! I told you I've had this date with Juan for three weeks!"

"No boy is more important than your sister!" Luna spat.

Emilio rolled his eyes and picked Valeria up from the floor. He carried her to the kitchen and sat her on the marble countertop before heading to the fridge. "How's my little girl doing?"

Valeria's face lit up. "It was a good day."

"You hungry?" Emilio asked as he browsed through the fridge. "What do you want?"

Valeria sat up high in her little dinosaur-printed shirt. "I want chicken fingers and french fries."

Emilio chuckled as he pulled chicken tenders from the freezer. "How about chicken and veggies, so you can grow big and strong."

She flexed her imaginary muscles. "I wanna be big and strong like daddy."

"Yes, you will." Emilio chuckled, preheating the oven."I love you, baby girl."

"I love you too, daddy," she said.

He kissed her forehead and lowered her to the floor. She cheerily skipped to her room while her dinner cooked in the oven. Emilio exhaled as he leaned against the counter. This house, their cars, everything he worked hard for felt like nothing because he wasn't truly happy.

The moment he saw Savannah, everything about her looked different. Her hair was no longer in the long braids he'd met her in, instead they were replaced by her natural curls that seemed to defy gravity on her shoulders. Her once curvier body slimmed out just a little, gaining some muscle and tone. He hadn't texted or emailed her in years, and her name was different; she was Savannah McCain now. Emilio did a quick Google search of her and he found her work, her social media, her husband. As he scrolled through her public photos, she looked happy, she got everything he hoped she would, but it still broke his heart that she wasn't with him.

All of this, and he couldn't fight the urge late that night. He dug through Luna's purse until he found Savannah's card at the bottom. He exhaled as he dialed the number and prayed she'd pick up.

"Hello?" a sheepish voice greeted on the other line.

"Hey Sav, it's Emilio," he whispered. "I wanted to hear your voice again. I've missed you."

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