Terrible life: part one_(2)

Terrible life: part one_(2)


Hi first story posted um just wanted to say befor its started hope you like it xD!!!!!


ugh oh yeah

I ran in to my my moms room thinking something was wrong...

When I tried to open the door, it was locked! I ran downstairs to find my dads fat ass passed out on the couch. dad! I think somethings wrong with mommy! so we ran upstairs and he unlocked the door. 

Inside we found a whip and school girl outfit lying on the floor...

Dad began screaming! 

I looked up to find mom sitting on another man.

When I turned around, dad wasnt there. Seconds later he can in with a shotgun. Mom jumped in the air (revealing the mans penis). Dad shot the man. 

(2 months later)

Mommy moved out and daddy kept drinking. It was my two days before my 13th birthday. I was in my room sucking on my boyfriends cock trying to take it as deep as I could choking  when I got to his balls. Apparently my sister came in because she thought I was dying to how long Id been chocking. Its not my fault my boyfriend is turned on by a girl chocking on his dick. But before I could stop my sister my bf shocked me by coming in my mouth and I was distracted trying to swallow it all that she got away

 Only minutes later I heard the roar of my father as his fat ass tried to walk up the stairs. His weight caused it to sound like a monster was after me ,in a way he was, if he wasnt such a prick maybe my mom could have been happy with him and not needed to go and find another man, but if i wasnt even ever here I wouldnt have walked in on them! No! I refuse to blame anyone but that ass hole of a father! god I hate him!

(2 days later)

Its finally my birthday but I sadden at the idea ever since my father walked in and my bfs cum was all over my face he had banned me from seeing him. Thats not the worst part, my bf was planing on popping my cherry today , but it would be a cold day in hell before I let the ass hole ruin my birthday. And wether or not he likes it daddys little girl will be getting some nice cock today! 

(12:00 pm)

I was dressed in the most cock teasing outfit I could find. Tonight I was going out whoring! It all started ok I got some looks but never any costumers. Then this fat ass come up to me he was obviously drunk,  hell he offers me $25,000 just for head and he said the farther they go the more the price rises. But then I look at this strange man. I gasped What the fuck dad why are you paying for head! he screamed. I ran! I fell asleep in my bed that night and I made sure to lock the door... Or at least I think I locked it.

(2 hours later that night)

I was awake but I was staring at the ceiling. My father had come home already but he had staggered into his room already I hope he found a good hooker and I hope he over payed big time!

Then I heard the very familiar creek of my door. Damn I thought I had locked that! I had just pretended to be asleep Wake up daddys got a big surprise for his little girl his voice was very soft Dont u wanna be a good girl? the question made me want to laugh but if I did my cover would be blown.

well if u wont wake then Ill go ahead without you. I felt his warm touch as he grabbed onto my leg. His hand slowly went up until it was on my upper thigh and I gasped I knew u werent asleep u little bitch He slapped my face You slut, you little bitch why didnt u tell me u were a whore? Hmmm now Im gonna molest u and then youre gonna suck my cock and them Im gonna fuck you till you scream! 

  What do u mean youre gonna fuck me daddy whats wrong with you? my dad smiled at my fear! now stay still my lil angel or this is gonna hurt a lot. He ripped off my clothes and then my bra. He then put his mouth over my right tit . I moaned in shock and I felt the vibration of daddys laugh on my boob. as he grabbed my tit with his teeth and flicked it with his tongue I came up with the best idea. O daddy can I please suck youre cock. Just the tought gets me all wet, and I just want you to cum in my mouth and all over me...please daddy please let me suck youre cock!

Only since you begged my little slut!He pulled down his pants and then he demanded I pull down his boxers with my teeth. I was disgusted  even with his boxers on I could smell the stench of an unwashed dick! I pulled it down with my teeth it took all my will power not to gag and throw up.... Then again Maybe hed enjoy it then Id be forced to have his cum all In my face.

But if I wanted this plan to work Id need to haft to get his dick in my mouth. So Ill suck it up. And I put the head of his dick in my mouth and teased it with my tongue. It twitched in excitement.  O daddy youre dick is so big I laughed mentally it was only like 5 in fully extended. It was so tiny and he has so much pubic hair I could puke.

I put the whole thing in. When he looked down he was sort of shocked his lil girls head was bobbing inbetween  my legs, it felt like heaven.

I had it all in my mouth it was time to put the plan in action. I bit down as hard as I possibly could. I bit through his dick. I could taste the blood flooding into my mouth. I spit out his dick onto the floor. if you follow me. If u ever try to find me. If u ever report me missing... I will kill you and it will be slow painful and you will regret ever fucking mom to have me born... his eyes were consumed by horror and pain.

Before I would leave the house I there were things I need to do. I went into the garage and found the big container of gasoline I found a match box and I dumped gasoline over anything I could get it on and then at the door before I closed it I lit a match and dropped it. I ran away I stopping once to look at the house. the fires were reaching high in the air the entire house was aflame and I figured he would burn nicely. Doesnt fat burn the best? I hope so.

(3 day later)

I cant take it I havent eaten in 3 days and I have no money. I guess I should have thought that one through. 

Then some one started following me but I didnt notice it because I was trying to flirt with this guy so he would buy me lunch but after he rejected me I walked into an alleyway and sat there and started to cry.Hey lil girl. my head jerked up dont be so surprised Ive been watching u since u came into my territory. Names @ not the a.t. At but the weird sign. But all my whores call me mr pimp. he surely didnt look like a pimp. He was tall and not very muscular but with the tight shirt he was wearing it showed he had some muscles and he dressed like any normal teen. well how old are you? Im 13 his eyes filled from concern to understanding ah  a runaway! Do you have any way of earning money or food? I started to cry again. hey dont cry its okay. Listen I know this place in town were the man that runs the place lets tons of people pay but some people dont pay with money... his voice trailed off, again I saw concern in his eyes. I wouldnt normally recommend anyone to him but its an emergency! wait what do u mean some people dont pay with money what do u pay with? this and these! as he said that one hand went In my pants and the other went up my shirt. He came in for a kiss and we did kiss for awhile while he rubbed my pussy and played with my tit. Then he opened his mouth some and hit my lips with his tongue so I opened mine and we sat there with our tongues dancing in each others mouth.

I felt something big and hard hit my leg, I pulled away from the kiss and looked down I could see the bulge forming in his pants and I grabbed onto it and rubbed it through the clothes. He moaned in excitement and then he started pulling down his pants and I stopped him I cant Im only 13 youre idk 20 its rape even though I want it so bad! I winked at him but his face grew cold and dark and his face became deeper Just follow me... and he left so I ran to follow him.

(at the house)

This place looked so amazing it was a mansion. It was as big as a football stadium. Some how I guess he could sense my amazement an he chuckled. We walked up to the front door, and he rang the doorbell. The doorbell sounded a lot like birthday sex. The door was opened by a tall buff black man in a sexy maids outfit I could see the very tip of his dick and his balls hanging low making it obvious he wasnt wearing any matching panties. Hi Steve looks like youre having another role play either that or todays wednesday. I whispered into his ear. Is this the man Im youre making me stay with?no but he is one of the people that will collect payment! he gave me one of his looks and then looked at Steve take care of her I swear if she is abused I will kill every single one of you by ripping off your dick and letting you bleed I death. he gave Steve a look and walked off to leave me with this obviously horny strong black man.

(in the house)

follow me his voiced sounded demanding and cold so I obeyed. He brought me to what looked like the kitchen and brought me a glass of water. He signaled for me to drink it. I did and once I was done he signaled for me to followed him to a room. He threw me only the silky sheets and order me to sleep and for some reason I did. 

(2 hours later)

I woke up slowly and I tried to move my hands but I couldnt I tried to move my legs I couldnt I felt weird  my legs were spread open and my arms spread to and I couldnt feel the fabric of my clothes or my panties. And I loved the feel of my panties and how the fabric feels when it rubs against my pussy, it turns me on so much. I heard a lil chuckle from the door. Good morning I saw it was Steve I think you have noticed the ropes! he was naked and walking towards me now Im sure @ explained your payment you will haft to make? I was scared he never did tell me and I think Steve noticed! 

O so you dont know? Well Ill make this short and simple im going to fuck you till you scream! he said it with such a clam voice it reminded me of a killer. While I was distracted by this thought he was putting his face in between my legs and I jump when his tongue first made contact with my wet pussy.  His tongue was long and thick and so arousing. I moaned and he stopped 

So youre in joying this after all? he lifted his head and grinned at me.  My  face must have looked like I was in full ecstasy Because then he stood up and started rubbing the head of his dick on my pussy and I moaned again how could I like this? Just before he shoved that monster of a cock into my  tight virgin pussy,Then the doorbell rang. His face grew red which i did not know black peoples faces could do! When he came back he had blood covering his torso Now thats done. he came towards me again i made sure no one would spoil this and he walked up to me and positioned his dick at my entrance and shoved it all the way till his brown pubic hair was pressed against my skin. He broke it he took my claim as virgin and then my world turned black i couldnt handle this big my first time and i blacked out from the pure pleasure.

(the next morning)

I awoke feeling more full ive ever felt in my life, but something was missing. My panties there still gone! Where the fuck could they be! I thought to my self. Then i look over and i saw some chick with my panties on her stomach! I began to become very angry! You mother fucker give me my mother fucking panties! give them now!  i was screaming as well as i could as my throat was dry as hell . _________________________________________________________________________________________well thats part one nice friendly helpfull critisism welcome and ie read enough of these this never happend be terrible if it did tell me if i should write a part 2 thanks for reading bye











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