Terms and Definitions

Terms and Definitions

The Saleer Team

Affiliate program - a set of regular actions to stimulate project participants to attract new customers and (or) to increase trading volumes with guaranteed payment of fees based on the established rules.

Create offer - a command operation that allows you to create offers for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency on user-specified conditions (exchange rate, number of buying or selling cryptocurrencies, exchange direction);

Arbitration (dispute) - the procedure for resolving disputes between users with the involvement of an independent expert service (arbitrator).

Buyer - a user buying cryptocurrency in the Saleer service.

Commission (service) - the commission paid by the buyer of the cryptocurrency from each successful transaction.

Commission (systems) - a commission reward to miners when withdrawing cryptocurrency assets from the internal Saleer service wallet to an external personal user wallet.

Competition (Draw) - a set of regular actions to stimulate project participants to perform various actions with the random distribution of remuneration from the prize fund based on the established rules.

Confirmation - the process of including a transaction in a found block.  It is necessary for the transaction in the selected blockchain.  To transfer funds to the service wallets, it is enough to receive two network confirmations.

Cryptocurrency - optionally available currency for exchange in the service (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Litecoin).

Exchange - a cryptocurrency exchange or aggregation service that provides real-time information to the service about the current rate of cryptocurrencies, on the basis of which rates are adjusted on the fly in user ads.

Exchange rate - the current rate for the exchange of cryptocurrency, set by the user.  It depends on the current value of the exchange rate at the exchange chosen by the user and the value of the correlation coefficient chosen by the user, which is actually the size of the user commission.

Fiat - a generalized term for all possible ways of selling cryptocurrency through payment systems and gateways (plastic cards, electronic money, replenishing the balance of a mobile phone, etc.).

Limit - user-defined minimum and maximum values ​​of the purchase or sale for each ad.

Maker - the creator of an ad for the sale or purchase of cryptocurrency.

Requisits - user-defined personal data of the selected payment system for receiving fiat funds.

Seller - a user selling cryptocurrency in the Saleer service.

Taker - a user who has accepted the terms of the maker for the sale or purchase of cryptocurrency and has started a transaction.

Wallet - a free multi-currency wallet for the exchange and storage of cryptocurrency assets in the Saleer service.


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