Temporary shutdown

Temporary shutdown

Mohamed S. aka kamikazechaser


muslimsmeet.online will be temporarily shutting down on Tuesday 17th November 2020. All user accounts along with personal data will be deleted (backups will be deleted by 17th December 2020). Only emails will be retained for future correspondence (opt-out will be available after the first update).

The main reason for shutting down is to focus on v2 (next version exp. 2021). Inconveniences are regretted. For further clarifications, feel free to reach out to me on Reddit at u/kamikazechaser (slower) or Discord at kamikazechaser#6855.

If you were connected with someone, and want to continue the conversation, reach out to me before December 17th.

If you want to be informed about v2, subscribe here.

Shukran for the patience!

Update: Profile data from the will be sent to every member before 17th December. The data can be used in v2 or other places.

Update 2: Why the platform had to shutdown.