elmanana.com Template #25 major issues

elmanana.com Template #25 major issues

Sorry admins, but template #25 for "elmanana.com" has many major problems that I really wonder how you didn't see them.

I wrote the most important issues here for your final reviews:

Issue #1: Missing IV for target pages.

Template #25 doesn't support these articles without any reason:

https://www.elmanana.com/al-rescate-rastros-tif-rastros/4256193 [test]

https://www.elmanana.com/aumenta-gas-lp-matamoros-incremento/4282851 [test]





See Here

Issue #3: Wrong author & date formatting:

See Here

Issue #4: Missing Image description clearly:

See Here

Issue #5: Missing <slideshow> like original clearly:

See Here

Issue #6: Missing <related> items at the end:

Proof: The article datepublish is 2018 and all of the links inside "FOTOGALERÍAS RELACIONADAS" are for 2018 too. So definitely they are related & there is no doubt.

See Here

My template displays them perfectly

Issue #7: Missing video description text clearly:

See Here

Issue #8: Missing <related> formatting for identifiable block:

See here

Issue #9: IV generated for non-targeted page:

See Here

This page haven't any content but template uses the sidebar contents to generate IV!

Issue #10: Bad extracting description from article body:

See Case 1 , Case 2 , Case 3

I hope the perfect template wins competition and eventually justice serves he who is deserving.

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