Telegraphing My Story: Testing a New Site

Telegraphing My Story: Testing a New Site

Linda Houle

Some years ago, frustrated for my students working on their wiki project from home without the same tools they used at school, I went looking for a solution. Soon 31 simple Web 2.0 tools, that required no registration, were in my tool bag to share with students. I chose to use the Wikispaces platform, the same one my students were using, to share my new resources. It was a great way to learn the platform along with them.

On Wikispaces I shared No Registration Web 2.0 tools under 7 categories: Creativity, Collaboration, Conversion, Multimedia, Photo/Imaging, Presentation and Productivity. Tested tools met a variety of criteria with final results provided as examples.

Sadly Wikispaces is disappearing into Internet history. In March of 2018 upon the announcement of Wikispaces closing, I purchased a domain on Weebly to continue with my work.

Reorganized, my content is now found on separate category and example pages. Examples include videos, pictures, photos, polls, mp3s, charts, and more. For simplicity, most examples, particularly photos, are personal so citation is not necessary. Besides, I love to show off garden and family dog pictures.

My original 31 No Registration Web 2.0 tools has grown to over 260. Over the last 9 years I examined and/or tested at least 500 tools and eliminated 133. Times change and the Internet, devices, computers, apps, etc. bring change to the way educators and students work with technology. Yet to open a browser to use a tool that requires no registration, names, emails, passwords, or installation simplifies your task when you want to focus on your project.

Thanks for reading my story that began in 2009 and continues today on my website. Come visit L. Houle's Ed Tools and discover the possibilities. You might also like to check out my No Registration Livebinder to explore and interact with No Registration Web 2.0.

(My story is my test and example of the No Registration Web 2.0 tool your hand at using it to tell your story. Remember once you close your browser your story is no longer editable.) August 2018

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