#Telegram for #WordPress selected #plugins (part 4)

#Telegram for #WordPress selected #plugins (part 4)


So we are ending our #WordPress #Telegram series for now, and maybe adding our own plugin to this list later. And the best news in my opinion: #WordPress admits they get important notifications over Telegram and also included sharing button for Telegram natively in Jetpack I believe.

Have look at the previous articles around this topic.




Today we have another four Telegram WordPress tests and we finish the series with them.

  • Telegram for WP

I installed it and looked around. It has a channel @notificaster and yo ushould ran it with the bot of the same name. Maybe good idea, but the channel is again in arabic. I am sometimes not so sure with whom I share my bot token in cases of such plugins. Maybe I have to say, be cautious with your Bot token and revoke it thru botfather if you are once in doubt.

  • WP Telegram

It really looks more promising at first sight, but after browsing a little around in the settings its another post to channel plugin. People may have good use cases for this. Me not in the moment. But that may change eventually.

  • Telegram Bot & Channel

Ah I saw this plugin before, its this ultra crazy and total complicated Telegram WordPress plugin. I tried it a few times and also connect it to this crazy external service it once had. Maybe people need this one. But according to your use case thats might be overwhelming and not suitable.

  • TeploBot

As I understand it, it is like a Telegram bot search engine for your WordPress website, looks very promising but was not willing to test it further. But to don't leave you in the dark it should be mentioned here of course.

  • ChatBro

This plugin is awesome. Its an external service at chatbro.com and you connect it with the @chatbro_bot inside Telegram. Although we don't want to focus on external services this is an exception as it really convinced me. You can have a group chat with anonymous website users on your website. You can put all your customer support people in this group and answer anonymous users talkig to you on the website. Have look at wp-plugin-dev.com.

What I am quite missing from this, is a link to join that group directly but maybe this is a feature. You can contact the answering persons over Telegram directly.

So we are ending this series with this and hope you liked it and it was useful for you. Remember teh age of e-mail isn't gone but we got closer.

Keep an eye on our estimated posts about AI chatbots or automatic press bots on WordPress and maybe a lot of other cool stuff. #WordPress is definitily a player in a world of Telegram chatbots.

Stay tuned!!!