Telegram and TON in a nutshell

Telegram and TON in a nutshell

Telegram & TON News

With it's 300 million users, Telegram is uniquely positioned to establish the first mass-market cryptocurrency by providing a platform that combines these properties. Telegram will use its expertise in encrypted distributed data storage to create TON, a fast and inherently scalable multi-blockchain architecture. TON can be regarded as a decentralized supercomputer and value transfer system. By combining minimum transaction time with maximum security, TON can become a VISA/Mastercard alternative for the new decentralized economy.

The Telegram Team will rely on its 10-year experience in building user-friendly interfaces for tens of millions to create light wallets, exchanges, and identification services that will allow users to get on board with crypto-currencies in an intuitive way.

At the core of the platform is the TON Blockchain — a scalable and flexible blockchain architecture that consists of a master chain and up to 292 accompanying blockchains. Below are some notable design choices that allow the TON Blockchain to process millions of transactions per second.

Launching in 2018-2019, this cryptocurrency will be based on multi-blockchain Proof-of-Stake system — TON (Telegram Open Network, after 2021 The Open Network) — designed to host a new generation of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications.

It was repeatedly seen how all the products and projects produced by the Durov brothers have come to an end, and there is great confidence that this platform will also become one of the most convenient, fast and anonymous projects. 

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