Telegram X: October Update

Telegram X: October Update

Telegram X

Brief overview of Telegram X for Android update, which brings Android Pie support, Translations & Tools for Translators, and more.


  • Choose between ten languages: English, French, German, Italian, Malay, Malayalam, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.
More languages are on the way.
  • New languages will appear without need in the application update. Telegram X will simply suggest you to switch to your language once it becomes officially available.
  • Found better way to translate some string? Suggest your version on the Translations Platform. Once approved, it will be rolled out through the cloud without need in the application update.
  • Date, time & number formats now always matches preferred system settings
  • Install custom localization files and switch between them through Settings > Language
  • Create & share custom localization files using built-in tools without leaving the app. Read more below.
  • Alongside new languages, which required significant amount of changes under the hood, English localization & dozen of minor parts of the UI have been improved, many typos got fixed.

Tools for Translators

  • Create new localization files & make changes to the installed ones right inside the app. They are applied instantly without need in restarting the app.
  • Share Installed or Unreleased translations as XML files.
  • Quickly view which strings are untranslated by tapping switch in the header while viewing strings list.
  • Search for missing or rudimentary whitespace in the beginning or the end of strings (highlighted in red): type " " in the search bar.
Whitespaces in the beginning and the ending of the string are always highlighted by red color
  • Search for other whitespace typos: type "  ", "   " to find accidentally duplicated characters.
  • And much more little tools while working with strings.
Quick arguments insertion, View on Platform, Copy Link & Copy Original inside the three-dot menu
  • Read more about creating custom localization files here.

If you want to help translating Telegram X to more languages, please visit Translations Platform.

Android Pie Support

  • Inline high-resolution photos & stickers in notifications: Settings > Notifications > Image Preview. Auto-download settings apply.
  • Names & pictures in notifications display properly.
  • Markdown now works properly.
  • Read more on Android Pie bugfixes and minor changes below.


  • Media input support: send photos, GIFs or stickers directly from the keyboard.
  • More message text sizes available + Enable Size Scaling: turn on to apply system font size changes (Settings > Text Size > Three-dot Menu)
  • Send files from the Root Directory, when available
  • Added access to the application directories when sending files (this way you also can find where those files are located, when needed)
  • Global search when blocking user in Settings > Privacy > Blocked Users
  • Tap description for quick set-up or edit in channels and supergroups profiles (requires corresponding rights)
  • Tap channel / supergroup link to quickly edit it (requires corresponding rights)
  • Ability to use HTTP Proxies
  • Added Settings > Interface > Save edited photos to gallery
  • Added Settings > Interface > Remember media grouping setting: when enabled, last used media grouping setting will remain.
  • Long-press mentions to use them without username, even if mentioned user has one
  • Added "Hide" button in notifications. It works like "Mark as Read" without reading a message.
  • See date timestamp when viewing someone's profile photos
  • Proxy setup on log-in screen
  • Option to display photo & video tabs
  • Improved chats & contacts search
  • Optimized memory usage when using many accounts
  • When playing a game, corresponding status will be set properly
  • Access Invite Link through group / channel management three-dot menu (even if it's public)
  • When sending images with transparency (png, webp), white background will be applied to them instead of the black one
  • Updated libtgvoip to 2.2.4

Other changes and improvements

  • Message author highlighted in bold in media viewer subtitle
  • Internalization in counters
  • Improved: Section building in contacts list
  • Number of messages in chats list and search is displayed fully
  • Battery usage improvements while app is in background
  • Changed black text color in light theme
  • Slightly reduced line height in message texts
  • Map Provider settings
  • Changed text size of message and caption input field
  • Chat text size now applies to replies too (only to the content)
  • Chat text size no longer applies to bios and descriptions
  • Icons when selecting output channel during call
  • Improved: Reset network stats pop-up
  • When entering Picture in Picture, navigation bar color will be updated properly (requires Android Oreo or newer)
  • Gradient under controls in Picture in Picture
  • UI length limit when editing chat titles (128 chars) and names (64 chars).
  • Mentioning contacts in PM now transliteration-independent
  • Settings > Stickers now opens much smoothly
  • Android Pie: improved image rendering speed & memory usage
  • Android Pie: increased image sending speed
  • Reverse-portrait orientation support


  • Crash on separate chat list screen when network state changes (i.e. when using inline bots' "Try Out" button)
  • Save button doesn't appear when only username/password/secret changed while editing proxy
  • "Send Sticker" from trending list does the same as "View Pack"
  • Pressing recent icon section in sticker keyboard does nothing when there are no favorite stickers
  • More animations that could possibly break when they are disabled at system level
  • Rare bugs related to Secret Chat Passcode
  • Grey avatar placeholder on text size / wallpaper settings (should be colored)
  • Some chats may be missing after application start up
  • Possible duplicate results in sticker suggestions
  • Incorrect string formatting on some screens
  • Three-dot menu truncates strings
  • Arrow color in PiP
  • RTL input in message field gets left-aligned
  • Crashes on Android versions before 7.0 (Nougat)
  • ./bot?start=... does not work for current bot
  • Arrow color in "Unread Messages" does not match text color
  • Crash in sectioned contacts screen
  • Notification setting hint is lowercased in a wrong place
  • Pause icon size in the in-app YouTube player is too small.
  • Bold text for some languages may be not bold in some parts of the UI
  • Incorrect date when copying multiple messages
  • Background rectangle shown incorrectly in the empty secret chats
  • Crash when trying to invite an unregistered contact
  • Progress bar is stuck when sending a text message with a document in link preview
  • Text in messages breaks at the interpunct position
  • Descriptions in inline results are not visible for documents
  • Screenshot notifications are sent even when app is minimized
  • Workaround for Invite text contains only link without text
  • Workaround for the possible incorrect file sharing behavior
  • Floating date background missing when scrolling plain mode chats with pinned message / while playing music
  • Play/pause button may disappear after opening videos in some channels
  • Duplicate or reappearing notifications, when some notification categories were disabled in system settings (affects Oreo and higher)
  • Error #400 when trying to upload profile photo
  • Emoji in the menu pop-up are not displayed properly
  • Bright cover placeholder in the audio player while using Black theme
  • Pasting text with invalid hidden link leads to an error
  • Empty mention search results when trying to search using non-latin letters
  • Error when trying to save name without first name
  • Crash when long-pressing links in Saved Messages while search bar is open
  • User name may overlay "admin" sign
  • Invite Friends doesn't work without network connection
  • When multiple messages arrive, app may notify multiple times, instead of just once
  • Edit button for live locations is not hidden
  • Long album names overlay action buttons in media picker
  • Unread counter in the chat is displayed not properly (not centered & trimmed, etc).
  • After sharing some types of files to the app, it may crash and stop working
  • Android Pie: Fixed crash when trying to send location
  • Android Pie: Fixed missing music player controls
  • Android Pie: Fixed missing call controls
  • Android Pie: Fixed other crashes
  • Android Pie: Fixed incorrect author name in notification when content preview is disabled
  • Crash on call screen
  • Can't press enter when using password passcode for secret chat
  • UI break while trying to swipe inline results in saved messages
  • Incorrect "try out" inline button behavior in chats without write access
  • Call control notification doesn't appear on Android Oreo or higher
  • Much more bugfixes not mentioned above