Telegram X: September Update

Telegram X: September Update


Brief overview of new features available on Telegram X for Android.

Features and Changes

— Animated Stickers

— Global Permissions in chats

— View Admins list in chats (profile > three-dots button > «View admins»).

— New privacy options: profile photo and forwarded messages

— Refreshed look of privacy settings screen

— Embed wallpapers in custom themes

— Hi-res media thumbnails

— Improved Link Previews for external video services (YouTube, coub, etc)

— Started rework of Instant View: Opens on full screen, option to close by swipe, improved navigation, YouTube and other embeds, and more.

— Bugfixes for devices with notch.

— "In Roaming" option for "Use Less Data in Calls" setting.

— View who promoted/banned a user in chat.

— View members' join date and time in groups and channels (members list > hold).

— Global rights and polls events in Recent Actions.

— Link preview won't appear above message field if it is disabled in group.

— Message field will be locked when writing messages is restricted.

— Edit group's or channel's profile photo or description from the profile.

— Basic groups and supergroups management now look the same way.

— In-app update suggestions.

— Removed extra status bar in split screen.

— Reworked internal wallpaper logic on new Backgrounds 2.0 API, but visually only new wallpapers.

— Improved wallpaper switching logic when changing theme.

— Swipe back is disabled when you edit a message to prevent losing changes.

— Other changes related to app gestures.

— Minor bugfixes and improvements.

— Updated JoyPixels (former EmojiOne) emoji set. To update, switch to any other emoji set, then back to JoyPixels.

This is not full list of changes. For more, follow Telegram X channel.

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