Telegram X: June Update. Going Open-Source & Code Contest

Telegram X: June Update. Going Open-Source & Code Contest


Brief overview of recent updates to Telegram X for Android, including information about the release of its open source code, and a new code contest.

Open source done right

Telegram X is now fully open source. This release includes extra tools and measures to eliminate the possibility of client-side backdoors, makes code review and security research easier, and provides the ability for anyone to participate in Telegram X development.

  • Each Telegram X version now includes information about the source code used to make it. This allows you to easily verify the code of the exact version you are using at any time from the Settings page.
  • After you update to the first open source version, each future update will also allow you to check the new changes made to the source code.
  • If you have an access to the installation APK file, you can verify that it was built by the Telegram X creator and was not modified by any third-party by sending its hash (MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256) to the new official @tgx_bot or look it up in the by finding it in the @tgx_log channel.
  • To confirm that the source code inside the APK corresponds to the source code linked in Settings, you can reproduce the APK using the guide available in README and verify that the compiled code is exactly the same. Every public Telegram X build is reproducible, that includes all beta versions uploaded to Google Play Beta.
New options available in Settings. Note: the exact look of this section varies based on the way you installed Telegram X and versions you had previously installed.

Telegram X Coding Competition

The goal of Telegram X is to create a developer-friendly community that provides users a unique customizable experience. To help facilitate this, we’re announcing a Telegram X Development Contest for implementing reactions, which will be added to the next update.

If you ever wanted to take part in the development of Telegram X and create something that will be used by millions of people, here’s your opportunity.

Read more on GitHub.

What's new in this update

Along with the release of open source code, this update adds several long-awaited features.

Improved Video Playback

  • Videos can now start playing before the file is fully downloaded.
  • A video will pause its download when you close the video player.
  • Tap a new button to download a video file without opening it in the player.
  • All video files support these features – similar to how audio files currently function.

Read receipts in groups

  • Tap your messages in small groups to see which members have read them.

Emoji 14.0

  • Telegram X now supports all new emoji from the Emoji 14.0 update.
  • Updated Microsoft emoji pack

Device Management

  • Control which devices can receive calls and Secret Chats in Settings — Devices.
  • Set devices to automatically log out after a certain period of inactivity.
  • Improved overall look by adding icons

And much more

  • Share stickers that use .webm format, like Utya 3D.
  • Properly view chats with protected content.
  • Add spoiler formatting in messages.
  • Create join requests for your chat using invite links with admin approval.
  • See reply context in forwarded messages.
  • Stay informed about questionable accounts – flagged accounts now show a SCAM/FAKE tag.
  • Clear the chat history of group chats for everyone.
  • Check the number of views on Instant View pages.
  • Several bug fixes and optimizations.

It's not the comprehensive list of changes in Telegram X. Update now to see all of them.

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