Telegram X: March Update

Telegram X: March Update

Telegram X

Brief overview of new features available on Telegram X for Android.

Версия на русском.


  • Log in to as many accounts as you want
  • Choose separate themes for different accounts to not mix up which one being used
  • Hold accounts to preview chats list quickly sign out, when needed. This doesn't trigger online status.
  • Seamlessly switch between accounts when you receive a new message
  • Account selector when sharing anything from external application or opening a link
  • Hold & swipe up to change account position in the list

More Themes + Chats Appearance

  • Classic Telegram theme (like Blue, but with green bubbles)
  • Red, Orange, Green, Pink, and Cyan themes
  • Turn off Bubble Mode for channels, but keep enabled for all other chat types
  • Photos in channels are now always full-width when bubbles disabled

Live Locations + Map View

  • Send Live Locations
  • In-app Map Screen
  • New map / venue messages design
  • Tap to focus map on specific point, tap again to restore default map position
  • Night theme for map with Auto-Night mode support
  • Directions & Foursquare button in message menu
  • Realtime distance between you and other party when sharing live location to each other
  • Distance in Live Location messages, when you share live location to any chat

Animated Actions

  • Animated typing, upload and other actions
  • Works the same way in the chats list, chats, and chat previews

Image Previews in Notifications

Android 5.0+ only

  • When receiving a sticker or photo, peek system notification to see it without opening
  • When Photo or Sticker takes too long to load, notification will display without it
  • Autodownload rules apply. If you receive a photo and have disabled Photos auto-download or have Data Saver on, you won't see the preview
  • Disable at Settings > Notifications > Image Preview.

Emoji Tones + Sticker Suggestions

  • Hold Emoji to select Skin Tone
  • Swipe up to apply Skin Tone to all other Emoji
  • See more sticker suggestions when entering a single emoji
  • Adjust suggestions at Settings > Interface > Chat > Sticker suggestions by emoji: "Recommended + Installed", "Only Installed", "None"


  • Hold pinned chat & swipe up to change its position
  • Tap on the floating date to scroll to the first message on that day
  • Phone numbers are now highlighted in texts
  • Button for Reporting messages, when possible
  • Tap header in any place to open profile
  • Preview images and GIFs before sending in the inline bot results
  • Hold or tap chat picture to open without need to open profile

Unread Counter

  • Number of unread messages near app icon on supported devices
  • Number of unread messages in the accounts list
  • By default this counter includes non-muted chats only
  • Options to choose "None", "All chats", "Non-muted only" at Settings > Notifications > Unread messages count badge

Swipe to Reply

  • New Swipe to Reply design, when bubbles enabled
  • Swipe chat back from any place to return to chats list
  • Swipe to Share is now disabled by default
  • Turn on Swipe to Share back at Settings > Interface > Chats > Swipe Actions

For Chat Admins

  • Chat Admins now can dismiss pinned message only for themselves
  • Undo pinned message dismiss via Three-dot menu > Pinned Message
  • Better date & time separation in Recent Actions
  • See full date of messages being deleted or edited in Recent Actions


  • Decreased application size
  • People suggestions on calls tab
  • Significantly improved chat search
  • Telegram Call strength indicator
  • Better connectivity detection while using VPN
  • Canada country code
  • Chat photo open animation
  • Link preview for album links
  • Support for special Telegram links
  • Outgoing voice messages now can be removed via Settings > Data and Storage > Storage Usage. To remove old recorded voice messages use System Settings > Apps > Telegram X > Clear Cache.

This update will become available for all users gradually.

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