Telegram X: January Update

Telegram X: January Update


Brief overview of new features available on Telegram X for Android.

Polls 2.0

  • Visible Votes: create polls that allow everyone in the group to see who voted for what.
  • Multiple Answers: create polls that allow people to select multiple answers.
  • Quiz Mode: such polls have one correct answer and can power anything from trivia games to public service exams. Check out a demo in the Quiz Bot:
  • Exclusive setting for channel readers: Batman-inspired Transitions option for polls in Settings — Interface.
If not chosen as default, you still might encounter this transition with 1:1000 chance.

Channel Discussions

  • Set a Linked Group in Channels for discussions or read-only admin group.
  • Access Linked Group in channels without interrupting full-screen chat viewing.
  • Works reverse way too: access Linked Channel in a Group, if it has one.
  • Access Linked Group even if you are an admin via Three-Dot menu.
  • Hold Discuss button to preview the Linked Group.

Contacts without Number & Phone Number Privacy

  • Add contacts without knowing number
  • Share my phone number toggle when adding the contact
  • Added avatar/phone number when adding or renaming a contact
  • Precise control over who sees your phone number
  • Control whether people who have added your phone number can find you on Telegram, if you do not have them in your contacts list
Access via Settings — Privacy and Security

Chats Archive

  • Archive: separate list for chats that you do not wish to see in the main chat list
  • Pin unlimited number of chats inside the Archive
  • If chat is not muted, it will get unarchived when new message will arrive
  • Access archived chats via special filter
  • Filter Archived Chats by chat type
  • Special placeholder in case all of the chats have been archived


  • Edit messages and send new ones on the fly without waiting for changes to be saved.
Editing messages on the weak connection will not stop you from sending the new ones before it's saved
  • Whenever you use Chat Filter, global messages search results get filtered as well, giving you an ability to search for messages only in Private Chats, Groups, Channels, Archive, etc
  • Seamless web login via inline buttons
  • When you open a group or channel that you are not member of, and many messages have been posted since your last visit, scroll position will be saved and Unread Messages separator will be displayed
  • Reworked action bar in chats: controlled by TDLib and now shared between private and secret chats (when it's the same user)
  • New action bar actions: Add Contact, Block, Share My Phone Number and Report Unrelated Location
  • Specific error code & message is displayed in the failed message's menu
  • Better internal logic for reading incoming messages
  • Increased live location update frequency
  • Supported all new Recent Actions: linked group/channel updates, slow mode delay & group location changes (with viewing). That features will come in the next updates.
  • Custom admin titles in messages
  • Sorted some unsorted colors in theme editor


  • Crash when launching app under certain conditions
  • Crash caused by canvas under-reference in different views
  • Crash on profile screen in specific tabs when new message arrives to the chat
  • Crash caused by Google Play Services bug
  • "Settings" in Recent Actions do not open
  • Android 10: Incorrect order of screenshots in the attachment menu
  • Android 10: Incorrect timestamps in the attach > file > gallery
  • Android 4.x: crashes on the app launch
  • In rare cases some messages could become read even though they didn't appear on screen at all
  • Incorrect chat mute state if it setting it failed on server
  • Software keyboard does not hide when opening emoji/stickers keyboard after performing some actions
  • Link Preview does not display if link is just a domain name with slash on the end:
  • Search controls bar is not visible when follow/discuss bottom bar is present
  • After using chats filter, new chat button no longer reacts to chats list scroll (does not show/hide)
  • Adding account immediately after logging out may result in #7: setAuthPhoneNumber unexpected
  • Bold / uncolored color names for avatar*_big
  • Crash when trying to submit or retract poll vote

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