Telegram Stickers for Everyone

Telegram Stickers for Everyone

Markus Ra

About three years ago Telegram launched a free and open platform for stickers. The latest service to replicate it was WhatsApp. Unsurprisingly, they happened to use the exact same sticker format as in Telegram (512x512 .webp with a transparency layer and emoji bindings).

We noticed that some developers started uploading their favorite Telegram stickers to WhatsApp's platform. Although stickers created by our artists are our intellectual property, we don’t mind if they are available for free on other platforms – provided certain conditions are met.

If you're a developer looking to publish Telegram stickers as apps for WhatsApp, please contact us at stickers[at] to learn the details.

Telegram Stickers for WhatsApp

Everyone else is welcome to enjoy the Telegram stickers we published ourselves to give WhatsApp users a taste of tomorrow: