Telegram Ranked Aggregated Signals. 

Telegram Ranked Aggregated Signals. 


Hello cryptofolks,

we are working on crypto telegram signals analyzer.

You can find it here


  • Signals aggregation from as much channels as we know
  • Signals confirmation if they are Win or Loss:
  • First target achieved = Win
  • Stop Loss achieved = Loss.
  • Statistics for each channel

Lets have a look on typical signal

  1. Channel author of the signal
  2. Rating position in our database
  3. Rank = [Sum of % of Wins] - [Sum of % of Loses] 
  4. Number of Wins/Loses/Still Open signals
  5. WinRate=W/(W+L) - % of Wins
  6. ~1h - average time for signal to win or lose
  7. #Coin,
  8. Sell and percents from Buy point
  9. Buy point
  10. Current price at Bittrex
  11. Stop Loss and it's percents
  12. Reward to Risk ratio - [% of 1st Target] / [% of Stop Loss]
  13. Original Message
  14. Technical info if applicable

If you have any ideas or questions: contact