Telegram Plugins for #WordPress (part 3)

Telegram Plugins for #WordPress (part 3)

This is already part three of our WordPress Telegram series and we are already near near the end of the series of the . As already mentioned Universal Chat looks promising but it is an external service. As we come closer to he first page, results getting better of course.

So now here are the tests of today.

  • Contact Bot

The Contact Bot also looks very promising but after input of my bot-token and the shortcode on a page I had a small interface where I can type something, and this was get delivered to my bot. But I didn't manage that I can answer to the webpage with my bot. If this will be fixed, this plugin will be allright. And by the way if you no longer support Facebook Messenger don't mention that anymore.

  • WhatsHelp Chat Button

I really thought it is way more cool than it was. In the end I have to create a tiny chatbutton widget on their website and insert the code. I should have been done this with a text widget and 1 icon instead. Hmm. Not really see the sense behind it.

  • Link to Telegram

Ok quite cool. Maybe very useful in some cases

  • Telegram Inliner

I didn't get this to work and the Readme is complete in arabic, so not my choice.

  • Various send to channel Telegram bots

I didn't test them all including Teletter Telegram Newsletter, Simple Telegram, Broadcast to Telegram, Channeller – Telegram Channel Administrator, AUS Telegram Channel. They are all plugins sending new posts to your Telegram channel. Not rocket science and maybe useful, think I tried the AUS and was ok, but never deleted its cron job from WP after deactivation.

  • Telegram-chat

This plugin seems to do what it suggests but it was written inside the plugin that it doesn't connect after three days without an activation code. So considered an external service also.

So far for now, stay tuned and contact me on Twitter or Telegram @wpplugindevcom if you have another cool plugin belonging to this series.