Telegram Bots

Telegram Bots

Alert Bot:

Create simple alerts


APK Downloader:

Download latest version of any free android apps and games.


Channels Junction bot:

Collects all posts from selected channels, so you can read them like a news feed.


Channel Stats bot:

Useful bot for channel owners that helps you track the number of members in your channel. 



Gives group statistics



English Dictionary with daily reminders of the words from your Learning List. Web:


Feed Reader Bot:

Feed Reader Bot monitors websites, Facebook/Google+/Instagram/Quora/Twitter/YouTube or such similar accounts, and sends messages when new posts are made.



It provides easy way to collect, analyse and keep track of your Telegram channel statistics.




Inline Bot: @gamebot


Download music from SoundCloud, YouTube link or just search the name in the bot.


Gmail Bot:

Send and receive emails.



Link your Telegram Groups or channels to more than 360 other services through IFTTT.



Fetches Image or GIFs on request


Inline lyrics bot:

An inline bot that fetches lyrics from various sources and also provides YouTube, SoundCloud & Spotify links.


MP3s Bot:

An inline bot to download songs.


Poll Bot:

Helps to create Poll



Prisma - art filters and photo effects


Pronunciation Bot:

This is a bot that allows you to convert text into speech in 84 languages.


QR Bot:

QRbot is a bot of Telegram specialized in creating QR codes from urls.



This bot extracts the text from the link to an article.



Place to download research papers.



Create and manage Telegram Stickers


Super Markdown Bot:

This bot allows you to format text more than basic ways like underline or spaced text and many more.



This bot can help you log in on, manage your articles, and get page view statistics.


Telegram Store bot:

Storebot helps you discover the best bots 👾 on Telegram. Explore charts, rate bots and enjoy updates!


Telegram Themes:

Themes for Telegram Desktop.


Thesaurus Dictionary:

Gives a list of thesaurus for a given word



Receive card events in any chat, perform actions in a few taps, create new cards – just type @trello_bot Card title


Trivia Bot:

Allows you to test your Trivia Knowledge



Document text recognition bot.