Telecommunications site survey checklist

Telecommunications site survey checklist


A site survey is carried out before the deployment of any hardware. The aim is to collect all data related to customer’s sites as a way of planning for minimal disruption during and after deployment.

The site survey process consists of engineers who will complete questionnaires that help gather all the data required. This typically relates to the network closet, existing cabling, existing power, HVAC conditions and any space that’s available in the network racks for new hardware.

After carrying out this comprehensive onsite survey, customers get first-hand information about all the pre-deployment work that needs to happen before new hardware is deployed. This is all based on the data gathered by engineers.The increased use of the ‘bring your own device’ strategy means that many companies must focus on capacity more than coverage. When this is the case, there will be a requirement for more access points than a wireless network that simply focuses on coverage. However, it’s possible that licensing agreements on software can become more expensive.No two companies are the same, and understanding the intended use is a vital step before designing a new network or altering an existing one.

The introduction of a wireless network significantly reduces eh need for cabling, but some will remain. Access points will need to be connected to the world at a power source as well as a network source. Therefore, assessing the situation is vital for identifying any areas where cabling facilities could potentially cause problems Persisting with faulty cables could seriously harm performance levels, which is why all projects of this ilk should cover this factor.

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