Tease me, please me

Tease me, please me


She still remembers the first time she saw him. The very delayed 10.06 train to Manchester. Delayed because of a technical fault. Apparently.

She stood on the platform, impatiently waiting to see if she could *finally* go home to see her mother for the first time in months. Shed been so busy with work and was having a lot of issues with her boyfriend, she barely had time to arrange some downtime and seeing her family.

Looking up from her phone for the umpteenth time, thats when she saw him. Walking down the platform towards her, towards the train. She inhaled sharply. First thought through her head was how she wouldnt mind being bent over and taken from behind by him. Piercing green eyes that looked like sparkling emeralds, olive skin, brown scruffy hair. He was exactly her type. She squirmed and looked back down at her phone, panicking that she was being obvious in how turned on she was.

She started watching him out of the corner of her eye. Shit. Hes getting closer to me she thought. He walked past her, almost as slowly as possible as if he knew she was watching. She glanced up slightly, tight fitting trousers just made his peachy arse looking even more perfect. He turned, making eye contact. She squeaked slightly and blushed.

Is this supposed to be the platform for the 10.06 to Manchester? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Silky smooth voice as well.

Erm, yes. I dont know whats happening though.

No, neither do I. None of the staff seem to know whats going on either.

She shrugged. No surprises there. Youre lucky theres even any staff to talk to here. Doesnt happen a lot.

He smirked. Shit, I may need some clean underwear at this rate she thought.

Well, while we wait, do you fancy getting a coffee?

Wait, what?! Panic stations! She looked at him, mouth open, trying to find the words. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I would rather you fucked me though! Again with that smirk?

Ill take that as a yes then? He winked. Oh my god he winked.

She was in such a daze, she didnt remember walking with him to the coffee shop in the station. She didnt remember telling him what drink she would like. She didnt even remember him paying and directing her to a table in the corner of the shop, next to the toilets.

They sat at the table for God knows how long, just talking. Finding stuff out about family, relationships, work. You know, the usual stuff, before he said it. The one thing she was secretly wishing he would say.

I have to say, Im curious about you. I get the feeling youre unsatisfied sexually?

Erm, excuse me?

She blushed. He smirked. Again with that smirk! Again, I think thats a yes. Follow me.

He stood up, took her hand and pulled her towards the toilets. I know its not the most sexiest of places, but I think we *both* need some relief.

She got what she wanted. Bent over being taken from behind by her perfect guy.

She tried being as quiet as possible, but she was just so glad that she was finally being fucked exactly how she wanted to be. Rough and hard. By a guy who wanted it just as much as her. She may have let out a few moans of pleasure, which just made him fuck her harder.

After they finished, he smiled at her. I think weve missed our train. She shrugged. Do you care? No. Not one bit.

They swapped numbers and eventually went their separate ways. She eventually split up with her boyfriend, and she still meets up with the perfect olive skinned, green eyed guy. Her life may not be perfect, but at least shes satisfied in one way.

Before she knew it, they were living together. How the hell did that happen?

Her mum loves him and thinks he is perfect for her. A couple of years after they first met, she woke up feeling unwell.

Shit. Hope this isnt what I think it is she thought. She got dressed and went to the chemist and bought a couple of pregnancy tests.

An hour or two later, shes sat on the floor of the bathroom in shock. Both tests came back positive. She was pregnant with her perfect mans baby.

Whats wrong? She looked up to see him in the doorway, looking worried. She pointed to the windowsill where the tests were. He walked over and looked.

Whats the problem? Im surprised it didnt happen sooner if Im honest.

What?! I wasnt planning to get pregnant just yet. At least not for another year!!

Well its happened now. Im happy about this. I have my perfect family.

She smiled at him and hugged him tightly. I love you.

Before she knew it, theyd been together 15 years, married for 10 years and had four children. Things were just perfect now. She was so much happier with her random fuck at the station with her perfect guy.

She couldnt be happier, and she had no regrets. She was just glad she split up with her ex. He wasnt kinky, he wasnt sexy, he wasnt rough with her. He was boring in bed. It was always about him getting off, and he only ever cummed when he was fucking her missionary. And even then it was with a condom.

Things were perfect, and she wouldnt change it for anything.











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