Team Fordzilla channel admins

Team Fordzilla channel admins

Team Fordzilla

This page lists who can publish to the Team Fordzilla Telegram channel.


Soph' is part of the core team.

Find Sophie on: Twitter - Instagram - Telegram.


Robert is part of the core team.

Read much much more about Robert here.


Graphic artist and esport driver for Team Fordzilla.

See Cammie's posts, or find Cammie on: Twitter - Instagram

José Iglesias

Spanish Captain of Team Fordzilla.

See José's posts, or find José on: Twitter

David Simon

David is 31 from Darlington and part of the UK team.

Find David on: Twitter and Instagram

Sylvain Gauthier

French simracer for Team Fordzilla. Motorsports/simracing journalist.

Find Sylvain on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

More coming ...

We'll add more publishers to our Team Fordzilla Telegram channel as captains and team members come forward and ask! 🤓

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